We do many different styles of backyard buildings, garden sheds, storage, artist studios, and work shops. Located in Canton Georgia, the Babcock Building helped to bring Canton back to its original look and feel of a bustling center of commerce.
Built on a beautiful North Georgia lot with adjacent horse trails and lakes, this home has it all.
It's been a few years since completion and backyard shop looks great with no new or lingering problems.

Spaces can be left open to use for large events and meetings, or divided into lofts, classrooms, office or retail units. Indoor pool, fun outdoor living spaces, wrap around southern porch and amazing wood finish work on the inside.
The downtown area boast the County Courthouse, Harris Art Center, the recently restored Gem Theater, and new street scapes to add old town charm.
Also within this building is a private 12 car indoor parking area, with public parking conviently located nearby.

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