So I have been using this base for roughly 5 months and so far it was 3 starred exactly once in war by a TH 10. Evil giant bomb in front of TH to catch wizards, core dgb, teslas behind walls to shoot pekkas, unlureable cc, lots of concentrated fire and compartments.
Complete lack of symmetry and any prettiness whatsoever unnerves attackers and makes traps and pathing harder to predict. It is important to note that GoHo is by far the most dangerous attack against this base and the one attack that was able to 3 star it in war (by a th 10, just barely 3 starred).
Having played Clash of Clans for 2 years and Backyard Monsters for 3 (a game with similar mechanics to Clash of Clans), I know what I'm talking about. Air attacks would be hard pressed to beat this base because of location of ADs and no easy air pathing. I think this war base represents all the key features that are important in the current meta. I read the thread not sure if I missed it but do majority of attacks orient from the 10-12 range?
My clan castle is a weird one but works well: 2 goblins, 1 wizard, 1 minion, 1 witch, 1 balloon, 5 archers. Today i'll share my base that I've tested for a few weeks in Clan Wars and it resulted that it's pretty good. You took a strong point of the previous base,which was the double bomb,and made it an easy 3 star with hogs. An interesting base but it definitely shares the flaws of the Nemesis base and is very vulnerable to well executed GoWiPe, mass witch, and mass golem attacks. However, I won't be focusing the TH 9 aspects of this base as the main concept of this base was created with the placement of the Inferno Towers in mind.

I am testing the War Version in the clan war which starts tonight (I'm a almost maxed out TH10). The Bayside Shed measures 8ft x 4ft and was made especially for those with limited space in mind. This type of wood is renowned for its natural beauty and outstanding physical properties that make it one of the worlds most unique woods. Imo it makes it harder to attack a base like this because even failed attacks don't always reveal traps and pathing is just harder to predict whereas with a symmetrical base a failed attacker that gets one side will essentially show the other side and its pathing.
But truthfully I have it open there because a good golem spread on the TH side is harder to obtain when a golem goes around a bit to get to the cannon. Turns out wizard towers that are next to air defense are not very useful however as they get distracted from the loons. By spreading them and having them outside the core pekkas will split up a bit and be attacked continuously by the teslas while the wizards and archer queen are shooting storages on the sides.
Probably both up would be better as the base already stops gowipe well enough and the extra air coverage is good.
I have never been attacked by Mass Witches either and such a rare attack isn't really a concern for me when building a base. It was created to counter gowixx 3 stars and at the same time hold hog based attacks at bay, which are the 2 most popular compositions against th9s in war atm. I specifically keep my mortars out of the core so they shoot inward at the wizards and witches that inevitably get stuck on the storages on the sides of the core while the golems and pekkas keep moving forward.
I tried my best to make lavaloonion harder to pull off well by putting mostly ground targeting towers next to the air defense so loons that you want to path to the air defense don't kill too much anti air on the way. I had one down just so it could shoot troops that are coming from the TH side for longer but perhaps not worth it.

So far my new war base is holding up well so I could definitely release it in the future as tweaks are made. Almost everyone needs some extra storage space for those garden tools, lawnmowers and leaf blowers etc. Although its defences against lavaloonion are questionable, it can certainly hold its own against air attacks if the ADs, xbows and wiz towers are leveled enough. The wizard tower is out there to mess up bad lavaloonion attackers because the wizard tower will shoot loons that have clumped up over the raid. It would be very odd to sneak a pekka into the core and get hit by teslas before the th is down. A good war base to turn to as an alternative to the general, which is now less successful as a result of its popularity.
Against a lavaloonion attack they try to bunch them up to drop a balloon on them and you can see why goblins and weird stuff makes it hard for that to succeed. I have a bunch of storages and air defense around the core to stall troops the longest as towers outside keep shooting inward.
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