With that said, I decided to deck out the tree deck area to extend the comfortable living space beyond the house. The wide tree that shoots neatly through the deck surface is also tall, and when in full bloom, the height is concealed by a thick canopy. A tree swing is the easiest thing to make when you have a tall tree with a thick branch within your reach. In my mission to refresh the Adirondack, I added vibrant and plush pillows for back support.
I would like to thank Kristy Tran Photography for capturing these vibrant and beautiful photos. June 14, 2012 by Art Tatta It looks like summer plans to make an early appearance this year, which means it’s time to start creating that ideal outdoor relaxation spot! Once your plans have been made and the work has been done, your only job is to sit back and enjoy your own backyard retreat! Join The Garden ClubJoin our Garden Club to receive knowledgeable articles throughout the seasons, along with monthly savings and coupons exclusive to Garden Club Members. We spend endless weekend hours tending our gardens, staining our decks, and decorating our outdoor spaces.
I purchased the Gosa Astar from IKEA for $8 each.  The dimensions are 26X26 which is perfect to cover the back from end to end. I shared on my Sweets By Chan Facebook page every day this week regarding the progress of this project.

I would guess that the pallet weighs about 50-60 lbs.  This pallet was the finest pallet I’ve ever seen. I was extremely honored to have her over to tell the story of this tree deck through her creative vision. You can have the backyard to have the garden and some plantation or flowers to make the backyard to be the best place to hang out in your house area. Sign me up for free emails from Fine Homebuilding with the latest news, tips, and techniques. She purchased it at Ace Hardware for $70 and painted it in this not-too-popular shade of blue. I contemplated on adding a seat cushion but that would cover up the beauty of the Adirondack. Once the painting and constructing was finished, I needed help carrying it to the tree deck, but no one was available. I added some top soil and planted some vibrant Phloxes.  The pots were $2 each as were the flowers. The stains I picked were Home Depot’s Berh semi-transparent wood stains in Ultra-Pure White for the railings and Coffee for the deck surface.  I used less than 1 gallon of each color to fully paint the deck. He tied a thick rope through the seat and weaved some locks to secure the ropes from shifting. As of now, the luxurious pillows are so comfortable, I can lean back to take a nap under the tree.

Finally, he tied the swing over the tree.  There were probably some math and physics calculations involved to determine the pendulum balance but I wouldn’t know how to explain that to you.
Some of the panels were too spaced out to make a good table surface so Super-Dad shifted some panels to fill in the gaps.
With a few homemade vibrant decorative pillows, seat cushion, upcycle lamp post and floral arrangements, the backyard is transforming into my own private retreat. However, I can share that I painted the seat in the same Berh semi-transparent stain in Coffee and called it a day! He once built a roof all by himself.  I can’t even comprehend how this 63 year-old man can carry heavy wood panels and nail it with only his two hands!
The best part is I save so much money having a Super-Dad.  He is the ultimate DIY-er with no formal carpentry training. A Gwinnett County roof inspector once said his work contains extra details and that he has full faith in the quality of Super-Dad’s structure. In actuality, setting aside time to paint it was a major factor.  I’m proud to say the tree deck is finally finished.

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