The house is just a little bit lighter this week with the removal of two chimneys and the shed.
We were glad the chimney removal occurred without issue given most of our planned kitchen layout depended on its removal. This week, the subfloor continues to go down and tracks are being laid down to show where the rooms are to be positioned. Tomorrow we are meeting with our architects and GC to discuss any changes and confirm the room sizes. Use the form below to delete this BITS AND BOBSFunny Serious Mad Bad Inane Insaneanything Goes image from our index. Use the form below to delete this Outstanding Swimming Pool House Design By Hariri & Architecture image from our index. Use the form below to delete this Floor Cut To Size But Not Screwed Down Incase It Rained Which image from our index. Use the form below to delete this Tips For Gorgeous Pool House Designs image from our index. Use the form below to delete this Ideas Sheds Outdoor Spaces Bar Garden Photo Backyard image from our index. Use the form below to delete this Ok Also Awesome Bar Shed For Outdoor By The Pool How Many Bars Am I image from our index. Use the form below to delete this Concrete Slab With Reinforcing Steel image from our index.
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Use the form below to delete this Pin Pool Shed Bar Wwwamishlandshedscom On Pinterest image from our index. Our junk removal service includes all the lifting, loading, removal and proper disposal of your old appliances, furniture, construction and renovation debris, yard waste and more.
Our friendly, uniformed drivers are based out Woodinville and provide junk removal and junk hauling services in Bellevue as well as Redmonds, Kirkland, Bothell, Everett, Woodinville and area, including Tacoma. Our junk removal and trash pick up service includes all the sorting, loading, clean-up, recycling, salvaging and disposal of the items you don’t want.
We do our absolute best to divert everything we pick up from the landfill, which means we try to recycle or donate as much of the junk we pick up as possible. People hire us when they’re moving, settling an estate, downsizing, or just doing general clean up and organizing around the house. Before hauling your junk away in the Bellevue and Tacoma areas, I was a project manager for an IT company. When you think of junk removal service, you probably think just that: a service that will come and remove junk from your home. We do light demo, a lot of times if you have something to get rid of that is too large to fit in a truck, any other junk removal service might ask you to condense or demolish whatever it is you need removed before they are able to take it away for you. Above is a before and after photo of a backyard shed we demolished and hauled away for a client. We take care of you even if you aren’t our customer, driving to a job on the freeway this summer, our truck team noticed a car pulled over to the side of the road with a blown tire.
At 1-800-GOT-JUNK?, we find that people and companies have a wide variety of junk removal needs.

As promised, once we removed the items the client asked us to take away, we swept up the floor.
Many electronics contain chemicals that, if disposed of improperly, can damage our environment and our health.
Once you have scheduled your two hour appointment window, our Bellevue team will arrive on site, remove your electronics, and sweep up the area before we leave.
If you have any furniture that you no longer use and you’d rather have someone else take care of it for you, give 1-800-GOT-JUNK? When you think of fall, you may picture rakes, leaves, and spending hours filling bags and bags with your yard waste. On the day of your appointment you can expect a call from your friendly uniformed truck team member, who will tell you exactly what time they will show up in your two hour arrival window. Upon your go-ahead they will quickly get to work and get your fall yard debris loaded in to their truck and out of your hair!
This month, we would like to share a story about one of our awesome employees, Danny, who truly is a great example of the type of “above and beyond” people we hire here at 1-800-GOT-JUNK?
Danny was at the bank with his wife when he heard someone in the teller line say “Give me all your large bills.” He immediately sprang into action. When viewing the footage, the police said “No one follows a guy with a gun that close!” Danny was presented with a Crime Stoppers award by local leaders and politicians and received a $1000 reward. Whether you missed your trash collection day, have mobility issues (and can’t get your trash out to the curb), or have bigger items, or more items, than can be taken away through regular city service, we can help! We will take your items from anywhere on your property- no need to bring it out to the curb or even collect it all in one place. After our team removes the trash or junk from your location we will go through it and try to recycle as many items as possible.
If you call in to get us to pick up your hot tub, we’ll definitely ask you for the specifics on where it’s located.
It was time… The existing wooden garden shed had served well but with an ever more distinct list to the left the shed’s days were numbered. Westcoast Outbuildings handled the removal and recycling of the old shed, preparation of a new gravel pad, designing and building the building and delivery to site. It won’t be long, though, before we put up a deck which will provide access to the backyard from the kitchen. When I peeked out the back from our soon to be master, I noticed the fig tree next door received a bit of a trim.
We’ve had so many iterations of our floorplan it’s a little scary to think that things are about to be locked in but it does mean one steps closer to completion! Since we’re a full-service junk hauling company, all you have to do is point at what you want gone, and we make it disappear – no need to gather it up in to one place. When you hire 1-800-GOT-JUNK?, rest assured that your stuff is getting disposed of properly, or going to someone in need. While we take anything non-hazardous that two people can safely pick up – such as the 21 truckloads of expired ice cream we were once asked to take away - most often, people call us to haul away their old furniture, appliance, and scrap metal.
I got in to junk removal because everyone complains about home services, and 1-800-GOT-JUNK? For example, when we’re hiring, we look at 100 candidates and only hire the one person that fits in with our team of highly trained, pleasant professionals. No problem, two guys, two wheelbarrows, and four hours and the client below was ceramic free!
Our team members pulled over and were able to help a woman in need get her spare tire on and safely return to traffic. Our goal is to be able to meet all of those needs. Recently we had a last minute call from a client who needed a large amount of cubicles and carpet removed from their office, and we are proud to say we delivered quickly and efficiently. They were prepared with the tools needed to remove the cubicle and surrounding carpeted areas. Once we have taken care of all of your yard debris we will take it to be recycled at a recycling center in Snohomish.

Once on site they will take a look at everything you have and give you a price to take it all away.
As the robber left, Danny followed him out of the bank and took a description of the man and his vehicle. Danny is known as “Super-Danny” and is the first to stop and help a guy change his tire on the side of the road or help elderly ladies with their groceries. For example, if your hot tub is sunk in to a deck, we may need to cut it out – this way, we reserve the appropriate amount of time, and bring the right tools to the job to get it out quickly and efficiently. Phoenix Truck Crane Services diligently handled the lifting and placement of the office building in the backyard. I guess this means we’ll have to lean a little further over the fence come the summer.
We differ from our competition through our professionalism (clean shiny trucks, and spotless uniforms), and our commitment to excellent customer service from beginning to end.
We’re actually competitive about customer service internally – everyone strives to provide the best customer experience and have the best metrics!
We have a large yard and warehouse where we take most of the stuff we pick up to be sorted for recycling.
It can be confusing figuring out what to do with unwanted TVs, cell phones, computers and other e-waste as requirements for each type of electronic can vary greatly. Any electronics that are not in working order (and therefore not able to be donated) will be recycled through Washington State’s Ewaste Program. We can come in and remove all of the furniture, whether it’s an old couch, dresser, or even your dining room table and chairs. You will receive a call 15-30 minutes prior to your appointment window to let you know exactly what time we will arrive.
Most often, people get rid of hot tubs when they move into a new house and want to reclaim the space, or when people have small children who they do not want around hot tubs for safety reasons.
After a long hot day of junk removal, our Bellevue junk removal team took this too the extreme, turning some hay bales and old tarps into an impromptu swimming pool! For us, a team that works well together and prides itself on excellence in customer service is what sets us apart from other companies specializing in junk removal. There’s no need for you to move unwanted furniture to a central location either; we can come in to wherever it’s located and remove it ourselves, saving your back in the process. Every month, our team in Bellevue donates and recycles hundreds of pieces of home and office furniture to charities and community groups. Our friendly, uniformed truck team will arrive on time and give you an up-front, all-inclusive price.
He was able to provide the details to the police and they were able to get a sketch of the man. We were able to recycle most of the parts of this camper, such as the appliances, the metal, and all of the wood. The goal of Pickers Warehouse is to divert as much of the junk we pick up as possible, with all proceeds going to local charities and other such organizations. In Bellevue and Tacoma don’t want you to have to worry about that pesky yard clean up and focus on things that are more important to you.
Why rent a dumpster and clean it all up yourself, when you’ve already done all of the labor intensive work that comes along with construction and remodeling projects?
Just say the word, and we’ll get right to work removing all of your construction debris and sweep up the area when we are finished. A few days later, the police spotted the van in Tacoma and waited beside it as the robber was returning from robbing another bank. We will come remove all of your yard debris, and any other junk you have to go along with it.

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