I was worried about ventilation, especially when I board up most of the vents when it freezes. I didn't want my 9 chickens to humidify and potentially mold up the coop in winter, but I also don’t want them to freeze. The air would warm the chicken blow softly up through the coop and out the roof vents of the coop taking the nasty coop gases and humidity with it. I completed several other changes too,  but my phone ran out of power and my wife took the recharge cord to work with her.
Bringing in the food and water dispensors and laying down the Diatomacious Earth, pine chips and hay. Finished enough to go pick up the chickens, but not yet done.Just WAIT to see what we do NEXT to compete this project!
This area is far from "preditor secure", but it keeps them in, and gives them 4X the space to move around.

The girls only get to play in it when we are home, in the backyard, directly supervising them. Once we installed the new "Playground" our daily egg haul has gone up from 4 eggs per day..
It features a new set of Holding pens big enough for any chicken waiting to join the flock, for ant quarintine chickens or a slew of 6 week old babies. Notice the back offers the penned chickens a view of the rest of the flock down in the run.
Recently, I built my own axial wind turbine and solar array to power the workshop in my shed. I found I am making far to much power and my load dump is having to waste A LOT of it to preserve my batteries. As I was hooking up the electrical outlet boxes inside the chicken coop's shed, I noticed I had spectators staring at me from the pens.

As you may remember, we built two chicken pens inside the shed part of the coop.  we tore out the separator wall and expanded the top up into the rafters which turned the two pens  into one big space, which will become the bantam’s new coop. That’s right, we added a hallway coming out of the new coop running across the old self of the shed through the opposite wall to access the run. Here is the new sliding door at the end of the hallway that opens to give our bantams access to the run.
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