Here at NorthSheds, we proudly manufacture the best solid wood sheds and cabanas on the market. We want to ensure that you are fully satisfied with your wood shed or cabana, which is why our buildings do not come in one standardized version. All of our garden sheds and cabanas are built using high quality white pine, and for good reason! NorthSheds Backyard Sheds Toronto Markham Newmarket SkyShed Cabanas Custom Sheds Cabanas Toronto Newmarket Mt.

Our buildings have many functional uses: in the garden - by the poolside - utility and storage - at the cottage - as a bunk house.
Instead, almost all aspects of your new shed can be fully customized to your preferences, with two base models as your starting point: the Northern Classic and the Canadian Cottage.
Our white pine fabrications ensure that a long and cold winter, or hot and humid summer won’t damage the structure.
This lumber is known to be naturally decay resistant, as well as one of the strongest options available, meaning your new structure will stay in excellent condition for many years.

Additionally, all models come with a treated underfloor, concrete block supports, and flower boxes under the windows.

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