Centuries-old timber frame barns are always so attractive and inviting, as well as the ability to give the classic impression of sturdiness yet comfort. Sea ranch is originated from Turnbull drawing with its crisp outlines and neat proportions, which offer a tough visual presence of this small structure.
For a more modern style, employing a mixture of indoor-outdoor living with large loft and wrap-around lanai can be your option for this certain floor plan. Spread the Word, like or share this page, your friends will also love it and thanks for it. Garage, Barn and Workshop Plans You Can Buy To view plans select the style garage you want below.
Uncle Howard's Gorgeous Wood Barns, Horse Barns, Barn Homes, RV Garages, Cabins, Garages, Barn Doors and Barn Windows. Located in Veset, France, the Maison Simon residence was a joint project between Mathiew Noel and Elodie Bonnefous Architectes. The renovation and extension of this turn of the century farmhouse north of Toronto brings a totally new dimension to the existing project.
Picturesquely overlooking the sea surrounding one of the islands of the Inner Hebrides, this impressive interpretation of the seaside cottage honors both Scottish tradition and present-day design ethos.
Located in an agricultural area not far from Brussels, Belgium, this typical farmhouse was converted by Studio Farris into a modern and comfortable family home.
Built in 2012 by Annabau Architects and located in Brandenburg, Germany the Hauss Crussow is a timber frame home that consists of a main house and outbuildings.
We love the organic and contemporary combination that defines this seafront house and studio in North Holland, designed by and for Netherlands architects Jetty and Maarten Min.
Netherlands architecture firm Maxwan designed this barn conveersion, transformed into a rather cool residence that brings those traditional "farmhouse" elements to the forefront. The grassy, rolling hills of Dingwall, Scotland make a picture-perfect setting for this old-made-new stone and wood house by Rural Design. Mole Architects created the traditional cum contemporary Hawthbush farmhouse, but there's nothing sleepy about this sweet countryside property. This Amsterdam skylight house by Ooze simply "oozes" the innovative design and sleek style that these local Dutch architects are known for.
This old barn conversion by local architecture firm Ruinelli Associati Architetti takes this peaceful, bucolic setting by storm, though not immediately visible by outward appearances. This contemporary farmhouse interior design is somewhat surprising, but still suits its surroundings to a T. Check out this old farmhouse with addition, designed by Seattle-based architecture firm Pb Elemental. This luxury farmhouse plan by multi-award-winning architecture firm Bates Masi Architects proves it’s all in the details. This galvanized metal cladding house built on a budget proves that you can have your cake and eat it too.
This compound style house plan in Latvia has lots of parts that make up a pretty cool whole. Australian architecture firm Richard Cole Architecture has designed the Bluff Farm House in the tradition of quiet rural homes, with a modern edge. Rural farming was and still is a major source of how we feed our families today and the barns and rural housing structures that once housed animals and livestock are being renovated into modern and contemporary homes. Incorporating it into an appealing barn style home is undoubtedly a great way of employing the beauty of the natural elegance effortlessly.
Utilizing shingle roof and groove ceiling with wood tongue, the exposed structure and the rustic materials boost the relaxing natural sensation which makes it a perfect and exceptional vacation retreat.

The floor plains pinching the simple yet functional concept of the barn, incorporated with stair tower, window seat, Kitchen Island, breakfast nook, peninsula eating bar and bathroom skylight. The symmetry touch of classic cape house with its one and half story style in steep roof pitches and dormers also connected closely with barn house plans.
Search our collection of barn style garage building plans with several sizes and configurations to choose from. Barn conversions are a great way to revitalize old barns that otherwise would just sit in disrepair. Barn house plans could be presented in many forms of homes from a cabin weekend getaway to full time living space.
The reminiscent of a dairy barn that employs traditional elements in modern interpretation can also perform in a high ceiling living room, with board and batten siding as well as sheltered entry.
Rustic barn details are showing up in more interior design trends, and whether you wish to renovate an old barn or just steal a few elements in style – here are 10 to bring rustic flair into your home.Collect this idea1. The rustic timber frame grasps the warmth and character of the cost-effective mountain lodge but can also perform as an archetypal grace of spacious farmhouse to even classic chalet home. The home is featuring an open floor plan with a small number of walls to separate the space. The house plan features wide overhanging eaves and low pitched roofs that exposed corbelled and curved exterior braces, work beautifully hand in hand with the traditional stucco and wood flooring. Reclaimed timber and wood elements for your home:One of the most distinguishing elements of old barns is their heavy use of natural wood timber in their structure. The open floor plan also performs for the living room, kitchen and study, as well as the office.
The mountain home is about stone work, steep roof and simple material with open floor plans that also applicable for sloped terrain. Many barns left the exposed structure visible as these building were for utilitarian purposes as opposed to being aesthetically pleasing. The master suite is in the second floor, adjacent to a loft and balcony that overlooking the living room below. Today, many homeowners are using reclaimed timber and wood in their interiors and carrying out the exposed structure vernacular as a rustic note in their home. House plans, home plans, house designs, and garage plans from Design Connection, LLC – Your home for one of the largest collections of incredible house plans online. From exposed columns in your interiors to roof trusses and exposed beams, you will love the rustic appeal it brings to your home.Collect this idea2. Expansive windows make for gorgeous views:The beauty of old barns is there wide openings to the outdoors.
Whether they were used to bring supplies through or to be able to let sunlight in to the livestock, rustic barns have the ability to set the scene for full panorama views. If you’re converting an old barn ensure the new windows are eco-conscious for winter and summer heating for your new home.3. Sliding barn doors to define your spacesPossibly one of the most popular design trends from rustic barns to cross over into contemporary homes is the use of the sliding barn door. Used in old barns because of the ability to close and open very large door openings without a large door swing pathway, barn doors and barn door hardware is ideal for rooms that need to be closed off without a intrusive door swing.
Designers are finding new uses for these gorgeous doors for a kitchen pantry, bathroom doors, or to separate large rooms in your interiors.Collect this idea4.
Ensure your home is insulated if converting from a barnWhile the appeal of exposed walls and structure can be appealing from an aesthetics view, the insulation and how comfortable the temperature is in your home should be considered. Thermal panels, rolled batt insulation, and foam insulation may be options depending on how you decide to finish off the interior of your home.

Seek advice from a professional heating and air engineer or consultant to help you ensure your home is comfortable all year around.5.
Soaring ceilings create voluminous space If you like plenty of airy loftiness in your interiors, barn conversions or opening up your current ceiling to just the exposed structure is a great option.
For homeowners that prefer the more finished look, dry wall can be applied to the underside of the structural members, still opening up the rooms below to wide open ceiling area.
Many homeowners find opening their ceiling to the structure above makes their rooms feel larger and the opportunity to let more light through with skylights or windows is an option too.Collect this idea6.
Kitchens borrow farmhouse details for your modern home If you’re trying to create a kitchen that shares many of the rustic details of barn living, look to farmhouse country style for inspiration.
Butcher block countertops made from wood are a rustic characteristic that many love for food preparation. Rustic pendant lighting in Benson, School House or other industrial-country inspired fixtures can illuminate your kitchen beautifully. Also look to barn door options to close off pantries and other rooms of your home.Collect this idea7.
Rustic kitchen amenities to brighten your interiorsFarmhouse wrap around sinks and matching plumbing fixtures can accompany your butcher block countertops for a kitchen that borrows rustic details from popular barn conversions. Play off of the exposed wood in your dining room and kitchen barn furniture to wake up your kitchen. Pops of color such as blue, yellow and red are often Americana colors that playfully get used throughout modern country homes.8.
Worn and weathered wood flooring to recreate vintage barn aestheticsAnother amenity along with barn doors that is trending in the design community is using knotty wood flooring planks that are weathered and worn looking. You can use reclaimed wood flooring from older barns for your home and get faux varieties that give a similar aesthetic. Consulting with a design professional before converting a barnSo you found an old barn that is in disrepair but you’re sure it can be converted into a great home for you and your family? Before you envision yourself moving in, consult with an architect or general contractor to determine what design modifications will be necessary to complete the project. Plumbing, electrical, structural and heating and air conditioning could be expensive and extensive. Restoring old buildings is an eco-conscious way of livingWhether you decide to bring rustic barn details into your home, or you plan to convert a barn into your new home, remember that reusing and repurposing old barns is a great way to make use of what is existing. In our world of new buildings being erected, it’s always nice to renovate the old and preserve its character and history for generations to come.Freshome readers what are your favorite rustic barn details that you would love in your home? It has always looked so cozy to me and I wish I could afford to implement these elements in my home. It would be fantastic to have a wide entryway from our kitchen to the living room, with the option of sliding the door open or closed depending on if we’re watching a movie. My parents had something similar in my home growing up, and it was a lot of fun.Jack MooreI really like those sliding gate style doors.
When I got mine, I was always worried that it would be fragile and constantly fall off the rail.

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