The answer to that question is, all three are, when used within their respective ranges and proper bullet selection. If I had to choose just one rifle round for hunting, I would have to go with the tried and true 30.06 cartridge. My last thought on this would be, why choose just one, have one of each and use them where there best qualities shine.
You have to have a projectile with adequate speed and mass to penetrate deep enough to cause sufficient damage to bring down your game as quick as possible. That’s just a simple product of physics as it applies to ballistic energy expended onto the target. Kindred game in the same family (antelope, deer, elk) are likewise downed in one round cleanly by a good marksman and quality .308 caliber hardware. I would have to say these three calibers are probably the most popular for big game hunting.
I can load light bullets at speeds over 3000 fps, for varmints and heavy bullets for bigger game like moose and bear. Please feel free and tell me which one you like the best and why, and it doesn’t have to be one of these three. More important than the caliber, is shot placement, take a look at one of last months blogs on that subject, titled Shot Placement.
After loading a bunch of 38Spl and 45ACP, I gave up on that as the cost of my time was more than the savings.
Being new to handloading rifle ammunition, I selected Barnes TTSX bullet and left all other settings at the recommended defaults.
Pity this reduced scale pistol is discontinued for now, but it may come back in the future. 1984, Asking $100 FTF in Derby KS area +$5 shipped. 2)**SPF** 6 full boxes of 20rds each, Winchester 308 180 gr.

Not to say there are not more calibers that are popular as well, like the 7 mm Remington Magnum and the .300 Winchester Magnum. But for the non reloader out there, the selection is vast for factory loaded rounds for bullet weights and construction.
My most likely use for these cartridges is eventual deer hunting and controlled expansion of .270 bullets I’ve got from Barnes looked really good. For the ranges we are talking about in the deer hunting world, most shots under a 100 yards and say out to 300 yards.
In a way, ordering custom ammo is like ordering steak done just the way you like it — and at much the same cost ($30 to $35 per order). Looking at the safety design, you can see that the AK47 selector is an inferior adaptation of the Browning original (which was easy to activate with the index finger). Asking $150 for the lot, $25 per box. 3) **SPF**2 full boxes of 100 bullets each, Hornady 168gr. You don’t need a magnum cartridge with it’s increased recoil, just to say I shoot a magnum. If I had to pick one overall for hunting and target shooting, if would have to be the .308 cartridge.
Once you know that your rifle shoots best with a specific combination of case, primer, powder, bullet and overall length, it makes sense to stick with what works. Considering how long it would take to build twenty match rounds, it seems worth the time savings. On the other hand, AK47 did improve on the reloading action by using a gas piston instead of short recoil.
If the ranges were to increase, then yes I would prefer the added punch of a magnum, or just get closer for a better shot. 30 round detachable magazines were also an improvement over fixed 5-rounders fed with tripper clips.

I like using Barnes bullets for just about all my hunting needs, and Nosler Accu Bond bullets at ranges over 300 yards. All three are capable of very good accuracy with factory ammo and even better for the most part with reloads, if the shooter does their part. No pic, I can get some if you'd like. 4) 1 full box of 50 bullets, Barnes 150 gr flat base X bullet, asking $28. He was sitting in a chair on the edge and two does came to the edge and stopped about 90 to 110 yards from him, he raised and fired. Barnes bullets of heavier weight take up to much case space in these rounds and with the Noslers , the ballistic coefficient is much better for longer ranges and I can get a little bit more powder in the case and keep the pressures where they need to be. For example, the 11-pound airline limit isn’t all that much rifle ammunition for a 3-gun shoot. One ran across and the other, hit high and way to far back and now dragging it’s self across the open field. For minimum foot pounds of energy at point of impact on game, I like to use 1000 lbs for deer, 1200 lbs bear and bigger deer like Red Stag, 1500 lbs on elk and moose.
He fired again and now a gut shot, now he gets up and runs up to the animal and puts the barrel close to it’s head and fired one last round. Here is a ballistic chart of some of my reloads, loaded to near or at max pressures for my rifles.
All of these rounds are so close to each other that game hit with either round is not going to notice the difference.

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