A lot of youth from one school were all dressed in the same shirts for easy identification. Of course Coach sells nice purses here now but amazingly enough, none of the girls even went in. One of the famous pair of lions at the entrance to the New York City Library on 41st and 5th Ave.
In my previous visits there was no photography allowed, but now they allow photos (without a flash). A heartwarming, wry, and often surprising collection of essays about the next rite of passage for Baby Boomers: what happens when the kids leave home. With over 7 million images and real time event coverage from coast to coast, ImageCollect is the only celebrity photo site you'll ever need. Spanish designer Laura Vela attends El Museo’s 20th Anniversary Gala at Cipriani 42nd Street in NY. The lovely Ivanka Trump at the All-Star Celebrity Apprentice Live Finale at Ciprani’s 42st in NYC.

Tara Conner, who was Miss USA 2006, arrives for the Caron New York City Annual Gala at Cipriani 42nd Street in NYC.
Tara was best known for having a drug problem while living in NY during her reign as Miss USA.
Despite the controversy, Tara kept her Miss USA crown as Pageant owner Donald Trump decided not to fire her. Former NY Mets catcher Mike Piazza stays silent on PED questions at signing of his new book 'Long Shot' The PED cloud has dogged Piazza, and despite having never failed a drug test, the suspicion of his use seemed to have swayed enough baseball writers not to vote Piazza into the Hall of Fame this year, his first appearance on the ballot.
Despite the publisher, Simon and Schuster, making clear that Piazza would grant no interviews to the print media before or after the signing a€” an interesting strategy to try and sell books a€” a small group of reporters waited inside Barnes & Noble to see if the catcher-turned-author would grant a few minutes of access.
But Piazza seems to be letting his book do the talking, including his take on the topic of performance-enhancers and whether he used them during his 16-year career. In his book, a€?Long Shot,a€? Piazza writes that he took androstenedione a€” a steroid precursor that is now banned by Major League Baseball a€” during his career, but that he a€?felt compelled to phase andro out of my routinea€? after a bottle of it was found in Mark McGwirea€™s locker during the 1998 season. None of the 200 or so fans waiting for Piazzaa€™s signature outside Barnes & Noble Monday seemed to be too worried about his andro use, or about any doping suspicions.

Monday, braving miserable weather to meet and greet Mike Piazza, but the former Mets catcher pulled a disappearing act with the media. Piazza also writes that he tried amphetamines, or a€?greenies,a€? a a€?couple timesa€? but disliked how they made him feel. Then celebrate your Miracle Mets by owning a Daily News photo of one of the legendary Metropolitans.
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