They found a clever solution around the keyboard problem; e-ink displays are (apparently) incompatible with the surfaces that are used with touch-displays like the Apple iPhone, thus necessitating a chicklet keyboard (like the Kindle) or no keyboard at all (Sony). If Nook is successful, there will be two incompatible, competing, DRM-encoded e-book standards. And hey, great news for book cover designers… your craft will be preserved in the space of a postage stamp. Awesome post, I’m an avid reader of this site, keep on writing these great posts, and I will be a regular visitor for a very long time. Barnes & Noble NOOK COLOR feature 7 inch VividView Color Touchscreen with more than 16 million colors. You can read your favorite books in the dark because Barnes & Noble NOOK COLOR has display with backlit.

Is not a problem to carry around you new Barnes & Noble NOOK COLOR as it is slim and light.
By the same token, if anyone knows of where I can buy a good cover (not a sleeve) that is not too expensive for the Nook Color, please let me know.
Barnes and Noble just announced their Nook Tablet and it is only 50 dollars more than the Kindle Fire.
Found myself browsing newspapers,, magazines and websites a few minutes after unwrapping it. Personally, I am leaning more towards the Kindle Fire because I get one month of Amazon Prime free, but the Nook tablet has a lot going for it. I’ve wanted to find someplace to read about ebook readers, as they are a major interest of mine.

An LCD display is also like a tiny TV underneath the book (update: click to see in action), so I hope that it shuts off during formal reading time.
There are a couple of things I did not like: I found it a bit heavy and the LCD screen makes it very difficult to read outdoors.

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