The First Birthday Party invitations are keepsakes, so it is also worth splurging on custom-printed keepsake barnyard themed party invitations. Add toy farm animals around the room (out of reach of your child – for now), and in one area of the room, or a separate room, decorate the door frame or walls and ceiling with crepe paper overhangs.
Animal-shaped Mylar balloons add an extra touch.  Find cow balloons, horse balloons and pig balloons, and take them to your local grocery store to fill with helium. Get a special bib for the birthday baby!  Find a bib with farm animals, and they’ll match their party decorations! Make a barn-door background that can do double-duty as a decoration and a photo backdrop for pictures of the birthday child with the guests. The centerpiece of the party food should be the birthday cake or birthday cupcakes.  This traditional food is central to your party and will appear in many of the pictures, not the least of which is the picture of the birthday child digging into his or her first birthday cake. Pick a favorite barnyard animal and ask your local bakery whether they can bake a cake in that animal’s shape.
You can go in many different directions with barnyard birthday party food.  Here are some sample menus, or themes within the theme. A barnyard theme lends itself well to a backyard barbeque.  Serve lemonade and iced tea for drinks, and hot dogs, hamburgers, baked beans, corn on the cob and coleslaw for the main meal and sides. Pin the Tail on the Piglet: Draw a large pig on a sheet of butcher paper or on several sheets of paper taped together. You don’t, technically, need to pass out favors to adults, but beautifully decorated barnyard animal sugar cookies wrapped in cellophane bags and tied with raffia make nice favors.
For child guests, a barnyard themed coloring book and crayons is a nice gift.  A barnyard board book or puzzle would also make nice party favors for the under-five set!

With plenty of decorations, tasty food and good company, everyone will enjoy your child’s barnyard-themed first birthday party!
Barnyard Party Return Address Label643-RL-1241'+unescape('Complete your invitations with these return address stickers that coordinate with the Barnyard Party Invitations. This site contains affiliate links which means that, at no additional cost to you, I may earn a small commission if you make a purchase.
For the past two weeks, I’ve been sharing the Farm Animals Cupcake Toppers Series with you and now that it’s all done, I wanted to show you the whole Barnyard Party! I used a wood grain impression mat to get the texture on the barn and trim, then I used a butter knife and a pointed tool from my gum paste tools set to make the nail holes and to really dig deeper on some of the wood grain!
Did I miss any details?  Do you have any questions about the cake, cupcakes, or cake pops?  Please leave them in the comments!
This is absolutely precious, so much better than the one I made about 8 years ago for my son’s first birthday. From Steve Oedekerk and Nickelodeon Movies, two of the co-creators of "Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius," and filmed entirely in CGI, comes this hilarious look at what really happens in a barnyard when the farmer's back is turned. Cover your garden shed with rustic red paper to turn it into a barn, stack hay bales around the yard, complete with a pitch fork (again, make sure children can’t reach it), and place a rooster Weathervane on top of your garage or shed. I find these to be much cheaper than cakes from stand-alone bakeries and the choices are excellent. That’s because at one time, renting ponies for rides was expensive and difficult to arrange. Buy inexpensive paper lunch bags, construction paper, glue, glitter, yarn and child safety scissors.

I love your cakes and your clear instructions gave me the courage to try my first ever fondant cake (using your recipes) for my son’s farm-themed second birthday party.
Frost in either white or green and then shake green and brown sprinkles onto the icing for hay and grass.
You have two choices: have the ponies come to your house (if the ranch offers that service) or take the guests there.
Sit guests down at the table and have them lay the paper bags flat with the folded square bottom facing up.
Unlike his father Ben (voiced by Sam Elliott), the respected patriarch of the farm, and Miles, the wise old mule (voiced by Danny Glover), Otis is unconcerned about keeping the animals' humanlike talents a secret.
But when suddenly put in the position of responsibility, the "udderly" irresponsible cow finds the courage to be a leader.
Blindfold little ones and let them feel around for the matching velcro piece where they think the tail should be. Make sure you place a little tongue or teeth underneath the square bag bottom flap so that when the child’s hand is in the bag, she can make the mouth open and close.

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