WHAT WE LIKE ABOUT THIS PROPERTYBeautifully crafted with sharp but simple structural form and clean lines, this home is in calm and harmonious relationship to its environment.
DESCRIPTIONOverlooking the dramatic black sand dunes and shores of Bethells Beach on the rugged and wild west coast of the north island of New Zealand, this modern home is nestled into a  steep hillside in the lush forested coastal highlands. The lush and wild west coast of New Zealand’s northern island features miles of rugged shoreline, dramatic black sand beaches and dunes, substantial stretches of protected wetlands and the Waitakere River. Formed around an extinct volcano, the city is encircled by two large harbours around which much of the luxury yacht and street life orbit. Bahamas1 RENTALSBarbados1 RENTALSCanada14 RENTALSCosta Rica36 RENTALSCuba2 RENTALSDominican Republic2 RENTALSGuadeloupe1 RENTALSMexico42 RENTALSNicaragua1 RENTALSSt.

Rehoboth Beach and Dewey Beach are the next two major Delaware beach towns found to the south of Lewes. We love the pure, modern composition and innovative design with warm, welcoming interiors and the dramatic silhouette. The main drag of Queen Street overlooks the oldest sections of the city, gardens and parks and the bustling Ponsonby and Parnell districts. The horizontal silhouette incorporates two main boxes with flat roofs that float above the tree line and a third box houses an independent, fully equipped live-in art studio. With complex intersecting lines inside and out, the grid like architectural effect extends to both the interiors and exteriors with wood panels and partitions and clear glazing or translucent fiberglass that either frame the views or diffuse the natural light for privacy.

The two story main house has three bedrooms and two baths with a spacious living area and separate dining area off of the chef’s kitchen. The private home of an artist, the house is furnished with a chic and personal selection of contemporary art and vintage items that feel like home.

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