This wooden panelled headboard makes a stylish statement while disguising a series of cupboards, creating a serene, streamlined look. In this simple cottage bedroom, discreet tongue-and-groove cupboards blend seamlessly into the scheme. Bedroom Clothes Cabinet, Bedroom Hanging Storage Cabinets, View Bedroom Clothes Cabinet, Jinfeng Product Details from Luoyang Hefeng Office Furniture Co., Ltd.
Wardrobe Color Painting Door Panel wardrobe, kitchen cabinet, UV panel, closet, bedroom closet,home  UV doors with Aluminium edge , can be used in different kinds of doors like wardrobe or storage closets.

Here, a wall of books adds depth to the scheme, while also acting as a practical storage solution. In this loft conversion bedroom, storage has been built around the door and right into the eaves, using delicate arched detailing to lift the scheme. This elegant option incorporates beds, storage space and a desk, useful for homework, tidying away toys and sleepovers. HomeIdeasMag was started as a simple blog in June 2012 and today we have almost 600 unique articles with more than 10,000 pictures …so we’re pretty sure that you can find everything you want here.

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