I had the honour of serving as a juror on the prestigious Shed of the Year competition held during National Shed Week in the UK. The first building to open under the "WeLive" concept is at 110 Wall Street in downtown Manhattan, while a second building is located outside of Washington, D.C. That means a couple sharing the apartment would pay $2,750 per month, or slightly less than the average Manhattan studio rental price of $2,918 per month.The buildings also offer larger apartments, from "studio plus" units that sleep four people up to 4-bedroom apartments that sleep up to eight residents. Powered and implemented by Interactive Data Managed Solutions News provided by The Associated Press. What we are aboutOur mission is to help people visualize, create & maintain beautiful homes. Follow us for a daily dose of outstanding homes, intelligent architecture & beautiful design.
In the UK there is a rich culture of allotment gardens; no doubt because of the weather, there is also a culture garden sheds, where one can warm up a bit or get out of the rain. Alfredo Santa Cruz ha construido esta casa en Puerto Iguazu, Misiones (Argentina) para promover la responsabilidad ecologica y social. Para su construccion se usaron 1200 botellas de plastico, 1300 de leche y vino, 140 cajas de cedes.
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MUY INTERESANTE, FANTASTICO, GENTE COMO ESTA QUE HACE SU PARTE EN CUESTION DEL RECICLAJE,SU APORTACION ES GRANDE PARA LA HUMANIDAD, SI TODOS HICIESEMOS UNA PEQUENA PARTE NUESTRO ENTORNO SERIA MUY DISTINTO. Imagino que nuestro heroe habra visto los efectos de los rayos ultravioleta del sol, en el plastico.Esperemos haya recubierto su vivienda con algun protector. Sencillamente, una maravilla.Con esto, poco a poco iremos tomando conciencia de la importancia de cuidar el medio ambiente.
Me encanta la idea, y me encanta recicla., Voy a intentar hacer una casita para el jardin, para mi nina, no me quedara igual, pero intentare hacerla lo mejor que pueda.
Contestando a OLea, sobre el tema calor, en el proyecto que tengo visto o del cual me entere, rellenaban las botellas de desechos no organicos, llamemosle carton, papel,etc. Do you enjoy events featuring the richness of African American culture in all forms including plays, parties, shows, festivals, dining, classes and more? The Rimrock House, located off a dirt road in Pioneertown, is a low-lying corrugated-steel living space sheltered by a large pitched steel shed.

Although Benedict Canyon architect Garett Carlson’s Boulder House, just outside Joshua Tree, seems to emerge from a large granite outcropping, that’s merely a desert mirage. This house, located north of Joshua Tree, is composed of six repurposed cargo containers (purchased from the Port of Long Beach) that were shipped to the site and stacked in a matter of minutes. Glen Duckett is the visionary behind the new social enterprise pub Eagle + Child in Ramsbottom. Part of Glen's vision has always been to create a new style of beer garden that integrates ample dining with fun, productive kitchen gardens.
The brief was developed from Glen's ideas and input from the pub locals and the fabulous Incredible Edible Ramsbottom team, at an informal garden workshop event. Since in the US jurors are allowed to talk about what went on in the jury room, I can say that Tim in Suffolk did a wonderful job with his pub shed, with complex framing and difficult trapezoidal skylights (and a long description of the troubles he had building it.) Considering that Tim had never built anything before, and he had all that beer, it is surprisingly well done. Other amenities include wifi, linens and towels.The buildings also offer doorman security, front-desk pick-up for mail and packages, and features such as pool and ping-pong tables. We bring to you inspiring visuals of cool homes, specific spaces, architectural marvels and new design trends. Desde las paredes y columnas hasta el mobiliario (camas, sofas, mesas, etc) estan disenados con botellas de plastico usadas.
The project, says San Diego architect Lloyd Russell, was inspired partly by a modernist home in Zurich by Le Corbusier, partly by industrial shed buildings, and partly by nearby agricultural shade structures. The boulders fronting the home’s entrance have been manufactured from steel mesh and hand-colored concrete. Other industrial-grade elements include a corrugated-metal shed, steel framing, and a perforated metal shade canopy. The enterprise offers young people, who are not in education or employment, opportunities to train and work in the catering and hospitality industry. Glen has made several pledges for his social enterprise to work towards and supporting local charity and voluntary groups, especially the Incredible Edible team is hugely important. If WeWork's co-working efforts are anything to go by, the apartment buildings will soon be filled with millennials drawn by the idea of a built-in community, as well as the amenities.WeWork, valued at more than $16 billion, has tapped into the growing "gig economy" by providing shared offices for freelancers and other independent workers.
One probably doesn't want to order up a fancy one in such a public place, so why not build it out of bottles?
We are dedicated to meeting new people and supporting African-American events and venues, particularly in Chicago and in the surrounding area.

Rimrock’s owner, Jim Austin, an old surfing buddy of Russell’s and one of the founders of surfwear company Redsand, likes to describe his home as “Cowboy Modern.” He rents four adjacent cabins and one Airstream trailer on the site, which he calls Rimrock Ranch cabins. Desert plants sprout from 250,000 pounds of soil packed onto the roof, while the property is surrounded by more than 1,000 shrubs and 450 trees. Glen is committed to sourcing local and seasonal food with an emphasis on re-creating traditional classics; resulting in the best Lancashire country grub for miles around. The productive gardens, aptly named the Incredible Edible Beer Garden, will not only serve as learning ground for recruits but will be used to inspire and engage the local community to get involved in the growing, cooking and eating as well. Individual studios start at $2,000.For a flat $125 monthly fee, residents also get cable, utilities, access to laundry facilities and, perhaps most important for busy young people averse to wiping down counters, monthly cleaning service. While the house can let in the desert through sliders, its giant exostructure protects Austin from the heat and creates unique outdoor rooms.
The corrugated-tin exterior is treated with acid to give it a rusted look evocative of the soil. Simon Kirby built his shed from old pallets and packing crates in an allotment garden at Wash Common. Come with an open mind and willingness to participate, and you will be introduced to like-minded new friends, have more fun and maybe meet that special someone. The containers themselves, refitted with huge windows and skylights, are less claustrophobic than one might imagine. Carlson chalks up all this experimentation to the “interesting creative energy” of Joshua Tree.
It’s very environmentally-friendly because the pallets just go to land-fill and it’s a wonderful bit of self-expression.""The door took a bit of time to build. The fancy pattern braces the frame and lets the rain run out to the sides rather than drive through the door. There’s no bolt because i don’t plan on locking it - if someone’s going to nick my kettle they’re going to do it whether I lock the shed or not so I’d just as soon they didn’t damage my shed while they’re at it.

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