The Jack Plane has a blade with a chipbreaker and is used for fine smoothening or finishing surfaces. The blade is available in both a standard and premium versions (premium blade is harder, steel isĀ  hardened and tempered to 58 HRC).
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This is high quality tool comes with a beautiful matching ebony work bench and a replaceable beech planing bench.

The chipbreaker breaks chips from the planed material and removes them away from the planed surface. Each Artisan Desk Bench set is numbered and signed by Paul Akers, making it a limited edition collector's piece. The plane is used for the smoothing of soft wood whereas for the finishing of hard wood the Smoothing Plane is used (the blade with the chipbreaker of the Jack Plane is inserted at a steep angle to the planed material). The sole is made of high quality hornbeam, the body is made of high quality beech, both are dried down to 10 % moisture.

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