In addition to its strong Swiss influence, Berne and the surrounding area are known for a large Amish population.
Midwestern city has been at the epicenter of quality, hand-crafted furniture production since the early part of the twentieth century. It's no accident that these companies, known for their exceptional manufacturing, came from a place with such a rich heritage and pride for their community. While the city of Berne is relatively small, its presence is felt in a big way in the community.

In addition to its resonant Swiss influence, Berne and the surrounding area are known for a large Amish population. Berne area are known for their conservative values and upbringing that focuses on family, the church, and a life with minimal modern conveniences. Typical Amish are trained in traditional jobs, such as farming, construction, gardening, cooking, and baking. Berne is located in a primarily agricultural area, surrounded by farms and sustained by small business owners.

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