Stop by and check out our full line of Big Green Egg Grills and Accessories at Best Built Barns & Sheds!
If the Mini Barn does not offer adequate space for your storage needs, the High Wall Barn will. The two delivery men worked hard and fast, and the two men who came today, Saturday, to tear down the old shed and build the new were fabulous. We have the friendliest and most knowledgeable staff on hand and can cater to any of your needs.

Retaining the inherent qualities of its junior, the High Wall Barn's taller walls bring increased storage solutions and value to your property. Best Built Barns can accommodate you with any of these products to help beautify your property as well as add value to your property.
While we will not apply for the permit for you we will supply you with the standard drawings and building specs to help the process. When required, we will obtain sealed architectural drawings on your behalf if required by your municipality.Most municipalities will approve a prefabricated garage such as ours.

It is always best for you to check with your town or subdivision requirements when considering a garage or shed.

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