Table saws used to fall into three basic types, bench top, contractor and panel, a combination contractor and panel saw called a hybrid has now been added to the mix. Ten inch blades have become pretty well the standard size, there are older models with eight or nine inch blades.
You will want to be able to make accurate cuts on any saw that you purchase, the two main things to look at are the fence and the miter gauge.
The fence must be rigid when locked in position, any flexing and the cut will not be straight. The miter gauge should fit snuggly into the slot, there should be no slop, otherwise your cross or miter cuts will not accurate. Lower the blade until it is below the table, then raise it up as far as it will go, there should be no resistance or tight spots. While the blade is up grasp the blade and check if there is play in the bearings by pushing and pulling the blade sideways. Set a block of wood against a tooth at the front of the blade, holding the block in position rotate the blade and check for wobble.
Look under the table at the trunnions that hold the blade mechanism, they are the slotted semi-circular things that hang form the table top and allow the blade to tilt, are they cast iron, or some kind of cheaper metal? Set the blade to 0 degrees, plug the saw in and switch it on, listen for any unusual noises, bad bearings etc. The saw should not vibrate excessively when running, if it has been sitting unused for a length of time the belt may have to be run in so could cause a bit of vibration or moderate thumping. Bench top saws usually have an aluminum top and a direct drive motor, they may have extension wings of some kind.
A few years ago I would never have considered a bench top saw, most of them were literally crap, under powered, poorly made with cheap bits of plastic and pot metal. Don't get me wrong, a lot of very nice work has been done with these saws in the right hands, if you are on a limited budget and can't find a deal on a used contractors saw the top end models are a great choice. A contractor saw is the next step above a bench top, it will have a cast iron top, it is belt driven by a stock motor that is easily replaced. The classic cabinet saw is the Delta Unisaw, first manufactured in 1939, even today most brands are still based on the design of that saw. Late December or January usually has the best deals on new tools, so if you can save money and not spend it over Christmas you have it made.
You can save a lot of money buying a used saw, for the same money you can get a much better saw than buying a new one.
In any discussion of table saws certain words keep coming up in the conversation, here are some of the most common.
A blade guard is cover over the exposed blade, stock guards are attached to the back of the saw and usually incorporate a splitter and kick back pawls.
There is a large hole in the table where the blade comes through to allow room to get at the nut on the arbor to change blades from the top of the saw.
This is a special type of drive belt that reduces vibration, standard vee belts will often try to retain their shape from sitting for long periods of time and cause vibration and thumping.
This is a sliding guide used to make cross or angle cuts that runs in the two slots milled into the table top. A splitter is a narrow strip the width of the blade that prevents the wood from closing up after it is cut.

Table Saws from Rockler WoodworkingProfessional-class cabinet saws, affordable contractor saws, and hybrids that combine the advantages of both - Rockler offers a range of table saws designed for the woodworker by Jet and Powermatic.
Best Table Saw ReviewsIf you are planning to personally renovate your house then you will need something to aid you with that. There are various factors that will determine the kind of table saw you would like to have, be it in your business, office or anywhere else. If you are a fan of various do it yourself projects, have your own working shop, or are a carpenter, the thing you will definitely need to purchase is a contractor table saw.
Best Portable Table Saw Woodworking tasks are a challenge; thus, where you have an apt table that cuts pieces with precision and correctness, it is an added advantage. The DeWalt DW745 10-Inch Compact Job-Site Table Saw is a top of the line unit that works exceptionally well. The JET 708315LSB JBTS-10LS-2 Benchtop 10-Inch Table Saw is a one of a kind product that delivers results.
Before digging into our list of 17 garage woodshop plans I wanted to cite my inspiration for this collection: a post at WoodNet called Garage woodshop questions. 2) “One thing that I learned when I had my garage workshop is the value of organization and frequent cleaning. 5) “mounting your dc (dust collection) on the wall and incorporating your router table into the tablesaw will save you a good deal of floor space. Most workshop saws are built with heavy cast iron tops, many panel saws are actually stationary tools.
If there is any it will be caused by a warped blade, dirt or rust on the flanges, or a bent shaft. They still don't compare to a contractor or panel saw but are now more than adequate for most jobs for the ocassional woodworker. It sits on a open four-legged stand so dust collection can be a bit of a problem, newer models have dust ports.
The stand is a four sided floor to table box that encloses the motor and is a snap to connect to a dust collector.
They offer some of the advantages of cabinet saws at a lower price than traditional cabinet saws. Be aware of what you are buying, try to determine why the saw is for sale despite what you have been told. A crappy saw will still do a fair job with a good blade, a good saw will not do a fair job with a crappy blade. Stock guards cannot be used in certain instances such a when cutting dados, there are overhead styles that allow for the use of a guard in all applications.
To prevent small pieces of wood from falling in this hole an insert is used to fill the gap. This little thing doesn't look like much but is one of the most important things on your saw to prevent kick backs.
They may be mounted to the underside of the table or to the top of the base depending on the saw.
The best table saw is a good choice rather than having the conventional manual saw which requires a lot of effort and time.
Your professional needs may play a bigger part in deciding which kind of table saw you would like to have.

This type of the saw has a circular blade, which is equestrian on an arbor, and runs by the electric engine. Nevertheless, the typical table saws in the market lack correct options, functions, portability and versatility. We get where our readers are coming from when they read countless table saw reviews and feel no better off in making a decision to buy a table. This versatile tool can accommodate a wide range of needs and is perfect for all of your jobsite or home improvement tasks.
To lighten the load, further developments in sawing technology have been made; thus assuring well-produced cuts and more secured working provisions. The whole thread is an awesome resource for anyone planning a new woodshop in their garage. My customers are usually confined to 10X10 to 14×10 size working areas so space saving ideas are really needed as they grow in tools and project sizes.
After doing all the research and soul searching on what kind of saw you want, what you buy boils down to a choice between a new or used saw. The bench top saws, are now often refered to as job site saws, have lightweight aluminum tops with folding stands complete with wheels for easy mobility.
Where they really shine is on the job site, they are light, portable and accurate enough for construction. It will have a good quality fence and sturdy extension wings, either cast iron or pressed metal.
The top will be cast iron and comes with many choices of configurations for the extension wings. Has the saw been replaced by a better model, or one nearly the same, if the saw has been replaced by almost the same model be suspect. Poor quality blades cause many problems, they over-load the saw, tear-out the edges and burn the wood. The mounts are adjustable to allow them to be set parallel to the miter slots in the table. This is the perfect choice for anyone who is looking for some extra sawing power around the house or construction site. If the direct drive motor burns out it must be replaced by the same part from the manufacturer, usually it is cheaper to just by a new saw.
These saws actually have a larger footprint than a panel saw because the motor hangs off the back of them, they are still light enough to put on a mobile base for portability in the workshop. The cabinet can either be similar to a cabinet saw with a full enclosure from the table top to the floor or a shorter cabinet on legs. There will be some assembly required and you will likely have to clean protective junk off the saw. Due to their weight and overall size when equipped with extension tables they are usually a stationary machine.

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