Clothing should be plain and simple–no patterns, stripes, bold designs or anything that distracts from your face. All white or light portraits – White, off white, or pastel color clothing on a light or white background. The session fee covers the cost of taking the portraits and a one time viewing of your images. You are able to see them instantly but it is necessary to schedule more time at your sitting. Please allow at least two hours for the regular session from start to finish for your hair and makeup, and photo session. Clothing should be plain and simple, no patterns, stripes bold designs or anything that would distract from your face. Choose clothing with the same color tones that compliment the room that you will be photographed in. To ensure your portrait success, we request a consultation with you to examine the possibilities for your session. We request that you bring in your clothing for reference and we will discuss other pertinent items during this consultation. Clothing should be plain and simple--no patterns, stripes, bold designs or anything that distracts from your face. Just fill out your name and email so we can send special discounts on current offers and seasonal portraiture! I know a lot of people read my red front door posts (here, here, and here) so this will be a red front door extravaganza.
People usually decide within a matter of seconds whether or not they like the exterior of your house. When selecting an exterior paint color, coordinate with your home's existing features such as the landscaping, roof shingles, stone accents, brick accents, or deck.
Take notice of which direction your home is facing as this plays a huge factor in terms of the paint color. Generally speaking, exterior painting is best done during the late summer or early fall when the temperatures outside are fairly mild.
A remodeled kitchen and bath can help sell a home, but curb appeal is what brings buyers through the door. In fact, midrange entry door and garage door replacement top the list of home improvements, netting the No. The publication issued its 24th survey, conducted yearly to determine the return-on- investment for the most common residential remodeling projects. Small, inexpensive changes that make a big impact – like updated garage doors – bring more reliable returns.

Entry doors also made the worth the money cut, as the report showed spending $1,218 on a steel entry door could pay for itself with a 102 percent return. This is the first year Remodeling magazine has included garage door replacement projects on both its midrange and the upscale project lists. In a separate survey conducted by Stratamark Research and Clopay Building Products, a leading manufacturer of garage doors and entry door systems, real estate agents nationwide said replacing garage doors on a home can increase the asking price by up to four percent. Clopay® offers an extensive portfolio of residential garage doors manufactured in wood, steel and composite material. The addition of carriage house style garage doors in a complementing color scheme add charm and character to this bungalow's "garage door proud" exterior. Reach out to the author: contact and available social following information is listed in the top-right of all news releases.
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Be the first to know about This Old House contests, sweepstakes, and events and receive special offers and promotions from your favorite home improvement brands. From exuberant Victorians to quieter traditionals, these houses illustrate some of the fine points that go into selecting the best exterior colors for your home. Blue is a daring color to use on an exterior because it isn't rooted in an earth color, but grayish shades like this are safer because they somewhat resemble colors of slate. Simplify by having one main focal point — YOU! The focal point is where your eyes travel first and should hold your attention.
Excess facial hair, particularly above the lip and eyebrows, should be removed as it may show in your photographs. Your face is the focal point of your portrait and should be the brightest or darkest point in your portrait.
Wear rich tones such as navy, dark forest green, deep maroon, burgundy, black or dark charcoal with subtle accents of jewelry, simple pattern ties ie; small dot pattern and last resort a low contrasting stripe. For a more casual look, denim looks great, dark cotton slacks with the shirt of the same tonal value or slightly lighter shirt. For the studio’s, dark master background we generally use medium to deep tones long sleeves, dark slacks, dark shoes, and darker stockings usually are best.

He has been our photographer for family pictures, high school senior pictures, missionary photos, extended family portraits, and was the photographer for my daughters wedding last year (2010). Create a great first impression by selecting CertaPro Painters of Chesapeake as your painting company. A dark blue or bright red paint color may just add the right pop of color to the exterior of your home!
Value Report show that entry door and garage door replacement projects yield the biggest return-on-investment at resale nationwide.
The report indicates that, on average, spending $1,291 on a garage door can yield a $1,083 ROI – nearly 84 percent.
A fiberglass entry door or grand entrance generates between a 60 to 70 percent ROI, depending on the geographic region.
Both projects rank high in their respective categories, for two main reasons: they are among the least expensive projects in the survey, and they improve curb appeal in a way that can affect a potential buyer’s first impression and, consequently, a home’s resale value. In 2010, the company introduced a fiberglass entry door line featuring a variety of decorative windows, sidelites and transom options uniquely designed to complement its most popular garage door styles. Discuss any special ideas and particulars with us to ensure the best possible portrait presentation. Some of the paint suggestions are intended for siding and not doors, but I think they are all great suggestions for doors as well.
Today, a look at some of the exterior colors that they were spotlighting, in case spring has you thinking about a new coat of paint for your house. I went with a lighter and brighter shade of pink – more like the Patio Pink but brighter. Our painting contractors can help you select an exterior paint color that will have all of the neighbors and other onlookers in utter awe. Some ideas have been fishing gear, sports gear, hobbies, career elements like a mechanic’s tools, painter (both kinds), farmer, possibilities are endless. Busybody) spied me and came over to exclaim that finally the neighborhood was going to get rid of the horrible pink house. Tongue in cheek I told her that actually one of the reasons we fell in love with the house was because it was pink and that actually I was repainting it “pink”!
We are not responsible for any allergic reaction you may have to products used in the salon or during the session.

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