Kitchen appliances will receive a prominent spot in a number of Best Buy (NYSE:BBY) stores this year. Eager to cash in on rising appliance sales, the struggling big box retailer will open 18 to 25 store-within-a-store areas to highlight high-end kitchen equipment.
In addition to highlighting appliances, Best But will reduce floor space devoted to CDs and DVDs, and add space for smartphones and tablet computers.
Last month, Best Buy’s founder, Richard Schulze ended a bid to take the company private after reportedly failing to obtain the required financing for a bid. If you want to buy a used Mac to save a bit of money, the best place to do so is directly from Apple’s Online Refurbished Store. Apple certified refurbs are often cheaper than buying on the used market from places like Craigslist and Ebay. Even the newest Macs are usually available as certified after a month or two from the refurb store thanks to returns. Other than the discount, this is arguably the most important aspect: You will get the exact same 1 year warranty with a refurb as you would with a brand new Apple product, even if the refurbished item is a few model years behind. Speaking of warranties, official refurbs are eligible for the full 3 year extended warranty through AppleCare. Almost all Macs currently being sold on the Refurb Store are eligible for a free upgrade to OS X Mountain Lion through the update program.
Admittedly, the unboxing of a refurb isn’t quite as exciting as a brand spanking new Apple item, but when you save $400+ from new, do you really care?
Couldn’t agree more, can’t beat a 15% discount on Macs just by waiting a little bit! I bought an Airport Express from the Apple refurb store, and aside from the brown box, you would never know it wasn’t brand new. I’ve recommended refurbished Macs to people in the market for one, though not actually purchased one myself. I own a MacBook (late 2008 unibody) and most recently an iPad 3rd gen frm the refurb store. I almost always purchase from the refurb store and have never had a problem with anything I’ve purchased there.
I’m thinking about buying refub mac, but also wondering if devices are shiny and without scratches? I have never heard of Apple shipping a scratched or damaged product refurb, but I bet if they did you could just call them and get a new one. I’d grab refurb Mac mini in a second though for an htpc or something but I hardly ever see them there. Other Nominees: Bear at Thirsty Bear Pub, Becca at Rick’s 45 Roadhouse, Becki Kassis at Swatzendruber’s Supper Club, Ben at Swatzendruber’s Supper Club, Bob Stimac Sr. Other Nominees: Abby Sundermeyer, Aimee Hein, April Schofield at Elcho, Becky Moe at East Elementary, Beth Jarabeck ASCS, Casey Meidl, Claire Herron at North Elm, Cynthia Tyler at Pleasant View, Dawn Walbeck at East Elementary, Donna Krueger, Heidi Depies, Ida Kujala, Jamie Koeppel, Jason Fuehrer, Jeff Dewey, Jessica Frey, John Nedden, Jolynne Schroepfer at Antigo High School, Justin Markgraf, Karla Schessuler at White Lake, Kate Raab, Kathy Zblewski at Crestwood, Ken Nelson at NTC, Kevin Kubacki at Antigo Middle School, Larry Stookey, Laura Stuckert at East Elementary, Lisa Peaslee at Spring Valley, Mary Umland, Mary Young at East Elementary, Mike Blood, Mr. In March, the whole Agorapulse team traveled to San Diego on a mission to attend the best sessions at Social Media Marketing World, compile notes of the key takeaways and share them with you. Why you should read this session transcript: If you have employees (and you probably do!), your employees could be your best social media asset!
Interesting fact: Jay looked at two rankings, one about the “best companies to work for” (Fortune Magazine) and one about the companies that have the best performance en social media. Our professional and personal lives collide in Social Media, there’s no strict borders anymore.
When looking at employees advocacy, remember that it’s not about their reach, it’s about their passion.

But as more people and brands are joining social media every day, brands reach on Facebook is declining.
41% of people believe that employees are more trustworthy than the CEO or the PR department.
If you take the example of Exact Target, a company Jay is working with, the company itself has 37,000 connections on Facebook and Twitter.
And as Jay emphasized, the frontier between our personal and professional lives gets thiner every year. First and foremost, if you want your employees to be you best advocates, your company must be a great place to work! IBM crowdsource the guidelines, very smart way to avoid the legalease that everybody hates! At IBM, the plan was successful at 75% when employees had access to a coach, only 9% when they were doing it on their own. Make sure your success is not only shared with management, but also with all employees involved. How DELL did it: They have a social media certification program for its employees, 58% of employees who’ve been through that program are engaged on social media on behalf of Dell at least weekly. Richard is a Client Happiness Jedi for Agorapulse, based out of San Francisco and Paris, advising agencies and brands across the globe on Facebook page management and marketing. The idea to increase the prominence of kitchen appliances came from new CEO Hubert Joly, the turnaround expert that Best Buy hired last year, the Star Tribune notes. We’ve bought used Macs from just about everywhere under the sun before, from friends, coworkers, Craigslist, and eBay, but nothing beats the official Certified offerings from Apple. For example, a base model 2011 MacBook Air 11″ from the Apple Refurb Store is $749, but the average price on Craigslist is closer to $800. You’ll typically save at least 15% off the sticker price grabbing one of these rather than getting the same thing new. Macs acquired on the used market are only able to buy the extended warranty if it was purchased within the past calendar year. Sure, a lot of Ebay sellers also give you free shipping, but if you’ve done a fair amount of shopping on Ebay you know not all sellers ship free, ship and pack items well, let alone ship items quickly. For the lucky few, you can sometimes get more RAM, a better processor, or an upgraded hard drive. Subscribe to the OSXDaily newsletter to get more of our great Apple tips, tricks, and important news delivered to your inbox! I have bought a refurbished and have never had a problem with it, though I will get the Apple Care upgrade when the year has almost passed just to be safe.
All the gear has been just like new, perfect condition, and in a brown box instead of white — but at a nice savings.
There isn’t the same box fresh feel as you open it up, but the quality of the product and the care taken over the packaging is still there. I’ve gone the route of buying a previous-generation system after Apple announces new products. I have two Airport Expresses and two Airport Extreme base stations in addition to my mid-2009 MacBook Pro. Restaurant, Beth Makusen at the Dixie Lunch, Carol at Two Angels Restaurant, Jamie Brown at Heartbreakers, Jeannie at Two Angels Restaurant, Jenny Jordan at Animals, Joan at Farmers Home, Katie at Two Angels Restaurant, Laura at Billy Timbers, Linda at Two Angels Restaurant, Maggie Gallenberg, Mandey at Edison Clulb, Mascarita at El Tequila, Megan at the Refuge, Meghan at Heartbreakers, Nicki at Two Angels Restaurant, Olivia Barske at Dixie’s Lunch, Patricia Schroeder at Country Kitchen, Patti Andraschko at 5th Ave.
This article tells you how you can build a Social Media strategy by including your employees in the mix. Interestingly, the best companies to work for are also the companies that are doing great at social media!

There is just too much content to show to individual users every time they connect on the platform. So employees are more and more likely to support their employer’s efforts in social media! Even better, share the results with everyone showing the success of each employee’s involvement to spark a little bit of competition! Yes, there are outliers on both Craigslist and Ebay, but those lower prices can come with hidden costs. Apple’s shipping on refurbs is very quick, usually going out the same or next day as the order, and everything is very well packed. Again, this is never something you should count on or bet on, but it does make for a very pleasant surprise if you do get lucky.
However, I have to chime in on the writer’s slight disdain for non-Apple buying sources. Thankfully, the MacBook Pros and newer Macs made within the last 5-6 years seem to be built to last (my old ass 2005 PPC MacMini confirms it) so something from 3 years ago will still get the job done. With that knowledge, I know I can get about,at least, another 2-3 years of life before having to fully retire it. I bought it brand new, still sealed from a major brick-and-mortar Apple-authorized retailer for $1599. It looks that there is a strong correlation between the well being and happiness of employees at work and how well their employer performs on Social Media! That’s why companies where employees are happy are the ones that do well on social: they have created the ecosystem that makes employees happy and passionate about their job. IBM measured the conversion rate of their lead generation efforts through traditional marketing efforts versus their experts now active on Social Media.
We were thrilled to see Jay and many other great speakers and friends at Social Media Marketing World 2014.
Apple Certified Refurbished products have been thoroughly tested, cleaned, and any defective item has been replaced. Speaking of packing, scroll down below to see what the packaging looks like, and how well protected a MacBook ships. Plus, with the Up-to-Date program offering, your Apple ID gets the OS X Update, meaning you can install it to your other Macs too by downloading it again through the App Store. Also, if you’re a semi-savvy shopper and know your Macs fairly well, you can sniff out the legit dealers from the con artists pretty easily. The conversion rates were 3 times better for the experts who benefited from the social media training. It helps that eBay seems have a strict selling policy regarding laptops so buyers are,almost always, given a full rundown on the shape of the computer. If you’re shopping for an Apple product and want the same guarantee as a new product, this is the best deal around.
You can read more about the official refurb process here, but we’ll elaborate on six main reasons why we think buying refurbished is the way to go when buying anything in the used Mac market. The answer to those questions is probably not, so though you may be saving $50 or so by finding a screaming deal, that could come back to bite you if the hard drive fails a few months later and there’s no longer a valid warranty.
However, I stayed with Apple because except for this one experience, Apple has had some great systems.

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