November 8, 2010 by Hendricks Architecture: Tom Russell, Architect LEED AP Leave a Comment Snow is a reality in just about all mountain environments. Avoid areas that will trap snow and lead to excessive accumulation, especially on the North side of the roof. The roof should be designed with overhangs large enough to provide protection for the walls and windows below. If the design necessitates a roof slope that drains onto a traffic area, snow retention devices should be provided to hold the snow in place. Proper roof ventilation and high R-value roof insulation is essential to minimizing ice dam formation.
In areas prone to excessive snow accumulation (like Schweitzer and similar alpine environments), gutters should be avoided if possible. Selle Valley Construction, a Sandpoint contractor, has some great winter weatherization tips.
If you are looking to build a new home or remodel your existing one, we can help you design a beautiful home that will provide shelter from the mountain weather and provide a sanctuary for your family for generations to come. Hendricks Architecture specializes in the design of mountain style homes and cabins, often with a rugged, rustic appearance including the use of stone and timbers. Related PostsSnow Insulation and the Igloo10000If you were going to insulate a home, would snow be a consideration? We are mountain architects specializing in mountain architecture throughout North America, from lodges and lakefront homes to cabins and beach houses.
Here you can find much information about 70 265 Insulation Materials Elements manufacturers, suppliers and wholesalers. For those who choose to live in snow country it can be either a blessing or a curse, depending on your perspective and the situation you are currently facing. A mountain home should to be able to withstand all that nature throws at it and provide its inhabitants with a warm, dry sanctuary from the elements.

Besides being able to support the weight of all that snow, a roof needs to be designed to avoid ice dams, sliding snow, excessive icicle formation, and drainage onto high traffic areas.
They hold the snow in place and keep it from accumulating and then sliding off in large slabs that can be dangerous. In some cases, roof snow melt systems or heat tape can be used to combat ice accumulation on eaves and in valleys. Routing them to a central chimney helps limit cluttering the roof with vents that sliding snow can damage.
In fact, having a reasonable depth layer of snow on a roof is a good thing as long as the roof is designed to handle the weight.
Unless your home is purposely designed for much more than the typically required snow load, this is a problem that the best design can’t always resolve. If you are standing at the top of Schweitzer Mountain Ski Resort the morning after a big snow storm, you will likely be counting your blessings.
When we design homes in the mountains, we pay careful attention to all the details of the building envelope to insure that the finished product will perform well. The easiest and most common sense approach is to keep the roof as simple as possible, avoiding excessive valleys, crickets, dormers, and mechanical roof penetrations.
In general, on mountain homes we recommend using gutters only where they are necessary to avoid undesirable drainage situations. As far as we know, there is only one solution – get out the shovel, call your friends (or winter maintenance company), and get to work! Snow has a low density with pockets of air between the flakes, which helps prevent heat from passing through. If you are standing in your driveway trying to move all that snow so you can get to the top of Schweitzer Mountain, you may be saying something else. This is easier said than done, and in general the more complex the floor plan is the more complex the roof will be.

It also provides an additional level of insulation and protects the roofing material from sun exposure, which is your roof’s worst enemy. A recent Architect Magazine illustrated that while the average winter temperature north of the…Origins of Mountain Architecture in America10000While mountain architecture is not the only type of work we design, most of the homes we've completed are in mountain resort areas, and most of our clients are looking for mountain style homes, often fairly rustic. A good roof can be the difference between a home that ages gracefully and one that deteriorates quickly and requires frequent maintenance.
A house that has a bare roof when all the others in the area are covered in snow or has excessive ice formation is a sure sign of poor insulation and inadequate venting.
Mountain Architecture is a broad term used to describe this rustic style of building, and can be found…Good Quality Architecture Adds Value to Your Home10000Building a new home or remodeling an existing one should be an exciting and rewarding process. Or you are a 70 265 Insulation Materials Elements manufacturer, click here to publish your product information now. On mountain style homes it is always a fun design challenge to create a roof that looks good, works with the desired floor plan, and handles snow well. In most cases, hiring an Architect to help you realize your vision will add value that far exceeds their costs, in addition to simplifying the design, approval and construction process.
They kept me updated on the progress the entire time and went out of their way to make sure I was satisfied before they wrapped things up.Thanks, love the new building!
He worked closely with me to make sure the plans supported what I wanted, and met my expectations. I now have the dream shop I always wanted, because of the experience & knowledge of Greiner Buildings.

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