An elegant feature in any garden, this summerhouse has glazed double doors and fixed front and side windows.
This summerhouse features double doors, fully glazed with matching deep windows, a stylish and well proportioned summerhouse.
This beautifully designed summerhouse features a large bay window and glazed Georgian double doors. Our Georgian Kendal is stylish and elegant adding a touch of class to any garden large or small. This wireless burglar alarm with a weatherproof pir movement sensor will transmit to the portable receiver unit when activated by movement. It has loud 110dB alarm or polite chime settings, Great for a Garage, Shed or Driveway burglar alarm or visitor alert.
The way the padlock is positioned the padlock body itself restricts front on hacksaw attacks.
Each kit is supplied with a drill bit for drilling out the hinge and door to allow the larger coach bolt to be fitted.
Unlike most other hasps and shed security bars that leave the Padlock Shackle open and vulnerable to attack. Even with the best hasps fitted to a shed door a thief can simply unscrew or force the hinges off using a crow bar. The security sheds which are showen below are the perfect choice for those seeking to protect their valuable garden tools. A receipt of proof of purchase is supplied with the Y anchor original and Y-max90 Both carry the SOLD SECURE logo.
An insurance claim would be made invalid without proof of purchase either by means of a receipt or written confirmation by ourselves.
Sold Secure test and provide professional and accurate advice regarding effective security products to Commercial Customers, the Insurance Industry, the Home Office, the Police and the Public.
Ia€™ve attached some installation pics (feel free to use them if you can), thanks for a great product!  I found your site via a Google search for ground anchors Ia€™m sure plenty of my friends will be hearing via a€?word of moutha€™ J. Just to say great product, am very impressed - and great value compared with many on the market ground anchors etc! Very pleased with ground anchor, Y Anchor was the best solution to add bike security to a new build garage. The bike cost A?13 500 and I got a discount on my insurancethrough having it anchored to the ground. The Y anchor is a really simple idea made into a fantastic product, I am very pleased with the results and would recommend to anyone needing to secure anything of value to make things as difficult as possible for would-be thieves. Best ground anchor Ia€™ve seen this isna€™t coming out getting another for outside summer storage. Although our products are easy to install some customers simply do not have the time or tools or the DIY skills to install concrete fitting ground anchors,So we have put together and constantly updating a list of Building, Paving firms who are happy to offer a fitting service. Yanchor can not be responsible for any work or prices set by any of the firms listed and it is between you the individual and contractor to arrange the contract details.

Our group now has over 15,000 members and as you can see if you check out the photo tab on our group page we have had lots of reported thefts, some motorcycles have been recovered due to members re-posting the stolen bike posts on to their pages and on various forums. My baby which I have had for a week has been stolen from loughor just passed my full test too. ANYONE OFFERED ANYTHING OR KNOWS OF ANYTHING PLEASE LET ME KNOW!LET'S MAKE THIS BIKE TOO HOT TO HANDLE!
A disturbing reality is that these days a padlock is simply not a sufficient measure of security for your shed. Sheds can be used for a variety of purposes, but most people use them to store expensive garden tools and equipment. The sensors supplied for various contact points are one of the first things you should be looking at in this type of security system. Besides a motion detector there are many other different types of sensors, including those that detect elements such as smoke, temperature, and noise and most commonly, door and window contact points. Another feature to look at is whether or not the alarm is a standalone or if it can be wall mounted.
Sirens can be a great form of defense as many criminals flee at the first sign of a loud noise.
Depending on the size of your shed and the value of its contents you might consider a shed alarm equipped with additional surveillance devices, such as cameras. Our excellent quality Traditional Security garden sheds all come with a substantial door, security hinges, padlock protector and heavy duty framing.
So please don't hesitate to telephone or email with any queries you may have regarding any of our products as we are only to happy to help in any way possible. To see which security product would best suit your needs use the Navigation bar at the top of each page. Its unique totally concealed flush fitting design is like no other ground anchor on the market.
Its simple to install and lies flush with floor, the cross pin at the bottom of ground anchor is "locked" into the strengthening mesh that lies beneath the concrete thus creating added strength and security. I spent a long time looking round many different websites looking for a suitable anchor to use and eventually chose the Y-anchor as i thought it was one of the best around and good value.
After having a moped stolen from the very same spot before the Y anchor was fitted i can now sleep easy knowing this new moped is going nowhere. Criminals will go to any length if they think they can steal something valuable from your storage facility; from lifting a shed door off its hinges to going in through the roof, the methods of some intruders will not only leave you without your belongings, but with a bill for your destroyed property as well.
Generally they are kept in the backyard away from the home, which means that it is not always possible to hear or see a break-in. Sensors have the capability to detect when someone has opened a door or window, broken glass, or gone in through the roof of your shed. If the alarm model you select does not include the number of contacts you require then you should purchase additional units.
Generally shed alarms come with a programmable security code, but many keypads offer additional features.

Wireless technology has brought us a long way, providing us with the benefit of quick, convenient and easy installation. Since sheds are often situated away from the home a siren needs to be effective and reliable. When an alarm system or various security devices are visible they can act as an effective deterrent for many would-be burglars.
If you can't find a security shed that you require please contact us, and we will be happy to help.
This device ticks all the boxes - strong, easily fitted & has no attack surface whatsoever for any would-be thief to have a go at.
Short of cutting the (supposedly un-cuttable) chain with some industrial cutting equipment, the only way to get the chain off would be by cutting through the A-frame with an angle grinder.
A shed alarm or a motion detector alarm offers the perfect solution to your security needs.
Motion detection devices use advanced Passive Infrared Red technology and are extremely sensitive to movement, making them effective in letting the control panel know when something is amiss. Buying a hard-wired or wireless shed alarm depends greatly on whether you have a power supply to your shed. The siren supplied with the shed alarm model you choose must be loud enough to alert people within the vicinity. Besides providing an additional method of protection, a camera acts as your eyes when you are not there. However, you may want a contemporary slim line and compact device that is appealing to the eye. This means that the caravan would not be able to be towed as the hitch would be rendered useless (the A-frame is what holds the towing hitch to the caravan chassis). However, it is essential to consider what the features of a good alarm are before making a purchase.
Battery operated alarm devices are popular among shed owners as they are effective and affordable. The number of cameras you purchase depends on the type of coverage you want, but it is best to look for a shed alarm system that supports more than one unit. This could include handy devices such as security lights, locks, and a remote key fob that allows you to arm and disarm the system from a distance. In addition, a variety of the models available are maintenance free and tamper-proof, adding to their overall convenience, functionality and practicality.

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