Whether ita€™s for stock or for storing, our farm sheds will give you the flexibility and space you need.
We don't do the big custom stuff like some others do, we stick to what we are good at, and what we are good at is garages around the 6x6 mark. It's important to know you're good at, and it's also important to know what you should stay away from!

3) Import Cheap #&!% - as an Australian family owned business, we always try to support other quality Australian brands.
We're a family owned business that wants to help other Australians buy quality Australian made sheds.
We specialise in aviaries that are under the 3m mark, and you'll find quite a large selection to choose from.

Just walk inside any one of our farm sheds and youa€™ll see why theya€™ve won the praises from farmers all across Australia.

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