While most people are following their favorite basketball teams during March Madness, a select few dedicated whitetail hunters are out roaming the woods in search of shed antlers. One of our readers, Damien, consistently is able to find big sheds on his walks through the whitetail woods and he was nice enough to share some of his finds with us. Finding sheds isn’t an easy task and I’ve literally walked right over some without even seeing them! At the end of the day, successful shed hunters share have three things in common – patience, persistence and dedication. Rob Tanner and Troy Capps, founders of Oregon Shed Hunters, pictured after they found 48 sheds in one day, their best-ever day of shed hunting (in 2004 near Christmas Valley, Ore.).
A growing number of people take to the woods during winter, looking for the antlers that have been shed by Oregon’s deer and elk. Oregon has an organization that promotes ethical practices for the sporta€”Oregon Shed Hunters, founded in in 2005 by Rob Tanner and his brother-in-law, Troy Capps.
Elk antlers begin re-growing soon after they are shed, with most growth happening in spring and summer months. Tanner says some shed hunters approach the sport as a way to scout for where animals might be during fall hunting season. People who collect shed antlers are allowed to sell or exchange them, but certain rules apply. Besides promoting ethical shed hunting, Tanner founded his organization as a place for people who share his passion to get together and share their finds. Several ODFW managed wildlife areas and Travel Management Areas are closed during the winter to protect big game on winter range. Prineville Reservoir Wildlife Area (Maury and Ochoco Units): Closed to motorized vehicle access Nov. Cabin Lake-Silver Lake Winter Range (Paulina, Silver Lake, Fort Rock Units): Closed to motor vehicle use Dec. You should try to get out soon Brian, the big guys should be 95% done dropping, and in the next couple weeks most of the rags should be done. Join Bentley Coben this spring to hunt for Whitetail, Mule Deer and Moose sheds in Central Saskatchewan! Join Bentley and Dianne Coben for a fantastic 5 day waterfowl hunt in central Saskatchewan this fall.
We have had our shed for almost 15 years and it is time to be replaced with a Cheap Shed Shed.It holds stacks of stuff but we have had a couple of trips to the dump and dont need one as large as our old one now.
The CheapSheds Contest is a contest to find the best, most creative and funniest ways to use a garden shed. Just by casting a vote today and leaving a comment you will go in the running to win your own Shed.

Storemate Shed is not just our smartest storage solution but it also looks fantastic in any backyard.
With its wide open skies and endless golden fields, there’s nothing quite like the beauty of South Dakota. With two suitcases, three carry-ons, a diaper bag, a double-stroller, and a pair of additional car seats, the van was packed, too packed for a shovel.
A bittersweet week in Madison as the famed octopus signs from the Octopus car washes are coming down. Though your lawn itself may not be growing at an accelerated rate, the roots and rhizomes are going nutso beneath the surface. Take a look at these great sheds and take a moment to look at where they fell – a buck can drop its antlers anywhere. On a recent shed hunting trip my buddy Paul had to stop me to show me the antler I had just walked by.
The best thing to do is pay close attention to where the deer are congregating during the winter months and thoroughly search the area. The places that end up producing the most sheds for some people are places that don’t allow hunting. Deer usually shed theirs from late December through March, and elk from late February through early April.
The ground is water-logged at this time of year and off-roading in the wrong place can damage critical wildlife and fish habitat.
Deer and elk might need to be in that spot for food or cover, and your presence will keep them from it. Only naturally shed antlers, antlers detached from the skull, or a skull split apart can be sold or exchanged.
Each year, the organization recognizes the top five largest sheds for five different species (mule deer, black-tailed deer, white-tailed deer, Rocky Mountain elk and Roosevelt elk). Over the years Bentley has perfected shed hunting in his area and consistently comes up with great sheds every year.
They have a limited number of spots available for this fall which promises to be one of the best in years! We launched the ?We Love Our Aussie Sheds? Contest a few weeks ago in hope that the rest of the country would get behind us in the search. This ?easy going? Shed fits in comfortably in most suburban backyards and just seems to tick all the boxes.
Her mom is a wild, Californian sea otter that sought refuge in the pool to shield her against other animals and the stormy days. Every lawn is different, so if youa€™ve got some problem weeds, dona€™t ignore that bag of weed-and-feed.

You know youa€™re going to need fertilizer and planting soil and lawn mower maintenance kits, so buy them now while most stores are liquidating the inventory. Sometimes you will find a shed in the first 10 minutes, sometimes you walk for four hours and you go home empty handed. These areas tend to hold greater numbers of deer and they’re not pressured to move around as much so it becomes a bit easier to figure out how they move through the area and where they spend most of their time.
DEC today announced that remaining Deer Management Permits (DMPs) in several Wildlife Management Units (WMUs) will be available to hunters beginning November 1. This makes antlers ready in time for breeding season (in September for elk and November for deer), when male deer or elk will fight for dominance using their antlers. Hunts with tags available (no draw) spring bear, fall bear, buffalo, cougar, elk, mule deer, turkey, whitetail, wolf!
Bentley likes to keep the groups limited to 4 hunters to be certain to provide a quality hunt for everyone in the party.
We have literally been flooded with entries- some great stories and many great looking sheds. The Storemate Storage unit is a tough little storage shed that will protect your valuables and still it look great. The ola€™ mini van stood tall in the face of Ashleya€™s 13+ inch assault, though the ripple effect was felt, snow piled high on the sides and behinda€¦drifting and plowinga€¦quite the pile-up. Like your grass, weeds are supercharging in the fall, and attacking them will be quite effective this time of year.
Sure you might get some looks from the neighbors when your turning the auger in 65 degree weather, but it's worth it.
A Itasca County Sheriff Vic Williams gives a public warning about the current ice conditions. For most dig out conditions, like long-term airport parking, the garden trowel provides plenty of clearing ability and great ice-chipping leverage, and it stores under the seat or often in a glove box or easily in a backpack if you're a winter hiking, snowshoeing, or camping enthusiast. If youa€™re wondering which fertilizer to use, dona€™t overthink it a€“ anything is better than nothing, and most companies make it easy on you, offering a€?winterizer" blends. If youa€™re a do-it-yourselfer, you will save a lot of money by preparing for spring right now.

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