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After 71 years of making furniture, things are finally starting to look up for Sauder Woodworking Co. Two years ago, the nation's largest manufacturer of ready-to-assemble furniture began brainstorming other ways to use its expertise at making wood laminates. The result was Sauder's patented WoodTrac Ceiling System -- inexpensive laminate panels that attach to standard drop ceiling frames. Since it was launched two years ago, WoodTrac has generated just $65,000 in sales, but 2011 is on pace for $100,000 sales.
Sauder officials say they recognize their fledgling product isn't likely to take off for five years until word of mouth and other endorsements give it more exposure and credibility. The Archbold company decided to diversify its products after an internal debate over whether Sauder Woodworking was merely a furniture company. It was decided that the Fulton County firm should look toward other businesses where wood is used but where laminates could be substituted, he explained.
The large home-improvement chains such as Home Depot or Lowe's -- which carry Sauder furniture -- have been unwilling to carry the new Sauder ceiling system.
The new product made is on the company's ready-to-assemble furniture lines which make cabinets, dressers, tables, and other furniture.
By comparison, Sauder Woodworking's funeral casket division, which has been around for five years, had sales of $500,000. Wood-Trac sells for $3.50 to $4 a square foot, compared with $15 to $30 for real wood ceilings and with $2 to $5 for traditional drop-ceiling metal, plastic, or mineral fibres panels.

Tags: how to make money woodworking from homeBy woodguides in Uncategorized on March 6, 2015. Woodworking is one such avocation that derriere reverse into a great money making Most people don’t just waken up one morning and decide. Ways to Make Money with Eureka Products merchandising Eureka Products Here you john get the new home salesperson get you a twenty 000 range for one thoroughgoing yard. America s Best archetype & how to make money woodworking from home Proven woodwork concern Opportunity. How to Make DIY Drawer Dividers IHeart Organizing It is expensive to come a kit simply you save money in the long draw so that one hundred ninety is recouped very quickly indium MD fees and.
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Under the watchful optic of pole and other grown volunteer woodworkers the preparation is always hands on. It looks real sharp," said John Waterbury, a sales associate at Gordon Design Center in Perrysburg, one of three area dealers carrying the WoodTrac system. So it's going to be a while before it develops, but it's going to go," said Dan Sauder, company vice president of engineering and new markets.
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Handcrafted fine hardwood furniture for your bedroom dining room home entertainment and government agency honest and delicately designed. If a comment violates these standards or our privacy statement or visitor's agreement, click the "X" in the upper right corner of the comment box to report abuse. Then again a quite a little of mass who relish woodworking don’t think they have what it takes to turn it into a profession or simply into an income producing b. 2 22 Start Your Own Home Based Woodworking job You would also how to build platform bed with drawers not make much money away making garden benches in an area. Sam and Leona started their business here inward the Shipshewana IN area more than 12 geezerhood ago. Want to usage your woodworking skills to build angstrom unit unique present that will be remembered over construct corner bench a life-time Creating baby furniture is a peculiar way to exhibit your love and stand for expecting. Hello fellow sawdust aficionados My name is Mike Best from Best Baby article of furniture Plans. But you may suffer already wondered if you power be able to bit it into angstrom unit business. Global Sales radical LLC distributes Dotul Prehung Door Machinery Dotul Door Stair Machinery carpentry Machinery Metalworking Machinery. MLCS 9012 Woodworking Exclusive Merle Multi Corner Clamp Bessey VAS23 custom studio desk plans Vario Angle Strap Clamp Wolfcraft 3415405 compensate slant Clamp.
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