The unit is available in three sizes with the smallest starting at $299.99 for 60" x 60" x 78".
Stylish, Practical Bike Sheds We hear from one resident who commissioned a shed from Brighton Bike Sheds, a company specialising in designing and installing bespoke bike storage in your outside space.
When he came to quote, he helped us think through solutions to the space constraints and suggested a design that we hadn’t considered but looked great. His alter-ego is inspired by all things shed and is the centre of his readings and interactions.
She has posted on a variety of sites including The Argus, The Huffington Post and The Guardian's Comment Is Free. As well as his plays being broadcast on BBC radio, he creates live events and experiences exploring the world of the shed. Known as The Contented Mummy on social media, she is dedicated to honest, unsponsored blogging so that parents can benefit from shared experience.

The work happened really quickly and we were left with a beautiful shed with an integrated flowerbed, pergola and trellis.  I was delighted with the result. In fact, it could well be due to a lack of space that there is a need for a convenient and efficient means of storage; this can be just as true for someone that lives in an apartment or someone that lives in a house with a gardenAnother important factor is security and protection. A bicycle can be a valuable asset and one that has the potential to provide many years of excellent service. So, as well as maintaining it regularly, it is important to keep it safe from anything that could damage it, as well as the risks of theft.One of the key things to remember is that the condition of your bicycle can easily be affected from the weather.
From the UV damage of the sun’s rays to the rusting effects of rain, as well as other potentially damaging forms of weather such as, snow or hail; the weather can have a major impact in how well your bicycle will continue to function.
If you look after it, it will look after you.Check Out my List of Bicycle Storage IdeasBicycle Covers - Bicycle covers are used to protect a bicycle from the elements, from scratches or and causes of cosmetic damage as well as from a variety of substances, including bird droppingsBicycle Storage Sheds - A bicycle storage shed is the ultimate luxury for any cyclist. Read more about these storage racks.Floor Bicycle Storage Racks - There are various reasons that people have for wanting to purchase a floor bicycle storage rack (or free standing bicycle racks).

Take a look at these quality free standing bicycle racks.Wall Bicycle Storage Racks - Using a wall bicycle storage rack can save you a lot of space, as it uses the wall as a storage facility. Read ahead and make a smart selection.Storage Tents - Portable storage sheds offer an affordable alternative for anyone who needs an easy to set up and affordable storage solution. Find the best bicycle tent.Bicycle Wood Sheds - Bicycle wood sheds are safe and secure storage units. They are more luxurious and have an appealing design, as well as strong resistance to weather.Bicycle Travel Case - Travel case is the perfect solution when you are planning to ship or transport your bike.

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