I am having a difficult time trying to figure out how to add a garage with the existing roofline of my home. StephI love the porch idea and definitely would extend it across the entire front and around to the breezeway. Fred SMy two cents: all additional roofs should be the same pitch as the shed dormer, front porch, and upper part of house. StephI would prefer to have it in the front so we don't have move our drain field and septic. Fred SHi Star, kind of, but my comments were from before they decided to go two stories with a gambrel.
An elegant feature in any garden, this summerhouse has glazed double doors and fixed front and side windows.

This summerhouse features double doors, fully glazed with matching deep windows, a stylish and well proportioned summerhouse.
This beautifully designed summerhouse features a large bay window and glazed Georgian double doors. Our Georgian Kendal is stylish and elegant adding a touch of class to any garden large or small. Large Solid Timber Lean to Roof with the original concrete pillars clad in timber which gives a lovely effect. The small section attached between garage and house can function as a mudroom and second entrance. Or even just create the 90 off the side but make it match the look of the front entry so it looks like it was part of the original build.

Last, and probably my least favorite, very modern looking addition to give it visual interest. I've seen a lot of architects pull of matching modern with vintage with success I'm just not crazy about it myself.

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