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The grapes are so so fresh, there are no comparisons – worth every penny of the prices, which are a tiny bit more expensive than the supermarkets. We drive around the back roads for awhile, munching on the grapes, complete with white mould from the vineyard. There’s a tasting station with pump bottles of honey and we taste a few of them, testing our tastebuds and differentiating between different flowers. The House of Honey doubles as a cafe and there’s some alfresco seating for cups of coffee and gobbling down the adorable bumblebee cupcakes. We do a hasty turn on the Great Northern and eventually find (quite frenetically as I’m not keen on doing U turns on a highway with big trucks and massive roadworks!) the Mondo Nougat Factory. After shamelessly purchasing many bags of nougat (totally adore the soft cappuccino nougat) (for the nut intolerant there are jars of creme nougat – how good does that sound!) we head off to West Swan Road for one last stop. Wikipedia website.(Left) A quick glance at Craig's 1948 Ian Allan abc of ex-LNER locomotives is relatively easy to understand compared to some earlier Ian Allan Locospotter Books. Training School to discuss the BREL's requirements for a model to be used for marketing purposes both home and abroad. With great prices, fast shipping, and top-rated customer service - once you know, you Newegg. Along the picturesque West Swan Rd, identical rows of lush grape vines and fresh fruit stalls wizz past us.
Driving into their somewhat iconic carpark of pergolas heaving with vines, people are constantly arriving for their fresh grapes.

The drive is not as quaint as West Swan Rd but there are some wineries along the highway worth exploring. The people who run the shop are very friendly but the prices are aimed at tourists, if you get what I mean.
Eventually a lighter shade of blue was chosen for its large express locos, which included the ex-SR 'Merchant Navy', the ex-LMSR Pacifics, the ex-GWR 'King' class 4-6-0s and the Peppercorn and Gresley Pacifics of the Eastern and North Eastern Regions. Additional donations are also made to a scholarship program that enhances literacy and learning in Southeast Asia.
The Jarrah honey has medicinal properties to rival Manukah honey and has a very strong taste with dark colour. The repainting was started before the first British Railways totem device had been designed and BRITISH RAILWAYS was painted in full on the tender sides. Nearly 80 percent of children from impoverished families drop out before graduation due to the burden of educational fees, books and uniforms. The House of Honey is a flat topped shed next to the highway and is unexpectedly nicely decked out.
The gelato had good flavour and texture, my only whinge was by the time I was halfway through the tub, I was also halfway into a sugar coma. This program helps compensate for all school expenses in addition to mandating and paying for after-school tutoring for students most in need.
Grapes are sold in a big shed which backs onto the vines from which the grapes are plucked. The grapes sold here are perfectly ripe – the fruit is crunchy (unlike the limp supermarket ones which merely pop, if you are lucky), super sweet and the stems vibrantly green and supple.
A shop and cafe specialising in the honey (what else), there are multitudes of honey products to be bought.
It was rebuilt and re-classified as an A3 in July 1941 and renumbered 72 in 1946, becoming BR 60072.

Behind the counter, ladies patiently groom through the bunches of grapes, removing all inferior globes of fruit before each bunch goes on sale. There’s a frame of honeycomb attached to the wall, where bees are free to fly in and out and customers can watch the fascinating bees doing their curious business.
Mondo Nougat originated from italian patisserie roots, so I’m betting the other cakes in the display case are fabulous too. It was allocated new to Gateshead in October 1924 and later to Tweedmouth, Copley Hill, Holbeck and finally Heaton again from where it was withdrawn in October 1962. The loco was named after the racehorse, owned by Mr J B Joel, which won the 1911 Derby and 2000 Guineas. The plate - clearly stamped '2571' and '72' on the back - was mounted on a detailed wooden splasher with rivets and went under the hammer at a recent Great Central Railwayana Auction.
Environmentalists will not approve of this shot of Class C7 4-4-2 No 2156 blasting out of York with a special train for the south. Madeline writes - 'Hi, when dad died in 1967, his photographs and plates were dispersed, with a large number going to Peter Wilson of Darlington. My sister and I have little idea of where these and others now reside; despite several enquiries we have drawn a blank. Only out of curiosity are we wondering if you are able to help with the whereabouts of his photographs or plates. This livery can be seen midway along the stock of the up 'Northumbrian' express headed by a blue Class A4 No 60003 Andrew K McCosh at York.

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