Wolverhampton Bike Shed, with the support of Local Neighbourhood Partnership Wardens in All Saints have launched a second project. At the Bike Shed, we recently had a training day to make sure that all our mechanics were up to scratch and could fix all the common problems found on an average bike. If you can keep your head whilst those around you lose theirs, you've got a scapegoat. The donor for this build was a $260 CB550 which has been re-creafted by Devin Henriques, of Cognito Moto in Fishersville, Virginia.
The forks were donated by a 2007 GSXR1000 attached via a Cognito Moto retro-style triple clamp & nut.
You can see more detail of the build at Do the Ton, and of course you can head over to Cognito Moto’s own Website or Facebook pages.
The bike shed story tells of a management committee’s decision to approve a nuclear power plant, which it does so with little argument or deliberation.  The story contrasts this with another decision on choosing the color of the bike shed where the management gets into a nit-picking debate and expends far more time and energy than on the nuclear power plant decision.
Karl Fogel, a renowned engineer on the topic describes the issue as “the amount of discussion is inversely proportional to the complexity of the topic that has been around for a long time”. The bike shed effect (also known as the bike shed problem or Parkinson’s Law of Triviality) is an issue commonly known in the corporate and consulting circles.
Picking a color seems like such an easy decision that you’re afraid to make the wrong move. Meaning, if you want to quit your job and set up a new business, you will get staunch and forceful advice from 20 different people who are working in day jobs. Thirdly, situations where subjective judgment is involved tends to invite the most conflict. For example, you worry too much about a simple purchase decision (like scenario above on choosing colors). In all of the scenarios above, the common problem is that there is too much noise in the system. Hence you want to avoid the bike shed effect in your life – if possible, even prevent it. If we were to do a pie chart depicting the country of manufacture for all of the donors on the ‘Shed, then the greedy amongst us would definitely be reaching for the slice from Japan. The owner of this machine, Dutchman Brecht, started out riding and repairing vintage 50cc Honda’s like the Super cub and Benley, of course as he grew he progressed onto bigger bikes, until in 2011 he moved to Cambodia. A few excursions into the dense surrounding jungle on a hired dirt bike reminded Brecht that their is no replacement for displacement and he began the hunt for a new big bike.
The first problem Brecht encountered was where to carry out the work, he lived in a second floor apartment and had no tools or a place to work. Many parts of the process took more than one attempt, Brecht found it difficult to comprehend chopping a perfectly fine frame or dismantling a serviceable wiring loom and because of this, caution got the better of him. Brecht outsourced elements of the build to local craftsmen and each completed component has a story to tell. The exhaust has its own tale, “I was looking for a replacement muffler when my eye was caught by a guy welding aluminum. We take our info from the builders themselves and hope to be able to add to or learn about different bikes as we go.
The guys designed and built a hub so they could lace a set of 17 inch Harely Davidson wire wheels in to work with the radial brakes set-up.

All the electrics are hidden under the sculpted cafe racer seat and the starter motor has been removed – leaving the bike kickstart only.
While it takes its roots in the corporate domain, it has its parallels in personal development too.
You begin to draw a lot of attention and criticisms to your lifestyle, namely from your friends, parents, colleagues, and even your doctor – even though they know essentially nothing about the raw way of life. You spend a lengthy amount of time along the aisles of the supermarket, pondering whether to buy whole wheat bread or multi-grain bread. Too many thoughts, too many opinions, too much energy expended, all over things that don’t even matter in the first place. In the bike shed story, everyone spends a lot of time debating over which color to choose for the shed. Assuming the problem is significant enough for you to spend further time on it, objectifying it may help with your decision making process. There are about a million bike shed problems you can mull yourself with, but that’s not what you want to do. I'm Celes and I'm here to help you achieve your highest potential and unleash your magic to the world. The Land of the Rising Sun is the big daddy of the custom scene, but it can be a selfish parent, often keeping the best toys for itself. Honda had the little CB right on the money stylistically as it rolled off the production line, I would wager a fair few European customers would snap up one of these machines in factory form if it was introduced to the market tomorrow. Parts such as the bars, the headlight, the blinkers and the speedometer were all discovered in local markets.
Local kids are doing awesome jobs on super cubs with very limited resources, expats are modifying bikes and there is even a semi-pro workshop called Moto Cambodge who are hard at work building both bikes and brand. I appreciate the artistry that goes into many of the custom bikes, but I would not like to own one.
Wolverhampton Bike Shed are pleased to offer the ability to check your bike before your charity ride. I have a cb550 and iv been trying my best to figure out how to run a wider rear tire and this is the only one iv seen with one. Never mind that they have never set up their own businesses before and know nothing about becoming an entrepreneur. You set up a new business and a lot of people try to tell you what you should do, but none of them have direct experience setting up successful businesses before. They may seem important at first, but fast forward a week, month, year – they lose their significance.
Hear them out, listen to what they have to say, but you don’t need to follow what people tell you.
Reflecting onto your life, are there people telling you what color you should paint your bike shed? For you to even have a dilemma over the options – that means that they must be pretty good to begin with, aye? Name Mail (will not be published) Website Facebook Discussions on Bike Storage Ideas Bike Freestanding Bike Rack Scooter Storage Bike Rack Storage Secure Bike Storage Bicycle Storage Solutions Storage For Garage Wood Bike Rack Hanging Storage Bags Bike Rack Parts Bike SheltersJoin the discussion on this Bike Storage Ideas Bike Freestanding Bike Rack Scooter Storage Bike Rack Storage Secure Bike Storage Bicycle Storage Solutions Storage For Garage Wood Bike Rack Hanging Storage Bags Bike Rack Parts Bike Shelters using your faceb??k account below.All contents published under GNU General Public License. Fabulous small capacity machines such as the Honda FTR223, Kawasaki TR250, Honda CL400 and (for a long time) the legendary Yamaha SR400 were kept within Japanese shores.

Nevertheless Brecht had his schemes, he wanted to add a dose of street-tracker to the retro base with the proviso that it would be an all-Cambodian build with no brought in parts. With a friends grinding and welding equipment he reworked the rear frame and saddle loop 15cm shorter.
The red facia of the speedometer was the inspiration for the colour scheme Brecht designed for the original tank. Amongst all of this Brecht has found friends, support and truly skilled practitioners as he crafted his ride. Every kick on the starter, every turn I make, and every gear I shift gives me a grin on my face.
Brecht had some other funny ones along the way – including a story about breaking his big toe while riding this CB400 during the process of building. So thank you for spotting these errors and taking the time to let us know, they have been ammended. Funnily you have no problem making big business decisions or closing big transactions that are 10-20 times more expensive than the purse. They also tend to rely on our subjective judgment which we lack faith in – whereas we have no problem dealing with objective analysis and decisions. There is also no way to prove or disprove anything, because a judgment is a judgment – there is no right or wrong. You stress out whether to go to Country A or Country B for your vacation (or even between choosing Hotel A or Hotel B. It’s nice to hear their opinions, but the bike shed is yours and you are going to be the one to live with it forever.
If you are not sure which location to set up your new restaurant, then do an analysis of the human traffic, cost, and potential returns for each location, and see which is more profitable. Then, you allocate a disproportionate amount of time to the 20% high value tasks and push back the 80% low value tasks – either by doing them quickly, delegating, outsourcing, or ditching them altogether. A few would get out, we would catch fleeting glimpses of rare grey imports and wonder for days what that beauty had been.
On the recommendation of a friend he approached a local shop for the paintwork and it proved an essential discovery. It is, as Brecht acknowledges, not the most spectacular conversion ever seen with many parts on the bike still original and most modifications fairly common practice, nevertheless the pride he takes in his machine and our respect for his endeavours are both sky high. Day 19 of Be a Better Me in 30 Days Program on Seeking Advice gets you to approach at least 2 people (relevant to your goals) for valuable advice. This lovely CB400ss is one such machine that slipped the borders and made a new home for itself, in Cambodia. So unless you are ready to listen to what others have to tell you, don’t talk about it at all. And at the end of the week, you go all the way out and return back to the shop just to get that one purse when you could have gotten it back then when you were there.

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