The unit is available in three sizes with the smallest starting at $299.99 for 60" x 60" x 78". Our range of secure lockable storage offers a number of different solutions to suit any budget and requirement.
For railways and other sensitive sites, Cycle-Works can provide view-through panels and master-key override options. These products offer convenient open access storage, ranging from simple individual stands to space-saving high capacity 2-tier stands. As well as traditional cycle storage equipment, Cycle-Works offers a range of related products and services, such as wheeling ramps, scooter storage and custom-made solutions. The provision of good bike parking is often not enough to encourage employees or customers to use their bicycle. Wheeling ramps may be needed to gain access to a basement storage room, or helmet and clothes lockers may be required to store helmets and other gear. Scooter racks are a great way to store children’s scooters neatly and in an organised manner.
Our standard bike parking range may not meet the requirements for a particular site, so a custom-made solution can be made. Cycle Works provide a comprehensive range of Bike storage solutions from bike sheds for the individual, bike sheds for multi bike storage to individual bike stands. I put this on top of a slab base and in place of one of the slabs i installed a ground anchor that comes up through the base of the shed i then chain my bikes with a pramasis chain to the ground anchor.
At the end of the day if they want in they will get in but hopefully it will take them long enough with what i have done i will hear them. More seriously, I've only ever lived in rented houses - plaastic mat on the floor, bikes in bike bags.

I had one in a small front garden in London for a few years and it kept the commuter bikes out of sight and dry.
I suppose 'excellent' means 'it will stop kids and smackheads', bain't nothing going to stop professionals. So we went for a very simple wooden shed with little external security to draw attention, and then an anchor inside. I have never understood why people are funny about keeping bikes inside the house, you track in more rubbish on the soles of your shoes each day, unless you put on plastic slip covers or walk about in your socks ? I've got one of the Asgard 4 bike sheds, it'll take 5 at a push with bars moved parallel to the top tube. It includes individual bicycle lockers or sheds and lockable multi-bike storage units for 4-5 bikes, as well as full-size lockable sheds and storage compounds for 10 bikes or more.
The cyclist has confidence that no-one else can gain access to their bike, and will feel happy to leave accessories and other gear on the bike.
Most of our sheds come in 4m sections for 10 bikes, but they can be modified for particular sites.
When i put the shed together i used screws, i then replaced 2 of the hinge screws on each hing with round headed bolts. After some rides I can't see my frame logo it's so dirty and there's a half pound of mud lodged in the tyres and frame.
If you need a secure storage solution for your bikes, this 6x3 bike shed will be perfect for you.
Visit Asgard for tough, weatherproof motorcycle storage garages and units to keep your motorbike safe. While this setup means that bikes are locked away safely from external intruders, cyclists still have to share the space with other users.

This discourages cyclists from chaining their bikes to more convenient lamp posts or trees, and also increases security. The police chap who came round pronounced it excellent protection although when the builders moved it they were through the padlocks in seconds with an angle grinder.
This 6x3 wooden bike shed is supplied without a floor, allowing you to store your bikes wet and muddy without causing damage to the floor of the shed. HASP & SECURITY UPGRADE KIT - MOTORCYCLE SHED STORAGE Visit Asgard for tough, weatherproof motorcycle storage garages and units to keep your motorbike safe.
This means that they have to trust other people not to steal accessories, damage their bikes or leave the gate open by accident. Different locking mechanisms are available – padlock with shared key, combination lock or electronic access control.
The Cedarshed UK Rancher storage shed is our best seller and is perfect for storage for large items like motorcycles and riding mowers. Visit our DIY & Garden buying guides for information and advice on power tools, hand tools, decorating tools and more. Motorcycle Shed - 13 results like High Security Motorcycle Store, High Security Motorcycle Store, High Security Motorcycle Store, Motorbike Storage Shelter Shed Garage Cover.
Trimetals, UK Buy a Asgard Motorbike Metal Shed Garage Plus from Garden Buildings Direct Shop Online Bike Storage Shed Uk Save Up To 90% Off All Products.

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