As for security I put mine on a concrete base that had a ground anchor inside it so I felt it was fairly secure (never knowingly tested).
I would consider either getting one made (look for a local metal fabrication place) or get a metal cage made if it's cheaper for the security level and clad it with thinner metal sheets. I used to have the trimetals one, I had a DH bike, trail bike and road bike in it, all with wheels on. I have similar to that Waltons POS, it was free as my old man didn't need it any more but will be replacing it when funds allow.
Of course, nothing's secure but for me this replaced a wooden shed that was smashed to bits to nick 3 bikes, and is infinitely more secure than that. The Police home security guy reckoned it was as good as anything he'd seen for stopping toerags. Four years in the making, our fourth feature-length video, HOLY FIT, comes with a limited-edition 200-page hardback book featuring full-color photos of the making of the DVD.
With six in-line cylinders the Honda CBX 1100 was never anything but a big bike, but somehow Federico Lozada and German Karp from Herencia Custom Garage have managed to give this build, for Mariano Arcioni, a minimal silhouette and an almost lightweight look.
The initial inspiration that came from  Arcioni was a Tarmac Custom Motorcycles’ CBX (as featured on The Bike Shed earlier in the year), so the guys knew right from the beginning what expectation they had to meet, or surpass.

The overall goal with the frame and bodywork was to get the bike as lean and light as possible, while retaining an old school look, so as well as ditching anything heavy or ugly a lightweight Lithium battery was fitted. We don’t need to tell you that this is one great looking motorcycle, and with Ohlins equipment properly setup to carry 1100ccs of Honda six-cylinder power she should be a beauty on the tarmac too. Glorious lifting roof for easy access, delightful hinges supporting a fully opening door. There was also another rule that I wasn't allowed to buy any more without getting rid of one first. It is solid and doesn't seem to have to many places where it can be attacked (hinges and door frame are protected), and the whole thing is bolted to a concrete base. Think carefully about placement too, I actually ended up putting it out the front of the house rather than hiding out back, I'm on a relatively busy street so it would be near impossible for scrotes to spend time breaking without being seen by someone, regardless of time of day.
Big thanks to Federico and the guys at Herencia Custom Garage for sending her in for us to share on The Bike Shed. Scallies and boltcutters seem to have a symbiotic relationship where they get the best out of eachother. My only negative is that the door has a 12 mm padlock hasp which is just too small to take a SoldSecure Gold lock, which mostly seem to be 14 mm hasps or bigger, and some insurers would insist on this class of lock.

The yokes and Ohlins suspension were donated by a Ducati Multistrada 1200 along with the discs and front brake calipers.
Bigger Asgard bike boxes have a lock in the door, rather than relying on a padlock, I think.
FIT quickly built a legendary team in the early 2000’s that included Brian Foster, Mike Aitken, Jason Enns and John Van Homan, all of which still ride on the team today. The rear suspension is also upgraded to Ohlins for a silky smooth ride on the bike’s OEM Comstars which were treated to black paint and a set of Coker tyres. The FIT brand has been owned and operated alongside S&M Bikes in Santa Ana CA since day one, and continues to offer a full range of American Made parts and accessories as well as imported complete bikes around the world.

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