A yoga teacher since 1994, Bill runs weekly classes in south Devon, and weekend workshops and retreats all around the UK. Bill has studied extensively since 1996 with Diane Long, one of Scaravelli’s closest students. Tellus360 is where live music, evocative art, eco-friendly living and a good bit of Irish charm all come together and have a beer. Nate Marshall is a regular opener for Earl David Reed and is the host of Friday Night Comedy in Reading, PA.
After starting stand-up comedy in the spring of 2012, Jeremy Noll has become one of the fastest rising comics in Central PA. Bill Wood is a comedian from Lancaster, PA, who has opened for Ben Kronberg and Michael Harrison. 41st International Yoga CongressYoga is a living philosophy and as such is meant to be experienced. The British Wheel of Yoga's Annual Congress will be returning to Warwick University on 4-6 April 2014. British Wheel of Yoga North West Region are holding a Regional Day of Yoga on Saturday November 24th 2012 at Rixton with Glazebrook Community Hall, Manchester Road, Rixton WA3 6JZ from 10 to 12noon and 1 to 3pm followed by the Regional AGM. Teachers’ Training Week begins at noon on Monday 16 and runs through to noon on Friday 20 July. It wasn't difficult to spot the 423 BWY members who gathered at Warwick University for Congress.
He supports clients suffering from a broad range of personal or mental health issues, as well as people engaged in intense periods of change or growth in their lives. Bill trained at the Karuna Institute in Devon from 2004 to 2009, and has an MA in Core Process Psychotherapy from Middlesex University. In parallel with his psychotherapy work, he has also worked for over 20 years as a yoga teacher. Krisje Deal - As a teenager, Krisje was introduced to yoga and has continued a committed yoga practice for over 20 years.
At Yogafest totnes, we offer a diversity of Yoga styles with local teachers for you to explore and enjoy. Yogafest takes place in Birdwood House (TQ9 5NP), on the front corner of Totnes town square, and at Bogan House just across the road. Each class will run for one hour, and day-ticket holders can take as many classes as they like. From 6.30pm until 8 pm we gather in Birdwood House for kirtan (chanting), a beautiful, uplifting end to the day.
Once your payment has been made the ticket will be kept aside for you to collect when you register on arrival. Nikki also holds raw food demonstrations for Detox Nutrition and is writing a book on transitioning to a high raw diet. We learn to access that still place and how to carry it with us as we move a€“ stillness in motion or moving meditation. Classes are often accompanied by music and usually consist of warm ups, Drua€™s unique 'energy block release' sequences, asana or postures, and a relaxation.
Dru meditation involves finding a comfortable seat, a series of guided visualizations and coming to the still point of Dru. Nancy trained with Amrit Nam Sarovar school in the UK and France and has been teaching since 2010.
Nancy loves sharing the teachings of Yogi Bhajan with all who like to access the power within so they can live a happy, truthful and healthy life. Kundalini Yoga, also known as the Yoga of Awareness, works directly on our total energy using breathing techniques, postures, meditation and mantra. Kundalini Yoga is spiritual but not religious and people of all faiths or no particular faith will benefit from practicing it. Shakti dance is rooted in Kundalini Yoga and combines flowing yoga, dance movements and breath awareness with mantric music, reconnecting us with our inner source of harmony and joy.
If you like Yoga, if you enjoy dancing and like a meditative approach to it, you will love it! Yin yoga is a gentle, passive practice which is practiced in a seated position on your mat. Michelle has been teaching yoga for over 12 years, she completed a 9-month full-time Teacher Training Course at Yoga Arts, Australia. Pranayama involves working with the breath and focus to bring vitality and purity to your energetic system. Sannyasi Atmamantra has been teaching in the Satyananda Yoga Tradition, (Bihar School of Yoga) since 2002.
Satyananda Yoga, also known as the Bihar School of Yoga, is a meditative approach emphasizing the spiritual aspects of Yoga and the importance of developing awareness through the use of classical practices. It offers a systematic way of studying Yoga that ensures students develop a firm foundation in their practice from where they can advance safely. Satyananda Yoga encourages students to integrate the practices of Yoga into their life so that sadhana can become a way of life rather than just something we practice for an hour a day. I first met A.G and Indra Mohan when they came to the UK inn 2006 and went to India in November 2013 to study further this connection. Although I consider myself to be non-aligned to any particular belief set I have a thirty yearlong interest in the philosophy and practices inherent in Buddhism and Taoism, both of which find reflection in Patanjalia€™s Yoga Sutras. As well as leading Yoga Nidra sessions, Ollie is a polarity therapist, integrative counselor, ayurvedic caterer and youth worker.
Ollie is passionate about Yoga Nidra, and his particular style remains faithful to the spirit of the original practice whilst incorporating innovations and developments that are designed to make it as accessible and as effective as possible for western yogis in the modern world.
So come and join an exploration of the science of pranayama and an introduction to meditation practices derived from the Tantras. Trixy is a Yoga Alliance (US) Experienced Registered Yoga teacher and has been practicing yoga for 17 years. Ashtanga is a dynamic Yoga style and guides you through elements of the Ashtanga Yoga primary series. Jane has been studying and practicing yoga for 39 years, teaching since 1979, and training teachers since 1997.
Classical hatha yoga is the style Jane favours, practices and teaches; her first teacher, the late, great Kevin Kingsland, was a highly experienced and respected teacher of classical yoga. Unlike partner-assisted yoga, where only one person is doing a pose, partner yoga engages both participants, mirroring each other in the majority of poses. Synergy - simply defined, it means that the whole is greater than the individual parts; pair work allows us to go more deeply and smoothly into postures and become more than our individual parts. Yoga in pairs encourages us to listen to ourselves and to listen to someone else; the heart of the practice is feeling, without mental interference.
Creatively releasing both tension and effort, we open to a more spacious, responsive relationship with the body. We can further refine and deepen a sensitivity to the more subtle interior connections enlivening the soft centre of the fluid body and finding a deep restorative calm through cultivating a breath-sensitive embodied stillness. After 10 years of extensive training and immersion in many aspects of teaching at Satyananda ashrams in India and at SYC London, Poornam became Director of Teaching at PadmaSamBhava in Llandeilo under the guidance of Swami Niranjanananda. Restorative yoga is intended to take the mindfulness that is found in all disciplines of yoga to the next level. The deep nourishment of restorative yoga’s longer hold in poses give the body the time and support to let go. With skilful guidance and the support of props you can consciously and fully relax, moving into a state of peaceful surrender. Hilary is a Kundalini Yoga teacher and Gong player who trained in both these modalities in the USA.
For those who have not yet experienced a Gong Meditation, gongs are an ancient technology used to heal, uplift and expand consciousness.
Vinyasa is a dynamic, active, flow style of yoga that focuses on uniting movement and breath. This style of yoga will improve postural alignment, increase stamina and fitness, build strength, stretch and tone your muscles, increase joint mobility and increase blood flow to every part of your body.. Dao has been talking on nutrition for decades, both through the Sura detox retreats he runs in Devon, and in many other venues.
The focus for this hour-long talk will be on why we eat the foods we eat - personally, and culturally. Not many understand the reasons ancient food choice were made, and how they stimulated practices like yoga and ancient medical systems. So, eating with this understanding, we start to move our practice forward, rather than backwards with what we eat.

She lived, taught and practised in Asia for two years before settling in Ashburton where she runs Vinyasa Flow, Yin, Gentle, Pregnancy and Post Natal classes.
Emily's vinyasa flow classes explore flowing sequencea€™s that work through the entire body. We will slowly build into a more dynamic, strengthening and empowering practice and then explore the complete surrender, release and letting go of mental, emotional and physical tension, often through yin postures. He originally trained with students of Vanda Scaravelli and has taken an interest in all the main approaches available to Western students of yoga . The more I learn, the more I realise that my knowledge only amounts to a tiny drop in the great ocean of 'Yoga'. AcroYoga blends the wisdom of yoga, the dynamic power of acrobatics, and the loving kindness of healing arts. Uma has been practising, studying and teaching Yoga for thirteen years, initially training in Integral Yoga in the UK & Europe with Swami Asokananda. Structural and Ayurvedic Yoga therapy, yoga and the early years including Mum & baby Yoga, Childrens & Pregnancy yoga. She has had the great privilege to study with the renowned International Yoga Mentor, Mukunda Stiles, from whom she received Shaktipat and her name Yogini.
Womb yoga is a gentle practice of flowing sequences, gestures and breath awareness for women of all ages, including women who are menstruating or not, pregnant or not, have a physical womb or not. Stephen is accredited as a a€?Senior Yoga Teachera€™ (SYT) by Yoga Alliance UK and in 1999 gained a BA (Hons.) degree in Visual Performance from Dartington College of Art. His yoga teaching practice started in 1994 and he has run regular classes for adults and children since then.
He specializes in Ashtanga yoga but also teaches gentle yoga, hatha yoga and meditation classes.
Stephena€™s teaching draws on the knowledge and inspiration of teachers that have taught him, including BNS Iyengar and Danny Paradise. Ashtanga Yoga is a dynamic form of yoga in which asanas are linked in a flowing sequence through careful synchronization of deep, regular breathing that uses the whole lung capacity.
The standing asanas particularly focus the practitionera€™s awareness on balancing weight equally on both legs, extending the spine and opening out the chest. Emphasis is paid to the gaze, or dristi, and so in each posture the gaze rests softly on a particular point. Here the muscles of the perineum are subtly drawn upwards, thus sealing the energy within the body and guarding against injury of the lower back and groin. She started Henna Me Happy based on her love of intricate designs and patterns and the fascinating history of henna. All of her drawings are unique and designed by herself, she particularly enjoys creating lotus mandalas. Over the past year Henna Me Happy has appeared at events throughout Falmouth and festivals throughout the UK. Ayurvedic yoga vinyasas are gentle flowing sequences to balence the doshas ( elemental energies ) of vata - air and ether, pitta - fire and water, and kapha - earth and water. Satyananda yoga is an internationally renowned system of yoga that is firmly based in yogic tradition and adapted to suit the needs of contemporary living. Indian Head Massage is a non-invasive bodywork, part of the Ayurvedic prevention medicine system of India, used effectively since about 2,500 years.
Naad is the basic sound for all languages through all times through which infinity can be experienced. Through the use of mantra, breath and meditation from the Kundalini Yoga practice we will elevate our consciousness through their meaning and rhythmical repetition.
The Yogafest day will donate the kirtan contributions and 10% of the ticket sale profit to the Guru Ram Das project. The Guru Ram Das Project was created in 2003 and is a charity dedicated to delivering a range of holistic services to people and groups who are in need of support a€“ whatever their faith or background. Their work includes the practice of Kundalini Yoga & meditation, the provision of complementary healthcare, developing an attitude of service towards others, encouraging high standards of personal conduct and building a sense of community. Rubi Nicholas headlines the evening, plus the comedy of Bill Wood, Nate Marshall, and Jeremy Noll. She recently performed at the She-Dot comedy festival and at Caroline’s on Broadway and has made several appearances on the NickMom network. Jeremy has opened for internationally-known comic Doug Stanhope and was a semifinalist in the 2013 Philly’s Phunniest contest. The price includes accommodation in an en-suite single study room and all meals and refreshments.
We are committed to promoting a greater understanding of yoga and its safe practice through experience, education, study and training. Completing her teacher certification in India, she holds degrees in advanced Reiki healing and fine art photography.
He received teacher certification in the second half of 1997 by Gurucharan Singh Khalsa and he has studied directly with Yoga Bhajan, Master of Kundalini Yoga and founder of all teaching in the West.
Classes take place in the two first floor rooms in Birdwood House, and the downstairs room in Bogan House. This way of preparing cooking and eating is inspired by Ayurvedic principles and always free from harm to any living being.
She studied Hatha and Iyengar yoga until she discovered Dru Yoga and fell in love with its graceful flowing style, its heart centred approach, and its use of imagery from nature.
Dru is a soft, flowing style, which aims to take you to that place of peace within yourself.
It is accessible to all levels of fitness and experience and can be adapted to suit anyone.
It is practical and also very powerful and the best part is, one does not need any previous experience in Yoga to achieve results with the very first class.
A Shakti Dance class is woven around a compilation of mantric music of different styles and tempos. Michelle has been influenced by a wide variety of styles and teachers and she continues to evolve her practice and study with senior teachers.
It is gentle when compared with the more dynamic styles that have recently become popular and consequently lends itself much better to the therapeutic application of these practices to the chronic ailments that so many suffer from. In this way every act we perform, every interaction, and the work we do can become a way of cultivating awareness, evolving, and living life in greater harmony and peace with ourselves and the world.
I have pulmonary fibrosis resulting in loss of volume and elasticity of the lungs, and poor gas transfer. Widely traveled, he has spent many years exploring the worlda€™s great mystical traditions and developing an integrated understanding of healing and spiritual practice. Once the body has become comfortable in a sitting asana then we are ready to continue with these higher practices.
She has had the privilege to study with some incredibly inspiring and knowledgeable teachers in the UK and abroad. All postures work on concentration and alignment; some also challenge balance, strength, flexibility and synchronised breathing. Pair work takes us out of our heads, and our preoccupation with ourselves, into the space between us. When he moved to Totnes in 2001 he started practicing with Bill wood and also with Diane Long. She helped run all aspects of the centre and taught a wide spectrum of yoga and meditation techniques and practices for 15 years. Seeing food from this perspective help us to understand why ancient eating patterns may not be the best for us in these modern times - both because of the limits and the freedoms we now have. A large proportion of one's practice is spent simply shifting the sediments that those foods lay down in the joints and muscles. She originally trained as a dancer and is inspired by an eclectic mix of yoga and spiritual practices which all flow into her teachings. Emily has also trained to be a Yoga Therapist with the Devon School of Yoga and runs Yoga Retreats with her company New Moon Yoga.
The practice starts gently providing the space to reconnect with the body, breath and to enter a meditative state. The class is always a journey that seeks to cultivate both inspiration and a sense of deep restful awareness. He doesn't adhere to any one branded style of yoga, just yoga as he understands it after 25 years of practice and study. Dipping in and out of yoga classes as well as a personal practice for many years, in 2009 I finally took the plunge and enrolled in a two year teacher training course with the Devon School of Yoga.
In August 2014 I fell completely in love with AcroYoga after a workshop with our visiting teachers Eugene and Pip and I feel honoured to have recently taken part in the AcroYoga teacher training in Barcelona.

These three lineages form the foundation of a practice that cultivates trust, playfulness, and community. She trained with him over several years and qualified as a Structural Yoga Therapist and continues to receive his mentorship through studies in Europe and India in Ayurvedic & Tantric Yoga therapy. The practices connect us to our womb chakra center to experience our creative energies and nurturing selves.
Ultimately they help to increase sensitivity to prana (vital energy), tejas (light of spiritual discernment) and Ojjas (liquidity of spirit opening to love).
It includes Hatha, Raja, Karma, Jnana, Mantra and Bhakti yogas as well as other traditions and presents them in a package that is unified and flexible enough to meet individual needs.
It concentrates on the upper body, one of the most crucial areas of the body, as by working on these three higher energy centers (shoulders, head and face) the entire body comes into balance, releasing the tension from those muscles from our hectic lifestyle and poor posture.
The meditations are with use of mudras (position of hand that seals the energy flow and reflexes to the brain) and can be still or with movement.
The insights gained through the study of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras and other sacred texts can be realised in daily life.
The British Wheel of Yoga offers the only nationally recognised Teacher Training Diploma at level four of undergraduate study, as well as personal development modules and a foundation diploma in a safe environment. Each day there are up to six 90 minute slots, each offering  a variety of up to three sessions (some of which are repeated) which the delegate can choose from. The rain held off as our intrepid yogis navigated their way around the campus, which was easier than choosing between the 36 excellent tutors and 100 yoga related sessions. He has also participated in yoga workshops with Rolf Gates, Shelley Washington, David Swenson, Doug Swenson and David Williams, among others.
Tim's yoga classes combine the technology of Kundalini Yoga, including the power of the breath, physical movement and sound with sacred meditation to uplift consciousness and help you to discern the truth of who you are. It is possible in either case to find another person to take your place and pass the ticket on. Both have been fortunate to assist some accomplished cooks on retreats and have a passion for whole, nutritious, and delicious food. The morning class will include a a Dru sequence and the afternoon session will be partner Yoga - we will partner you up in the class with someone of similar height. In 2012, she also finished the Starchild Yoga training based on Kundalini Yoga to teach children from 3 years old. It works quickly to give grace, balance, and most of all the ability to remain calm, centred and clear through lifea€™s challenges. A class starts with an opening mantra and builds through floor stretches to standing exercises and into free dance. Together with Ollie Frame, she leads retreats allowing people a chance to deepen into the wonders that Yoga provides.
There he taught a variety of classes and courses, including training new teachers, as well as managing various departments within the ashram. This translates into being able to face the ups and downs of life with greater ease and stability. I qualified as a yoga teacher through the Devon School of Yoga in 1999 and then Sivananda Vedanta Organisation in 2000. So, on a very basic and practical level I continue to work on the personal relationship I have with the felt physical expression of the breath and work with others who have similar breathing restrictions. The whole purpose of yoga is to awaken the primal energy within us- kundalini shakti- to liberate our true creative potential as human beings.
He found that Scaravelli inspired practice made deep sense to body and mind, in a way that was deeply nourishing.
It is the centering of your breath and body - aligning the physical and mental by practicing stillness or gentle movement for extended periods of time.
Jenny Sauer-Klein and Jason Nemer co-founded the practice in 2003, which has since touched the lives of hundreds of thousands of people world-wide.
Satyananda yoga provides a solid, accessible and systematic stepA­byA­step approach, based on safety and common sense. It works with the movement of the tongue in the mouth, language and chemical changes in the brain. Realisation in this context is the highest form ofknowing – knowledge through experience.“Living Yoga” invites the individual to move from contemplation to living experience.
Experienced tutors cover a wide range of yoga related subjects, with the aim of deepening individual practice and passing on advice and guidance to teachers wishing to develop their own teaching experience and style.
With almost 150 hours of yoga practice on offer, our yogis definitely needed time out for food and shopping! Her classes combine the authenticity of heart wisdom that she has gained throughout the years, encouraging each person to find the yoga poses which are best suited for their needs. In 2011, he took a 40-hour Ashtanga yoga teacher training immersion with David Swenson at Yoga Vermont in Burlington. She has been teaching in the Finger Lakes region for over 10 years and has taught at One and Only Resort at Reethi Rah in the Maldives: voted #1 resort in 2007 and #1 resort spa in 2008 by Conde Nast Traveler. She is resident Yoga teacher at Sura Detox Reteats, and also teaches at LandMatters permaculture co-op, as well as a class on Friday mornings in South Brent, and Tuesday evenings in Totnes. Shakti Dance brought her great passion for Yoga, dance, meditation, music and healing together into one practice. Flowing asanas (yoga positions) gently stretch and deeply relax the body before leading into rhythmic, breath-coordinated standing movements and dance steps that induce high-energy states. Asana translates as 'comfortable seat', so importance is placed on being able to rest comfortably in each pose.
He encourages students to bring the ancient practices of yoga off the mat and integrate them into their lives as an antidote to the challenges of modern life. Trixy is also an ITEC qualified massage therapist in holistic body massage and sports massage. If you are a BWY teacher each hour attended can count as 1 CPD point, so it is possible to get all 15 points during the week. She teaches Vipassana Meditation, and continues her study of yoga, meditation & healing with renown teachers. He returns at least once per year to Yoga Vermont to continue his teacher training with master teacher Kathy McNames. Krisje was the featured yoga teacher in the September 2008 issue of Shape magazine Singapore. Our choice for this venue, with small rooms and central location in totnes, gives the festival a cosy, safe and home-made feeling.
The free dance is followed by a deep relaxation and the class rounds off with a moving meditation, accompanied by a mantra. It is like treating your body to an internal massage, physically, mentally and energetically. Michelle will emphasize moving the body whilst connecting with the breath, gravity and your own body's guidance.
Integrating Yoga into our lives brings stability, within ourselves and in society.“Living Yoga” can be considered from many levels. Please be mindful that the rooms get filled easily and not everyone can always take a class at the time one wants.
She also finished the Kundalini Yoga teacher training with Amrit Nam Sarovar School in 2012 and works as a complementary therapist offering Indian Head Massage, Reflexology and Reiki in different centers around Totnes. At the most basic level “Living Yoga” simply means applying the theory, the method, the practice and the teaching of Yoga in our daily lives. His introduction to Ashtanga was accidental–in 2009 he took a Mysore-style class while traveling,as the studio happened to be close to his hotel. On another level “Living Yoga“ isan investigation into who we really are and living that realisation.Guest of Honour - Sraddhalu RanadeSraddhalu Ranade lives and teaches at the Sri Aurobindo Ashram in Pondicherry, India, where he grew up in the care of late Sri M P Pandit. He was captivated by the integration of asana and movement with breath and the quiet, meditative atmosphere of those classes.
He practices yoga for its physical fitness benefits and for the calm presence of mind it engenders.
He enjoys sharing his practice with others and tries to keep all eight limbs of yoga always close to heart.

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