I think or I know this Batmobile is the best yet, but they did have some in the Batman comics that were real great. Does anyone know where I might could find anything similar to the Batmobile in like a golf cart. He Bat Dudes my 99 % replica will be completed by October this year.I used a Nissan hardbody truck frame modified in length and width with 4130 tubing, with aluminum substructure.
Yea, not a vette either, it was an Impala frame and drive train from what the designers said on the 2-Disk spec.
Goes without saying that you can't base this on a car, a Vette is too small and has not the chassi to bear such a weight and length.
Hey you know its funny but I think the prints are from the returns car, because they are identical to the prints on the bed sheets I have from Batman Returns. These blueprints are being displayed in accordance with the "Fair Use" clause (Section 107) of the copyright laws. Your email address will NOT be displayed on this site but is required to confirm the comments entered.

Use of anything related to "Batman" on this site is not to infringe upon the copyrights of DC Comics or WB.
Scanned BlueprintsFor additional blueprints and architectural drawings available online, follow this link. But as far as the movies , they are going to have to really do some thinking to beat this one. My little boy has Down's and we live rural enough that our neighbor lets him drive their golf cart all the time. The plug was the toughest part using the blueprints and measurements from the the static display at Six Flags and some ideas from thier suppliers. If its a turbine jet engine and if the Compressors are in the front of the car how does the compressed air reach the turbine blades in the back since the cocpit is right between them. McCoy's Sick Bay, from the Crew's Quarters to the Shuttlecraft Hangar, from the Photon Torpedo Bank to the Science Labs of Mr. Is there step by step instructions for building this awesome car and where do I buy the parts?

He is 14 and I was hoping maybe if I just could find the ballpark price I could save and have something like it for his 16th.
I think the average person can build it in about 6 months to build if you have experience on cars engines etc and knowledge of welding. An 80's Vette wouldn't have supported the weight of the turbine they used plus it lacked the support for a 20 foot long body that the '89 batmobile ended up sporting.No dickness taken.
The low body is similar to racing car designs for use on a racetrack but this car is designed for the road where there are speed bumps.

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