DescriptionImagine an outdoor shed that you did not have to paint or maintain every year and that is stain resistant and easy to clean, a shed made of materials lighter and more durable than wood that would not crack, chip or peel, with built in UV inhibitors made to resist heat. Decided to start by building an 8x10 wood base with treated lumber, on top of 8 4"x16" concrete blocks. I bought this nearly 3 years ago and it has been excellent, I use it as my outdoor gym and it was one of the few buildings I could find in my price range that had the necessary head height to allow overhead pressing. Q: Is there a shed like this with door and windows on the 8 ft side with just a man door? Shipping: Orders for the Lifetime Dual Entry Storage Shed generally leave the warehouse the next business day. Lifetime Storage Shed Kit with Floor 60120Product SummaryRestore the beauty to the yard by cleaning up the clutter.
Shipping: Orders for the 60120 Lifetime 8 x 20 Storage Building generally leave the warehouse the next business day. This product has a 30-day money back guarantee: Simply hang on to the original packaging and contact us within 30 days of receipt if you are not satisfied with this product. This shed has double walled technology to prevent sagging or soft spots and solid steel bands placed in the wall panels for a sturdy foundation that adds strength and stability.
Good thing I followed my best judgment because getting this absolutely did not disappointment our decision.

Next time, I'm going to have someone pour me a concrete pad as getting the thing level took hours. I have had no issue with water leaking in other than up through the floor (which is of my own doing) but one issue I now have is the back wall is slightly bowed. Accurate Tracking: Tracking information is automatically emailed to you just as soon as the order ships out. Outdoor Building550 x 550 jpeg 59kB, Lifetime Sheds - 6433 11 X 11 Foot Outdoor Storage Shed550 x 550 jpeg 70kB, Lifetime Storage Shed 6417 Tri-Fold Doors 11x11 ft. Extensions can also be purchased later on to fit your growing needs for storage, and it comes with a high pitched roof with steel trusses that provides ample head room and that is also steep enough to allow for quick drainage of rain and snow. I read several reviews on the installation along with videos from the manufacturer and decided to install the shed by my self. During assembly I asked for very minimum help, just to hold both doors upright then finished the rest myself. In all, following the instructions and the on- line videos helped me put the shed together rather easily - but timely.
We found that putting up the roof panels before the truss worked better and allowed for easier alignment of screws. I did stumble some missing items but lifetime customer service address my issue without delays.

I was able to do most of the work by myself, only needing a second person to hang the doors and install the ceiling panels. Shed survived its 1st Alberta winter therefore I think this structure will last until it drop.
It also took me another 2 hours to secure the shed to the base, and the base to the ground using 12" augers covered in concrete.
I made two really bad mistakes during installation of the shed, not noticing one of them before it was too late to fix. When it came time to hang the right door on the 10' side, there was no hole to place the round pole.
Rather than tear it all down, and start over, I decided to cut a new hole in the floor, and move the cap accordingly. Like others, the doors were off center and placing a few shims as recommended, seemed to fix the problem. In fact, only two screws wouldn't fit on the center ceiling panel due to the panel being warped.

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