Now the first thing I want to tell you is that Competition Orange is probably one of the very last colors I would have picked for such a vehicle. Here's why I joined the forums: On December 23, we'll be leaving for 11 days in Baja which will be our first real trip in it.
Solar would be great, but if you're going to be driving each day, or each couple of days, then your batteries can charge while you drive.
The above 'posted' advice to 'make-due' for the trip in few weeks and this stuff takes a lot of time, is spot-on. I'll address your first question about batteries, for consideration when you have more time available. Ford has holes drilled on the passenger side frame rail for two more batteries, using Ford OEM Diesel battery boxes. Consider purchasing 3 AGM batteries that are sized for the under hood battery box and the two frame rail battery boxes from Odyssey or Sears. The conventional way to wire them, is to use the 2 frame rail batteries to power the house and use an isolator or solenoid, so the under hood starting battery doesn't discharge. A better way, is to combine all 3 batteries into one bank, so all 3 batteries can be use for both starting and house usage.
When you get back, post on how you plan on using your Rig and I'll give you my thoughts on solar systems, based on your usage. However since you are in Cali why not just go to Aluminess and get the bumpers that they spec for SMB? I love the big box on the back as I can put in Jerry cans or my propane tank & fire pit or pretty much anything else and it is lockable. Also having the back tire on the swingout means later you can do the underfloor storage and get even more space.
I definitely though of the fuel cell where the existing tank is now but I have a '90 Suburban (and yes, she's very jealous of the new rig) where I did that and I don't like having to swing it open to get into the back. In an annual tradition for the brand, Jeep is again planning to invade this year’s Easter Safari in Moab, Utah. Jeep realizes that, more than any auto show, this event is its chance to literally get in the trenches with its core customer base. The stock 3.8-liter V-6 was left alone, but now breathes better thanks to a cold-air intake, a set of Gale Banks long-tube headers, and a special dual exhaust that adds both motivational and auditory grunt. Much less extreme than the Blue Crush—but equally fantastic—is the Wrangler Renegade, which features a 6.4-liter Hemi shoehorned underhood for a 475-hp “yee-haw!” The same engine from Chrysler’s SRT8 line is matched here with a six-speed manual transmission feeding power to heavy-duty axles. Additional visual flair comes from an AEV hood, Mopar fuel door, bikini top, half-door kit, and more.
It has been almost 20 years since Jeep last offered the Comanche pickup, but now it plans to sell a kit for you to build one of your very own, previewed by the JK-8 Independence. I was wondering if anyone has done this type of modification before or knows of anyone that has made this before. I think everything will match up from the old 1972 Chevy Suburban to the 2000 Chevy crew cab truck. I know this is not going to be an easy project but I know that this will look really nice and different. The first thing that happens tomorrow morning is it gets dropped off at a fabricator to build an aluminum frame in the rear for sleeping on top and storage underneath.

We'll camp on some remote beaches south of Bahia de Los Angeles on the Sea of Cortez coast and go to some remote missions west of San Javier.
I have hours of reading to do here and would certainly appreciate the guidance of old pros like you guys.
This is done with an automatic low voltage cut-off solenoid, that switches off all power from the 3 batteries at 12.01 voltage. AGM batteries can be charged at a 'much' higher rate than Deep Cycle or Starting batteries. There can be a lot of money wasted on solar if your useage doesn't fit into solars very narrow benefit schemes. Adventure trailer has a cool water tank with snozzle I wish I had and for fuel I'd just throw 3 jerry cans on the roof. I'm afraid that would be even more of an issue with this van because we'll need in the back so often. As usual, Jeep isn’t content to merely have a brand presence or romp the off-road paradise in its standard fleet, instead hauling a handful of custom Mopar creations to the gathering. What better way to show off some of the Mopar accessories available for the Jeep range as well as some wicked one-off trucks that aren’t just there to look pretty?
Okay, the name of this sweet little Wrangler refers to a different kind of pork chop, in which the Mopar folks set out to chop the pork, or extra weight, with the end goal being as light a Wrangler as possible, for a potent high-speed off-roader. With this powertrain fitted into the Wrangler, you could paint it pink and we wouldn’t care; but the black and gold combo with body-colored bumpers, rock rails, and mirrors just makes us want it more. The Renegade increases its off-road prowess with a four-inch suspension lift, 35-inch Mickey Thompson Baja Claw tires, and a Warn winch. Owners of the four-door Jeep Wrangler Unlimited will be able to purchase a kit from Mopar at the end of this summer and either build it themselves or have a shop do the dirty work. This Cherokee is equipped with rock rails, skidplates, a compact refrigerator inside, and a roof rack complete with awning.
I would like to make my 1972 Chevy Suburban into a Chevy crew cab and add the fourth to the suburban since it only has three doors. A years-long lust for a Sportsmobile never quite happened due partly to cost (and I'm not saying they're overpriced) but mainly because I wanted a blank canvas to go with and lots of room to move around inside. That being said, the gawkers who like eye candy have a hard time getting their jaw off the floor on first sight. A good fabricator in town recommended just fabbing up a unit to hang on the rear left door to hold a couple of Geri-cans. Jerry cans will probably be the way to go for now, just make sure you have a way to lock the cans to the truck, and lock the caps. I would get the biggest box they have, you will love the storage (don't forget the recovery gear storage inside the bumper). Much appreciatedi»?Maynard McF: I know this video is old, hopefully you see this and can respond. Each of these vehicles will be getting down and dirty on the trails with the rest of the Easter Jeeps, but Chrysler invited us out to preview them all nice and clean before the event begins on April 16. Starting with a 3760-pound 2011 Wrangler Sport, Mopar tossed the doors, top, bumpers, tailgate, carpet, fenders, stock hood, and factory seats—among still more bits—in the Dumpster. A total custom job inspired by the King of Hammers race in California, this Wrangler Unlimited needs its Fox-developed suspension, 16 inches of wheel travel, and 39-inch tires to crawl over rocks, while the Mopar 426 cubic-inch engine produces 540 hp for the high-speed leg of the race.

If the looks and the knowledge of what’s under the hood don’t put you over the top, hearing this brute fire up certainly will. Sporting a three-inch suspension lift, 32-inch tires, and an air locker in the rear differential, this truck shouldn’t have much trouble with rough terrain, but even if it does, at least you’ll have cold beer while help is on the way. Real gearheads will look at this at car shows and just assume it was made by GM back in the day. I think most of the parts will match up with a few I have the suburban already but it doesn’t run. Then after this trip, take more time to figure out the most ideal thing you want to do, if you want to make changes. The neat thing is that the fabricator also recommended recessing one under the sleeping deck down in the floor.
The Wrangler then got Sparco seats and a custom roll cage, while the windshield was chopped two inches. The performance transmission necessitates two auxiliary coolers mounted behind the driver’s and passenger’s heads.
Two versions are planned, one being more of a bolt-in type for the back yard guys—which Jeep says should take about a weekend to complete—and the other a full weld-in kit for professionals.
I put a add in our county paper looking for a suburban 67 to 72.Got a call the same day the paper came out. Use it in the house when you have a party and keep it out of the van when you don't need it. Since there's so much room back there, we can make it wide, long, and low and still have lots of capacity. Custom aluminum bumpers accent the new lightweight fender flares, which are already a Mopar item, and the hood is a unique aluminum and carbon-fiber piece. LED headlights and the light bar will be much appreciated when this thing is running wide-open, skimming across the desert. Those adventurous enough to take a hacksaw to sections of the existing roll bar after removing the rear seats can replace the rear body panels with the ones supplied in the kit.
The Jeep guys simply took the new, face-lifted 2011 Compass—which is the first Compass to receive a Trail Rated badge, thanks to its Freedom Drive II drivetrain—and added a two-inch lift kit, 29-inch tires, and underbody skid plates. Since Chevrolet never built a crew-cab in this model, the owner has constructed his own version by splicing a pickup with a Suburban and resting the whole thing on an aired-out 2002 Silverado chassis. I want to add the cab to a newer chassis leave the motor, transmission, transfer case, wiring harness, and all of the rest of the parts that come with the motor.
The fiberglass bulkhead will close off the cab and mates to the front section of your hardtop (which is still removable for sunny days) and presto! You don't need stadium lighting when camping and a small LED flashlights in the pocket is very usefull. They know it won’t be able to crawl over everything in Moab, but it wasn’t designed to do so, although removing the front and rear sway bars for more wheel articulation and adding an intake and exhaust system from the Mopar catalog will only help the little guy.

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