Working with two of the most talented people I know, Melissa Balkon and Shaina Rozen, we have long had discussions about how the company has changed over the last two years since the launch of the site you are viewing.
What you see on this page is the actual design we are developing to, so I want to address what’s different and what are the goals of this exercise. The first thing you notice is we are introducing a new accent color to the Marketing Press palette. The new layout let’s us show off some work we are very proud of in combination with a customer testimonial. Moving down the page, we are featuring two different pieces of content in the lower-third of the site: Marketing Press TV Videos and the Marketing Press Blog. We are very excited to launch this mid-Decemeber, work out the kinks, and get a head start on 2015.
We approach websites as marketers, not developers, and use a data-driven process to guide everything we do. Use Marketing Press' east step by step WordPress SEO checklist to improve your site's performance.
A copy of the planning application for the new build can be found on the Isle of Wight Council's website.
Following the submission of plans for the new school building a number of articles have been published in the local press. We recently announced the exciting news about our new school being built on the existing site. There is nothing worse than attracting traffic to your website only for them to leave again because they couldn’t find what they were looking for. Today’s lead generating websites need to be encapsulating, engaging and provide the required information at a glance. Over 90% of business websites found online today are static business cards that leave the searcher frustrated and bored.
Our team of web developers can assist you in creating a website to suit the needs of today and beyond. Onvizi is a web development company that can not only provide an aesthetically pleasing website that fits in with your company identity, but also engages the searching public and leaves them wanting to discover more. Discover how to attract highly targeted traffic to your website and convert into new sales and profits with our FREE Traffic Blueprint.. The world we live in has changed dramatically in the last 10 years, especially in business. Many people steer away from buying a listed property due to the restrictions on alterations, both inside and out. It is essential to get the design and planning stages of a new building project, be it an extension, a loft conversion or a brand new build, right in order to ensure that permission is granted and the project can go ahead. Complete refurbishments and extensions to front side and loft for this detached house in Whitwell.
Here are some  in progress photos of a lovely building project in St Albans, this part shows the two storey side extension and the rear single storey extension to create the kitchen and family room.  We are working through the bad weather, more photos of the roof, windows and rendering to follow. Discover some must-know web techniques and 2015's biggest web design trends in the new issue of net mag - on sale now! Sign up below to get the latest from Creative Bloq, plus exclusive special offers, direct to your inbox! Creative Bloq is part of Future plc, an international media group and leading digital publisher.
About UsThe BUILD Blog is a discussion of modern design in the Pacific NW written by BUILD LLC, an industrious architecture company based in Seattle, Washington. A couple of years ago we launched the BUILD LLC website; it was updated with all of our latest projects, a new format, and a different philosophy of website design. The BUILD LLC website has been doing quite well, meeting the criteria above and bringing in a ton of new business. The challenge with the new SPD website was to present both the cabinet series as well as all of the furniture pieces we design and build –two very different avenues of the cabinet shop.
In our continuing effort to save the world from ugly and be transparent at the same time, we thought we’d get some good resources out there –the resources that have worked well for us.

Maybe throw in a fancy splash page, but from there I want to go straight to the work and see some nice big images that clearly present the projects with info to follow. Your website works for me as those are presented in the menu in order of importance from left to right with the blog integrated (haven’t figured that one out logistically yet myself) at the end for people to jump in further and follow along in the daily action. It drives me nuts to see architectural websites that clearly haven’t been updated in years.
As far as DIY sites -we built our first website in-house and it worked well for us for nearly a decade. I had a chance to check out the mobile version this weekend – great alternative for the iphoners of the world.
As a web developer and reader of this blog, I would encourage anyone looking for a new website to go local and find out if any of the work is outsourced. Getting a good web firm is alot like finding a good architect, so I encourage you to turn the table.
If you’ve worked with us before, you know these are the conversations Marketing Press has with clients before we begin any WordPress development. In August we moved into a new building and every month since the team has launched something great for our clients. Remember no one, including us, wakes up in the morning and says — Today is a great day to build a new website.
Purple (or Grape as we call it) is strategically used for various headlines and calls to action. This is on the current site, but it was done as an iteration of the design, and I never felt it was done well. These pieces of content have two very different audiences, so we wanted to allow people to self-identify and select which content buckets are better for them.
By seeing where you are now and setting a strategy to achieve your goals, our team can help you build an effective, easy-to-manage site that improves your conversions, community, and content. The project will be managed on behalf of the Secretary of State for Education by the Education Funding Agency (EFA), which is an executive agency of the Department for Education. You now have an opportunity to see the designs and take part in the consultations on Tuesday 26 January 2016, 4-8pm at the Academy. This means that even before getting past the homepage, they leave and go elsewhere to satisfy their needs. We can give your business a website that not only captures leads for you but also has potential customers picking up the phone to call you, whilst at the same time looking fabulous and promoting your brand. Add in to the mix that our roots are in SEO, we build our sites with optimisation at the front of our minds, meaning that it’s in prime position to be found by those looking for what you can offer. We take our expertise and apply it to your market to create a tailor made strategy that delivers results. Traditional methods of promoting products and services are simply no longer effective and the world has moved online. However, English Heritage states that “Listed buildings can be altered, extended and sometimes even demolished within Government planning guidance.” In fact, when it comes to extending a listing building they often support a contemporary extension. A few months ago, one of our client’s neighbours approached us as they had just had their extension plans rejected by a local council. In this month's Cover Feature, Mark Llobrera goes through the website design process with a fine-tooth comb, helping you hone your workflow. You can unsubscribe at any time and we'll never share your details without your permission.
Since then, we’ve had a decent amount of time to watch the site, track the metrics, and determine its effectiveness on our business. So when we looked at recently launching a website for our cabinet and furniture shop, Special Projects Division, it was a no-brainer to go the same route. At the same time the technicalities need to be covered as well as additional categories that handle press, contact info and all that good stuff. All too often we see architects defeated by their own design instinct to either over-design or re-invent website interface -leaving them with clunky websites that rarely get updated. If you’re looking for some solid website guidance, give the hardworking folks over at liveBooks a shout.

All too often architects think about web design like they would a book -static instead of dynamic. But it had limitations and glitches that were beyond our knowledge of the internets, SEO and general html code. Total DIY is a big headache, while hiring a web firm to build something from scratch is a big investment for a small business. The cost-effective templates that liveBooks offers are like buying a streamlined mid-century modern case study home.
There are many talented companies in every city (esp Seattle), and buying local is a good thing. Now the tables are turned, and it’s time for the Marketing Press team to build the new Marketing Press site. With all the positive (and activity) happening around us, collectively we felt it was time for a change.
2014) Shaina worked to clearing up the calls to action and the brand messaging, and we gave Melissa full control over the creative aspects of the site design.
Currently, our testimonial strategy was put in place after the site was developed and designed further strengthening our statement that you can’t easily strategize to an existing design.
The new design allows visitors to get enough of a taste of the company and make a decision to contact us, or it offers many different entry paths to the site depending on what they need. With the introduction of the Social Media and the younger generations taking the internet as the norm, the website has also evolved.
Maybe the photographs are of architecture, design, furniture or whatever else, but the basic building block of the website is the photograph. As architects and builders, having control over the final product is very important to us –we can’t imagine sending a bunch of files to a website tech to manage the updates for us. The template we chose uses a set of simple rules that remain the same throughout the entire experience; a consistent navigation at the header, wide photos at the top and text blocks on the bottom -simple and straight-forward.
With the new site, it’s nice to know that all of those factors are being taken care of by people who know websites as well as we know architecture. We’re putting the old site to sea, so to speak, and working on a new web presence that helps our business. From breakthroughs in rapid prototyping tools to the rise of isomorphic JavaScript, one thing's for sure – there's some exciting stuff in the pipeline for web design in coming months.
As basic as this sounds, it’s a different filter to put on that allows you to understand website design with better clarity.
We’re big fans of website templates because they standardize interface design and allow the architect to make updates without having to learn ridiculously complex code. Navigation titles that handle a variety of categories have pull downs to keep the basic navigation clean and unencumbered. And for some serious photography skills, check out our resource list for architectural photographers. Using a company like LiveBooks enables you to get the site up for a very reasonable price point (I assume) without the headaches of doing it yourself or hiring a web freelancer fresh out of school (I’ve seen that mistake too). The new building will be constructed on the existing site while the Academy remains in operation. Learn new skills In our Projects section you'll find our usual roundup of handy tutorials, tips and tricks. Minimal disruption and health & safety considerations will be paramount in deciding the best location for the new building. A public consultation took place on 26 January 2016.We will post all the latest news about the project here.

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