Building a wooden storage shelf in the basement - youtube, This is not really a how-to video but just a documentation of my experiences building this wooden storage shelf system. How to build wood shelves (for a garage or basement, This video discusses how to build wood shelves. How to build modular, contemporary built-ins - adding, Step-by-step instructions for building modular, contemporary built-ins. We took an underutilized closet and turned it into a bar by lining it with faux crock wallpaper, then adding studs and a cherished family photo to the back of the door. Sliding doors reveal a hidden wet bar, a wine cooler and storage shelves in this bright, contemporary kitchen. A built-in wood bookcase with glass shelves provides a beautiful storage area for books, pictures and other decorative items.
A custom sliding barn door wall system in this basement offers storage space as well as a hidden bar area for entertaining.
Smart planning and efficient use of built-ins turn this oversized hallway into an efficient small dining room.
A drop-down door in the sleek, modern built-in cabinetry opens to reveal a tucked-away bar ready for any impromptu gatherings.
Subtle doors open to reveal a built-in bar in this modern, streamlined and minimalist dining room. In this dynamic contemporary kitchen, small mosaic tiles transition from the granite bar countertops to the island quartz countertops.
This sunken bar is a completely hidden room that can't be seen from anywhere within the home.
A custom sliding barn door wall system features plenty of shelf space for storage in this urban basement. Designed by Design Platform, this sitting room, situated adjacent to the kitchen, features custom built-ins with bookcases, white lacquer media storage and a bar hidden behind push-to-open cabinet doors.
Jenn Baxter's finished tiny home features a breakfast bar with hidden washer and dryer combo, as seen on Tiny House, Big Living. The initial step to organizing a storage space — basement, attic, or garage — is to sort into categories. To begin the process, designate a sorting area — such as your driveway — or clear some floor space in a corner of the basement or attic. If you see something obviously broken, stained, rusted, or mildewed, immediately place it in the trash. Disorganized garages not only create headaches when trying to find anything you might need in the midst of their clutter, they also can prevent you from using the garage for what it was designed for: a place to put your car.
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Be the first to know about This Old House contests, sweepstakes, and events and receive special offers and promotions from your favorite home improvement brands. As attractive as window seats are, only a few older homes with deep dormers seem to have them.
Here's how to build a beautiful, custom window seat in just a couple of days using ready-made kitchen cabinets. The items stored in the shed, as well as the size of the site, determine how large a shed you may need.
A plastic shed is also more difficult to secure than those of metal or wood, so if you have expensive items to store, plastic may not be the best shed material. For most people, the idea of an inexpensive garden shed brings to mind a small metal building with a low, peaked roof. The basic metal garden shed ships with a door and perhaps a small window or translucent roof panel to allow for natural lighting.
It’s a safe bet that many metal garden sheds sit directly on the ground, but for the best results, some sort of foundation should be used. Wood is appealing for many reasons, but unless the gardener has access to free lumber and has good carpentry skills, or can relocate and repurpose an existing shed, there is no way wood sheds can be considered cheap. No matter the cost or material, make sure you have all the proper permits before installing your shed. It’s based on the traditional wall safe only we added a few hooks and drawers to create a unique way to stow necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings.
The built-in drawers were dressed with vintage brass pulls and sprayed in black lacquer while the tray, outfitted with draw glides, is lit from the shelf above. Wood molding, which matches the bookcase, connects all angles of the room, disguising a wet bar hidden behind a wood door.
Inside the mirrored bar, an eye-popping orange shelf stands out starkly against the white planes of the room. The bar area features a sleek wine fridge, a hidden ice machine and glass-front cabinets to house drinkware. Organizing all the items stored in your garage may seem overwhelming or impossible, but it can be done.
Here are some efficient,  and often easy, ways to get organized and store some of those items cluttering up your garage. This simple, do-it-yourself approach provides both the "niche" and the window seat, and an abundance of storage space.
Sheds come in all sizes from small units that fit against the side of a building, to structures large enough to serve as garages or workshops.
They have some additional advantages, such as being very easy to assemble and requiring little site preparation.
Even ultraviolet-stabilized PVC will eventually degrade and become faded or brittle under harsh environmental conditions. While not the cheapest garden sheds, metal is an excellent, economical choice for most garden owners. Most manufacturers now use electrostatic coating or other method to apply a colored finish much stronger than normal exterior paint. Shelves, sliding doors, screened windows and a range of other options are available from many manufacturers.

A concrete slab, with its edge rebated about 15-20 mm, is ideal but of course, hardly cheap.
Some manufacturers also offer systems that allow the shed to be anchored against powerful weather such as cyclones. Even the cheapest garden sheds can become horribly expensive if legal fines and neighborhood ill are part of the installation price. Round mirrors, wood and rattan chairs, and a shaded pendant bring the blue and white space chic transitional style and a bistro-like atmosphere.
A glass-topped dining table surrounded by ten white leather chairs seems to float within the space.
The custom back of the bar is fitted with a hidden karaoke screen to help struggling singers.
Some might include automotive, crafting, clothing, home improvement, lawn and garden, memorabilia, sports equipment, seasonal items, tools, and toys. This seat was built under a 6-foot-wide kitchen window, but its design can easily be adapted for any size window in almost any room.
Most plastic sheds are made with floor panels, so a foundation or other flooring isn’t necessary. Plastic can be molded and colored to add architectural flourishes that would be very expensive in wood and impossible in metals, so a plastic shed may blend in with your home’s design more easily. Plastic sheds won’t stand up to heavy storms, so if you are in an area that is threatened by high winds or powerful storms, you may want to make a different choice.
It’s wise to check with your home insurer about this; such a system may be required in your area.
It must be painted and placed on a solid foundation to prevent rot, water damage and insect infestation. Then, the seat has to be custom-built by a cabinetmaker or trim carpenter to fit the exact width and sill height of the window. The seat is made up of six kitchen wall cabinets and two 48-inch-tall bookcase units, which are trimmed with decorative crown molding.
Since most of us don’t have rolls of spare cash lying about, the foremost question becomes which are the cheapest garden sheds available? Assembly is very easy for most plastic sheds, and the parts are light enough for one person to handle.
You might break out tools into smaller everyday tools and larger power tools for special projects. The window seat itself is composed of two 15-inch-tall, over-the-refrigerator cabinets set side-by-side. A difficult question to answer, as a cheap garden shed for one person’s needs may be an extravagant luxury for another’s requirements.

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