You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Construct your own giant replica of the infamous St Basil's Cathedral with this 3D puzzle kit. We've all seen those adverts for partworks allowing you to build a scale model of the Titanic at a cost not far off that of raising the real thing. Now though UK publisher Eaglemoss Collections is producing a partwork that allows you to produce something a bit more useful. Up to now 3D printing has required expensive, complex equipment that’s meant it's been largely the preserve of industry and academic institutions. The collection will be supported by its own website allowing users to download designs and software.
Maggie Calmels, Eaglemoss' senior VP, global creative and innovation says, "This collection also allows us to utilize our unique 'partwork' retail model; offering people the opportunity to purchase and build their own printer at small weekly costs, while the accompanying magazine is aimed at engaging readers and giving them the chance to learn more about the science behind the product".
The printer has been designed by Sebastian Conran, founding director of Sebastian Conran Associates, and is the first non-industrial model to come with a safety hood. Check out the time-lapse video below from our first class in Baltimore where we got 10 printers up and running in 3 days. Many people will have seen the many commercials for 'Build your own…' or 'Collect…' partworks, or have even done one or two of them.
Usually, these involve model ships, galaxies or rock collectibles, but now UK publisher Eaglemoss Collections have announced a partwork for building your own, actually workable 3D printer. Now you might think that a 3D printer is everything but suitable for such a partwork guide, but their website assures us that it will result in an actually workable 3D printer capable of making figurines, mobile phone cases, and many other objects. Senior vice president of Eaglemoss, Maggie Calmels, reportedly said that their company felt it was time to make this technology available for everyone. Our company Demos Exhibition, a specialized company in organizing Fairs would like to suggest a media partnership where both parties can benefit and work together. Demos can offer you the chance to distribute your Magazine in 3D print Expo and add your logo on the Fair’s website.

I realize I could just buy an printer outright for less money but I like the fact that I am gradually being educated and brought upto speed on the technology each month. Great way to buy it over time, but let`s face it you will probably lose interest or the parts, will there be a guarantee if it breaks?
The V3 system might not be the cheapest way to build a 3D printer and the specifications are not the highest, but the process of building a 3D printer that requires no soldering but simply clips and screws together is definitely an attractive project to undertake, if you are worried you would not have the skills to perhaps make one of the other DIY kits currently available on the market.
The V3 3D printer has been designed by Sebastian Conran Associates and includes the following features. For more information on the new 3D Printer subscription jump over to the V3 website website for details.
Piece together this infamous Russian landmark with no mess and no fuss, as no special tools or adhesives are required, you simply push the puzzle pieces together and begin to construct your own Russian landmark in your front room.
3D Create & Print will give consumers the ability to build their own machine and safely print jewelery, games, figurines, mobile phone cases and many other objects. The class cost is $998 ($1,200 for non-members) and includes EVERYTHING you need to get up and running, and more importantly, a fully calibrated and fine-tuned robot. Note that you will save $202 off the class if you’re a member of Hive76 or NextFab Studio.
In an exchange for a commitment of several months or even a year, those magazines will send you a part of a scale model or a part of a collection once a week, along with information and a guide to assemble it.
This printer has been designed by Sebastian Conran, who called it a typical home use 3D printer. The printer will be available in the UK and Ireland started 26 December, for ?6.99 per issue (though two premium issues will be more expensive). In exchange your magazine can write an article about 3D print Expo and add the news about the fair on your website.
They test these partworks to see if there's enough interest before they launch them across the country. Without them, this site would not function correctly or be able to collect information to make your experience better.

If you have you might be interested in a new magazine subscription which is currently preparing to launch. Recognizing this trend and opportunity, we worked with Eaglemoss to develop a 3D printer that was more suitable for home use," Conran says. It can print PLA and ABS filament, produces a layer thickness of 0.20 mm and can print objects up to a size of 140mm x 140mm x 135mm. While this might not sound like much, this means your 3D printer will cost you approximately ?700, or more than $1000. I know people who spent similar amounts on 3D printers and the quality has bot been so good.
If they are between ?400 & ?500 pounds now they may only cost between ?250 & ?350 on completion.
That allows you to subscribe and receive a weekly magazine for ?6.99 providing the parts you require to steadily construct your 3D printer. Interestingly enough, this printer will feature a safety hood, unlike just about every other printer out there. For that money, it might be better to purchase a ready-made one, and avoid waiting more than 18 months to start printing.
You can’t even buy a MakerBot for that price, let alone learn how to assemble it and fine tune it correctly in just a weekend.
The printer will also come with a customised version of Repetier-Host software and its producers are even promising to create a website where users can share designs.

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