The Ruffled Blog has directions on how to create this standing photo booth wall, complete with wallpaper and a frame cut-through.
Fill the frame - this means that it is okay to crop in and not show an entire face or person. Build your Bears Wardrobe™ probably the best selection of teddy bear clothing you have seen! When it comes to your wedding reception, place cards are extremely useful for seating your guests in an organized manner. Being a huge fan of frosting (and, let’s face it, just about anything sweet), I don’t really understand why anyone would want to serve an unfrosted cake at their wedding but I will say this: they’re awfully cute, especially if you don’t like fondant or gobs of icing. Of course, rhinestone pennants may seem to go against the very less is more ethos that has made the naked wedding cake so popular, but if you pair your bling with just the right paper (or, in this case, a few up-cycled maps) you’ll be good to go. After party s’mores are quickly becoming one of the hottest new trends in wedding planning. When my fiance and I got engaged, we received two separate cards from his mother alone, and between all of our assorted relatives, students, and supervisors, we found ourselves surrounded by quite the little collection of congratulatory stationary. I didn’t want to throw them out or banish them to a scrapbook (at least not yet) but I didn’t want to keep knocking them over or accidentally dropping them on the floor either. Summer and beach weddings are extremely popular, but winter weddings have their own fan base.
Are you looking to have a clever way to distinguish the chairs of the wedding party from those of general guests?

This mason jar can be used as a sweet party favor for guests to remember the wedding, or as a useful centerpiece decoration. The important thing to keep in mind is to choose something that works with the theme of your party.
If your party is outside, hang it from a clothesline, and just attach the top to a large wall if indoors.
They also provide another chance to emphasize your wedding’s theme, color palette, and overall vibe.
I’ve decided to create a simple craft, made to represent the beautiful sparkling snow that may or may not be on the ground where you are. The pretty flowers on the card I received from my college roommate, however, gave me an idea.
Fortunately, you don’t have to spend a pretty penny for a batch of personalized place cards. I like this card because it’s simple and because it’s so simple, it’s equally simple to make. With this DIY tutorial, you can use ordinary clothespins to create simple and sweet place cards.
They go together like peanut butter and jelly, like Bonnie and Clyde, like you and your new partner.
I wanted to create something out of this material because it has so many possibilities and I think that’s awesome.

However, winter weddings can definitely be a challenge, especially if you live in an area with snow and single-digit temperatures. And since wooden clothespins are both easy to find and extremely affordable, you’ll save some serious cash on this project.
Gathering around a bonfire is a great way to unwind with your guests after the big day and—best of all— you get even more dessert. Anyway, these place cards utilize hot glue and glitter and I think they turned out pretty cute.
The ones I made are winter themed and sparkly, but I’m sure you DIY divas can think of all kinds of different designs.
I wanted to find a way to make this doable because painted rocks are hot right now, they’re a perfect favor and table setting for your guests, and they have so many possibilities.
I propose to all of you today, an answer to one potential winter wedding problem: the flowers. There are easy and fun ways to create yourself, exactly what you want to see on your tables.

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