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Photo by Lori KesingerThe construction of a new cold storage building at the Fallon County Fairgrounds has been completed. A cold storage expansion featuring urethane insulation and an ammonia refrigeration system with six evaporative units.
Legacy Building Solutions combines decades of experience with an uncompromising vision for innovation to provide the very best technology the tension fabric building industry has to offer.
The Legacy Building Solutions team designed and constructed this custom 49,500 sq ft tension fabric cold steel storage building in Catoosa, Oklahoma.
Combining decades of experience with an uncompromising vision for innovation to provide the very best technology the tension fabric building industry has to offer. With our real 3D Fabric Building Video Tours, you have the luxury of going inside and out of the property as if you are visiting the site in person. Create a realistic model in minutes with fabric building options such as sidewalls, doors and eaves.
FBi Buildings, Inc., is a pre-engineered post-frame design and engineering, manufacturing, and self-perform construction company serving agriculture, livestock, suburban, commercial and industrial markets that has built well more than 20,000 pre-engineered building structures for producers, land owners, and investors in Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio and Kentucky. On July 10, 1893 twelve Chicago Firefighters died in the line of duty while fighting the White City Fire of 1893 at the Chicago Worlds Fair. In 1893, Chicago hosted the World’s Columbian Exposition, a fair celebrating the 400th  anniversary of Columbus’s voyage to North America. Shortly after 1 PM on July 10, heavy smoke was spotted rising from the cupola of the Cold Storage building. An estimated 50,000 fairgoers witnessed the fire, some with a bird’s-eye view from the top of the ferris wheel. Please join with us in sending our condolences to the family and peers of the twelve Chicago Firefighters who died fighting the The White City Fire of 1893. This website is made possible by the generous support of our benefactors.  Your donations to our grassroots non-profit are appreciated.
PLEASE NOTE: My grandfather had a large colored wall painting of this tragic fire, we believe done from a newspaper photo, but since his death we have been unable to locate it. SMI is the Central Valley’s premier design build construction company and we will assist you every step of the way to ensure your project is completed from start to finish. If you have questions or would like additional information about any of the services we provide, please CONTACT US.

The durable construction of a Nucor metal building offers the reliability you need in your structure.
Our team of designers, developers and builders creates unique, custom fabric building solutions for a wide variety of uses. Burnham in the style of a Moorish palace, as shown in Figure 5, with a statue of Christopher Columbus holding a globe at the main entrance. The $30 million fair, constructed along Lake Michigan in what is now Jackson Park, included 200 buildings, exhibitors from more than 60 countries, and the world’s first ferris wheel.
Built by Hercules Iron Works and the Ice and Refrigeration Machine Manufacturers, the warehouse housed perishable food used by the various fair vendors and also doubled as an ice skating rink.
Twenty firefighters from both the Chicago Fire Department and the World’s Fair Fire Department responded quickly, climbing to the top of the tower.
McGowan, was on the way up a ladder to the warehouse roof to help fight this fire when called down by a superior for an assignment elsewhere. All of our red metal buildings are guaranteed by using a single source metal building supplier. The main building was 255 by 130 ft with plain white walls broken only by windows on the top floor, which was equipped as a skating rink. The responders came from the World’s Fair fire service and the local fire station, which was only a few blocks away.
To glamorize the fairgrounds, building exteriors were covered with white plaster so that each building looked like it was carved out of marble.
The six-story building required a 200-foot iron chimney to run the refrigeration units, but designers believed that the smokestack would clash with the fair’s other buildings.
The firefighters did not notice when burning debris fell from the cupola into the open space between the chimney and the inner walls of the tower until flames erupted from the tower 50 feet below them.
The fire department later reported, “never was so terrible a tragedy witnessed by such a sea of agonized faces.” Fortunately, 21 engine companies from around the city responded and put out the fire before it could spread to other buildings.
SMI uses Solidworks 3D drafting to help you visualize your design build construction project and make any desired changes prior to construction.  This helps to minimize unforeseen cost to the project due to change orders. The towers on each corner of the building rose to 115 ft, with the central tower, which housed the boiler flue, rising a total of 191 ft above street level. As on previous occasions, about 12 firemen climbed onto the roof of the cold store and climbed the staircase from the ice rink on the fifth floor to the gallery of the central tower. This idea, that no buildings in the “White City” appear unsightly, later caused a tragic fire that killed fourteen firefighters and three civilians.

To remedy this, a wooden tower topped with a decorative cupola was built around the chimney.
Realizing they had only seconds to escape before the tower collapsed, several firefighters slid down burning hoses and ropes to safety.
The fair’s attendance was not jeopardized by the blaze; in fact, 100,000 people visited the fair on July 11, as the still-smoking rubble of the Cold Storage Building was a big draw. The store roof was about 60 ft above street level, and the gallery around the central tower was at a height of about 120 ft. From there they nailed boards to the walls to create footholds and climbed up to the narrow ledge that formed the roof of the gallery. The base of this cupola was only 30 inches above the chimney’s upper rim, creating a serious fire hazard. Fourteen firefighters remained trapped, however, and they either jumped to their deaths or perished in the burning debris when the tower collapsed into the building. Luckily no other fires occurred during the final three months of the fair, but the wood and plaster buildings remained a firetrap. SMI stands behind our work after completion of the project to ensure continued customer service and support.
Access to the gallery was provided by a staircase from the top floor, but there was no means of ascent from there to the top of the chimney stack.  The construction of the boiler flue had already attracted a great deal of criticism and had caused a few minor fires in June, resulting in the cancellation of most of the insurance policies on the building. However, shortly after reaching the ledge above the gallery, just below the summit of the tower, there was a sudden outburst of flame below them, preceded by a small puff of white smoke (7). In fact, on June 17, 1893, there was a small fire in the cupola, but it was quickly doused. Within nine months of the fair’s close, most of the deserted “White City” had been destroyed by fire. The fire at roof level spread very rapidly and cut off the escape route for the fireman up the tower. A few were able to slide down the ropes used to drag the hoses up, but the ropes and hoses were quickly burned through, and the rest of the group were left with no means of escape. One by one they jumped the 60 ft from the gallery to the main roof, but all were killed or seriously injured by the fall.

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