Corporate headquarters hasn't made it official, but the Huntsville Dunkin' Donuts had one of the company's best opening weeks when it started a month ago. The new Dunkin' Donuts at North Memorial Parkway and Country Club Road had one of the restaurant chain's best openings last month. The very popular brand has unveiled four new store designs that were developed in a Fall River warehouse.  Dunkin Donuts built four full-sized restaurant mock-ups and will give franchise owners their choice of store design.
The first redesign in seven years provides a warmer environment for guests seeking a longer, more relaxed visit. In addition to the enhanced comfort of customers, a new interactive menu and updated drive-thru components are also in the design plan.

Franchise owners will be able to select the design that best fit the feel of their store and can build a virtual store on an online application to choose from the four updated layouts; Original Blend, Cappuccino Blend, Dark Roast, and Jazz Blend. The new Dunkin Donuts are said to be unveiled in April and include several sustainable building and energy solutions that reduce the cost for franchises while also benefiting the environment.
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While most Dunkin Donuts offer Wi-Fi, they will now have flat-panel televisions, satellite music, and comfortable seating.

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