We highly encourage you to update your browser to the latest version of Internet Explorer, or use another browser such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. Shipping: Orders for the 6426 Lifetime Storage Shed Extension Kit generally leave the warehouse the next business day.
This product has a 30-day money back guarantee: Simply hang on to the original packaging and contact us within 30 days of receipt if you are not satisfied with this product. I was at first impressed that the entire shed was able to fit in its packaging, Lifetime had this part pretty well thought out. This storage shed is one that I am considering - does it come as pictured or are all windows and doors extra? Q: how much would it cost me to pick at at store and how many boxes and size of boxes?
Shipping: Orders for the 60025 Lifetime Storage Shed generally leave the warehouse the next business day. Over all, my shed (#6418) worked out very well, but I have a few suggestions, to make your construction easier. Shipping: Orders for the 6418 Lifetime Garden Shed generally leave the warehouse the next business day. As a side note - I had moved this shed from another property where it was set on level ground and the floor felt squishy as you walked on it.
If you are unable to use a concrete slab, Lifetime Products recommends either a wood platform covered with plywood or a wood frame filled with pea gravel. I certainly agree, this is the best and easiest solution if the place where the shed is going is level. Didnt follow the directions by only removing one section of the shed and sliding it apart due to the fact I was relocating the entire shed. Accurate Tracking: Tracking information is automatically emailed to you just as soon as the order ships out.
I built this shed with a 5 foot extension kit to use for parking my Harleys out of the weather.
The size is perfect and the triple door arrangement allows me to ride my tractor into the shed with room to spare.
In the shed assembly directions that come with the shed, Lifetime does a great job of providing step-by-step directions of how to build the wood platform or frame to make sure it's the right size for the shed your purchased. One type you just set the frame in grooves directly on the piers and the other type that I would attach a pressure treated 4 x 4 post to as stated by another user. I wanted a shed to store my gardening equipment and decided to build my own from plan.
Shed Extension Kit Features: Sturdy, Steel-Reinforced Construction Steel-Reinforced Dent-Resistant Double-Wall Polyethylene Panels Steel Trusses Provide Roof Strength Secure-Fastened Assembly Ensures Stability and Durability Attractive Appearance and Design for Lifetime Shed Extension Kit Molded Wood-Grain Wall Panels Simulated Shingled Roof Natural Colors Complement Surroundings Lifetime Storage Buildings Low Maintenance UV-Protected to Prevent Fading and Cracking Weather-Resistant Seams Keep Interior Dry Stain Resistant and Easy to Clean Never Needs Painting Storage Shed High-Pitched Roof Head-Room and Spacious Walk-Around Interior Steep Roof Allows for Quick Drainage of Rain and Snow Lifetime Outdoor Shed Extension Kit High-Impact Polyethylene Floor Resistant to Oil, Solvents and Stains Slip Resistant Surface on plastic shed extension kitThese Lifetime shed accessory extension kits ship in 1 box, which weighs about 296 lbs.

Shed is 2 years old and every new extention piece seemed to be an inch longer than the existing pieces. Garage Shed.The 60025 features the characteristics of that you will need to get your outside possessions organized and stored.
I have a travel trailer, SPA, and Garden so it's perfect for storing all the associated chemicals and equipment, including a ladder, step stool and hoses.
Didnt cause too much issue on the walls and ceiling besides having a slight gap, but the floor would not fit together without trimming some of the lock tabs.
The included shelf kits are pretty nice; I put all my riding gear, tools, and cleaning and detailing supplies on them. The plastic parts are poorly labeled and the hardware are contained in dozens of little bags distributed randomly throughout the boxes. Anchoring it for many people does kind of depend on how much you store inside and what the weight of the items are. Unlike most sheds, which have a restrictive door size, the tri-fold doors of the 60025 garage shed open up to 9 ft.
I will say if you read the directions closely and don't try any shortcuts, it goes together quite nice. The doors, roof, and walls are all steel reinforced providing plenty of stability to the unit. They are strong and sturdy, and help me stay organized, and the ability to add more shelves as I need is awesome. I highly recommend you unpack all boxes and place the various parts in piles that look similar. They are accurate, but not always the best written - It takes referring to two or more pages to identify parts for each step - you will get used to it. 3. The walls, roof, doors, and flooring are made from High-Density Polyethylene Plastic (HDPE), which has the attractive look of wood grain textured finish but includes the long life of plastics. This shed also has steel reinforced walls and steel trusses in the roof for optimal structural strength.
The operation of opening the door does kind of depend on the time of day and temperature, sometimes it opens without restriction and other time it takes a little effort.
The instruction manual, should have a intro for each major subassembly (floor, walls, roof, doors, etc.) that gives an overview.
This unit comes with two large bubble skylights to provide plenty of natural light into the building. Be careful when reading the manual regarding plywood sizes because it details two sizes and only one is correct !!
Also will need help building and installing the trusses as well as installation of doors and the small roof caps.

With the walls, roof, and floor being made with polyethylene plastic, you have no need to repaint and maintain the appearance of the shed like you would a wood shed. The materials used for the panels are UV-protected and the steel in powder coated to resist corrosion. I suggest the manufacturer bag all the hardware by size and type to help the consumer stave off confusion. The plastic for this Lifetime shed is also UV treated to help resist fading, cracking, or peeling keeping your shed looking great for years to come. However, for most females my age, I would suggest getting a helper, it just makes everything so much easier, especially when putting on the roof.
These outdoor storage buildings never need painting and to clean them up, simply spray the unit down with a hose. I opened all the bags at once and sorted my stuff into SOLO cups and then wrote the part numbers on the cups.
Pay particular attention to every drawing, because when the written instructions don't make much sense, the tiny drawings will probably resolve your questions. It is definitely a long process, especially by yourself, but if you have 1 or 2 people helping you, it could be done in a long day or over a weekend. Some things were learned by accident, like the three different doors are not obvious, and you can't place the side windows anywhere you'd like. Pay VERY close attention to the drawings or you'll be taking things apart and reassembling them again. After three days in the sweltering heat of Central PA, we finally got the entire shed assembled.
Thus, the 60025 is simply a 6417 with extension kits to increase the length accordingly.This picture on this listing actually depicts the 60026 Lifetime Garage Shed, which is an 11x21 ft. The 60025 is essentially the same model, but with one less window panel (2 fewer windows overall considering each side of the shed has a window for the panel).
I would also recommend sliding the dead bolt latches (AHM) up and down many times, with the help of a hammer, and add a small amount of oil to get them going smoothly. Call us with any questions concerning this type of delivery.A wooden framework or cement slab is recommended for support under the shed.

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