24x36 with 12' side shedThis building is an example of the building that we can customize for you. OUR GARAGE AND SHOP BUILDINGS ARE BUILT WITH 2X4 STUDS,2' ON CENTER WITH TREATED BOTTOM PLATE.
ALL OUR HAY AND POLE BARNS ARE CONSTRUCTED WITH STRENGTH AND LONGEVITY AS THE BASIS FOR DESIGN. If you would like to have a salesperson contact you, please fill out your information below along with the size and type building or model you are interested in. Cover the walls of the outside wood furnace building with house wrap and the roof with black paper.

Install the wood furnace on the inside of the building and connect any plumbing. Cut holes for the insulated stove pipes and extend them out of the roof. This versatile design is suitable for a wide range of applications other than its intended purpose. WE'RE DONE!!!Time to get all the excessive stuff out of the house and garage and into the shed! We will also frame up your cabin or home with doors and windows, allowing you to finish the inside. The studs are placed 16" on center with a double top plate for added strength just like you see in a home.

BEFORE THE METAL GOES ON, THE BASE OF THE WALL HAS METAL BASE GUARD TO KEEP OUT INSECTS, DIRT, ETC. Monolithic slab with conventional stacked framing and metal panels for the roofing, siding, and interior walls.

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