After a nice morning at the church, we headed home for some bratwurst, hotdogs, and corn on the cob for lunch.  As soon as the meal was over I joined my father-in-law at his house to help build his deck. I’m pretty sure that most people use DIY deck building because building your own deck saves a lot of money as compared to hiring it our. Not only is DIY deck building a rewarding process because of the money saving benefits, but it is also a pretty good workout.  Drilling, Screwing, and squatting down all day makes a nice deck, and I’m sure to be sore tomorrow!
Not a traditional workout day, but I did also complete the ab challenge day 2 as well as 3 pul-ups (wow I know). Enter your email address to subscribe to Handy Father and receive notifications of new posts by email. Combs Builders utilizes their home building skills, knowledge, and subcontractor relationships to offer a full array of remodeling services. We specialize in KITCHENS, BATHS, BASEMENTS, and DECKS but can handle all of your general remodeling needs. Deep-cleaning and sprucing are among the first projects folks tackle upon moving into a new house.
With the enlisted help of the husband's stepdad and friend, they finished the cedar porch in one full day and three half-days.
Cutting down trees, or even removing branches requires climbing and working with dangerous tools from a high distance off the ground.
This is actually only my second carpentry project – the first being some shelves in the garage.
There are several advantages to building a deck freestanding, not attached to your house, and few disadvantages. When building a deck attached to your house a board, called a ledger board, is attached to the the house to hold up one side of the deck. Some types of fasteners, nails, lags, bolts, hardware, hangars, etc will react poorly with some types of pressure treated lumber. When building any deck you should check with your code enforcement officials to determine if a freestanding deck is allowed. I had hoped you would go into more detail on the voles in the article, but I suppose there’s nothing wrong with an excuse to listen to the podcast when I have the time.
Get ready for your deck project with these helpful tips on how to plan the building process. Your first task when planning to build a deck is to decide whether you're going to take on the project yourself, or hire professionals to help plan and build your deck. Whether you or someone else will be doing the actual building, you can generate a detailed deck building plan by utilizing many widely available digital deck planning tools. Planning for your deck project can seem overwhelming, but by answering a few key questions up front and making use of helpful digital tools, you can ensure that your deck will be ready in no time and built to your exact specifications.
Get great ideas for your new outdoor space with these helpful tips on how to plan for building a patio.
Get tips on hiring a deck builder, from researching local contractors to pre-planning for your deck project. Get all the info you need about one of the most cost effective and low maintenance decking materials: composite decking. Make your backyard a hot spot with these helpful hints on how to plan for building a fire pit.
Get tips for cleaning composite decks to ensure that you'll be able to clean yours effectively and safely.
Get all the info you'll need on how to plan a pergola, then begin designing an attractive focal point for your outdoor living space. Then if the material is made of concrete brick, you can build it by your own using your shovel.
While these rites of residential passage are enough to keep new homeowners busy for a while, one couple was particularly inspired to undertake a bigger challenge: building a deck from scratch. But it wasn't all fun and games: Aside from overcoming some firsts (they had never used a jackhammer before!), the couple ran into some unexpected problems.
Before you start investigating this weekend's projects, here are a few that we recommend you avoid. This is disaster waiting to happen, and definitely something better left to professionals who are trained and paid to do this! There is nothing you can do to stop it, so you may as well make the posts stick further out of the ground in anticipation.
Our weekly video and audio podcasts feature answers to your questions, head-to-head tool tests and other DIY and home improvement topics.
Free-standing was chosen here due to only a small area next to the deck with no cantilever.
In the podcast we discuss a few points to consider when deciding to build freestanding or not. You shouldn’t attach a ledger board to a section of house that is not supported by foundation (called a cantilever). Sometimes its not possible to gain access to this area due to a finished basement or tight crawl space.

A freestanding deck will require additional footings, an additional beam and additional bracing. The framing inspection passed, the deck boards are going down and the cross bracing is installed. When the snow cover thawed one winter day, Paul noticed that he had a maze of tunnels all over his yard.
A freestanding deck is a permanent structure and in Brians case required all the same inspections an attached deck required. Using wood as deck stairs is a pretty good option, because not only it is easier to build than any other materials, but it is also much easier to maintain.
However, with the right expert advice on how to plan for building a deck, your project can run smoothly and ultimately provide you with a relaxing and beautiful outdoor space to enjoy.
The general wisdom on decks is that they provide a "moderate-to-hard" challenge for even the handiest homeowners, so if you're slightly daunted by home improvement projects, you might want to hire a contractor to build your deck. For example, many home improvement companies provide free-to-use deck design software, which will allow you to design a virtual deck before the first hammer is raised. These handy tools allow you to determine how much of any particular material you'll need for your deck based on its size, plus the approximate cost of the individual materials and the full project. This type of material also needs less maintenance compared to others; your only job is just doing not let it crumble down by the rain and other hard material. For one, the husband explains that they "initially spent about $2000," but ended up dropping an extra $500 due to "numerous hardware store runs." In addition to these over-budget expenses, they were also forced to change their initial dimensions of the feature to meet their area's local building code.
If you have a question regarding your home, let us know using the contact tab on our site or call us at (818) 804-8665.
When attaching to the house you will need the ledger board, joist hangers and flashing materials. I was going to do something similar but I wanted them to align with the posts below and continue the stone to the footing.
Burrowing little things can create bad water pathways to the house foundation, which is my personal business. I really like the knowledge you present here and can’t wait to take a look when I get home. And it will even easier to decorate, especially when you want to do a paint job and many other kinds of decoration.
Put simply, it gets two thumbs up from us, but what really piqued our interest were the lessons they learned along the way. Deck ledger boards shouldn’t be attached to some types of building materials like stucco, SIPs, i-joists or veneers without special considerations.
In Handyguy Brian’s case four additional footers and posts were needed and one additional beam. That would have require a lot more $$$ as well as different engineering of the substructure.
But just keep in mind that maintenance is should be put into a priority, because weather and termite is the natural enemy for any material made of woods. You can build it with any material you consider the best, do not let creativity sleep.Deck Stair CalculatorWhen an area used often, it will have the better treatments and the homeowner can be sensitive with any changes for the area.
Sometimes you just want you deck somewhere away from your house, such as next to an above ground pool or spa.
Are you looking for something more elaborate like a raised deck with stairs, or even a two-story behemoth with entrances on two different floors? The deck can be comfortable and appropriate to be used as the rest area if it has the better construction.
The construction that will be made as the deck should use the better materials.How To Build Outdoor StairsWhen you’re fixed with the design already, and the time for material preparation is coming, it’s then a must to take the one that can safely accommodate all your needs. As the stairs are built outside the building, some sturdy materials which are also at least water resistant must come into your choice.
When you prefer to apply concrete, remember to add gravel on its step to avoid the slippery as it’s getting wet after the rain. It must be able to withstand the pressure of the most grown household member using the stairs.White Kitchen Cabinet IdeasHaving some brilliant white kitchen cabinet ideas can be accomplished once you explore your creativity. If you think white is not a boring color, yet your kitchen now looks dull, what is wrong with your choice then?
You are not wrong actually, especially in picking any color, including white for your cabinets. You can find the light by collecting gorgeous pictures of some white kitchen cabinet ideas in any magazine that you think related to home decoration.
If you use country style for the room, you can be happy by painting the white cabinets with some colorful flowers on the doors. Similar position and dimension will bring the ‘it’ thing to your cabinet, including your kitchen room, of course.But if you use modern contemporary style for the room, it will be a little problem for you in decorating the kitchen cabinets. It mixes well with the wood material.Mostly you can use one or two white kitchen cabinet ideas if you think you can remake the look of your old white cabinets. You can follow these ideas right away after you found out the dull look of your pantry door affects your mood to get into it.

The existence of pantry door is part of your total kitchen look and although it is unobtrusive, a plain pantry door can make the kitchen feel closed off.
If you want to get unique message center, you can use a useful and mysterious bookcase or go nostalgic with a screen door or a favorite poem. Anything is possible to be one of ideas for unique pantry doors.First, you can use this chalkboard chic. This way is inspired thoughts of French bistros, barista artwork and the practically of a grocery list for a big family. You make a unique pantry doors with a purpose if you use chalkboard paint to turn the inserts in your pantry door into a writeable surface.
This can be a message center for the whole family if you supply colored chalks too.Second is bookshelf camouflage. It is not like real bookshelf rather like a realistic bookshelf mural that can be attached to a flat door for an instant colorful transformation.
You can also attach the additional shelves to the door itself to match completely when closed.
You will feel like you are stepping out onto a breezy front porch each time you enter your pantry.
That is some unique pantry doors ideas that you can try by your own.IKEA Floating Shelf Design IdeasHaving IKEA floating shelf will make your room looking uncluttered. Since bookcase takes up floor space and also can darken room, the solution in inexpensive way will be floating shelves. There are planks of wood that come in various lengths and finishes but because they don’t have visible brackets, they appear to float against the wall. Here are to assembly IKEA floating shelf.Start from measuring the walls and getting an idea of where you want to hang the shelf and how wide you want the shelf to be. You can also use graph paper to diagram the wall and the location where you want to add the floating shelf.
You can also purchase a floating shelf in the desired length and in a color or finish that will complement the room.
After that you can use the diagram as a guide and make pencil marks on the wall where you want to hang the shelf. You should erase any old or stray marks so they will never confuse you.Then you can run a stud finder along the line to see where the wall studs will be located. And if you plan to place heavy book on the shelf, you may want to attach the brackets to the wall studs. But if you can’t find studs where you want them, you may choose to use drywall anchors instead.Holding one of the brackets in the position that you want will be the nest step that you have to do. Slip the shelf onto the bracket, hold it in place, use the level to double-check, put a pencil mark spot, repeat the procedure to attach the second bracket and the IKEA floating shelf is ready to be used.Modern Kitchen Cabinet SizesThere are kitchen cabinet sizes and shapes that you can match to your needs. You can see that cabinets can range from simple boxes with doors in order to elaborate installations with sliding shelves and special locations for wine glasses, plates and fragile plates.You can start from the wall cabinets which are mounted on the kitchen wall above the counter. They frequently used for smaller items that must be frequently and conveniently accessed also. They are usually about 12 inches deep and 18 inches wide and are mounted so their bottoms are about 18 to 24 inches. To not getting in the way of cooking and counter work, you can place them at a useful height. As for the style and appearance of wall cabinets, you can determine primarily by their doors which are the first things you will see form kitchen cabinets.After that, we have these under-counter cabinets. While most kitchens install larger cabinets underneath the counter, you can see this lower bank of cabinets can match the wall mounted cabinets in color and style to create a unified look.
So if the under-counter cabinets are deeper than wall mounted, it is because they are sharing the same depth, usually about 24 inches.The last is Kitchen Island. It can be outfitted with cabinets that match the cabinets in the rest of the room and are also accessible from both sides of the island. You can find kitchen islands in large, country-style kitchens which are designed for creating big meals from scratch.
There are also corner cabinets which are designed to use space that might otherwise be wasted.
They are built in a wedge shape so their faces are at an angle to the walls that create the corner. They often include glass windows in the doors for displaying your collectible attractive plates.Home Plans With Cost To BuildAre there any people who do not want to have a house? You also need to make sure that the performance of the house will also improve the atmosphere of your daily life. In the plan of home designing, commonly there is one thing that people will need before they can realize the concept of the house.MALM Dressing Table - Simple Storage IdeasAre you looking for a simple dressing table for storing your make-up tools?
So if you want to find a good stuff, IKEA is the best place for decorating your interior of house.

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