Fusionopolis 4 is both a regional headquarters for a major entertainment company and a revenue-generating office building.
Consultant is dealing with due diligence process in a modern skyscraper office with a panoramic New York view. Mak's approach is highly professional & his first & foremost strength is his precise knowledge of the property market & his genuine effort to protect the client.
Combining the intended use with a strong civic ambition within the one-north master plan in Singapore, the design for this project not only enjoys this duality but also seeks a solution that celebrates the diversity. The master planning guidelines for this project are highly defined, dictating height envelope and setbacks.
What is unusual about the restrictions is the specification of the buildinga€™s height and the need to follow a specific sloping topography; the guidelines also regulate the minimum amount of mass on all faces of the enclosure.
The design approaches these parameters deliberately to fulfill the viability requirements of the revenue earning office space but also with strong civic quality as a statement for the local headquarters.
A a€?horseshoea€? plan was developed to achieve desired day lighting and meet master plan requirements.

Floors were reduced from the bottom up until the correct allowable gross floor area was reached.
The result was a remarkable 82% efficiency, maintaining the height requirements as well as carving out a double volume space in the centre for a state-of-the-art 100-person theatre and gallery.
The ground plane slopes up from the open side of the a€?horseshoea€? to cover the main lobby on the opposite side. The public pedestrian space also provides a public 24-hour connection from the main lobby into the MRT subway transit link below.
The a€?tauta€? external metallic glass skin allows for good solar protection and privacy on the more exposed faces as well as presenting a more aerodynamic appearance of the vessel. In addition, the floor slabs off the wing walls and courtyard slowly step out from the lower floors to the upper ones, helping to maximize the a€?perceiveda€? volume within the landscape deck but also reducing the aperture moving up to reduce solar gain into both the office floors and to the deck below.
On the exposed wing faces, planting and green terraces hanging down in front of the glass were introduced to further protect these zones from solar gain. A a€?tauta€? glass canopy over the courtyard is then introduced in the plane of the louvered roof to provide even more environmental protection to the public spaces below.

An important feature of the project is the 100-seat movie theatre; a facility that relates directly to the entertainment company and with the potential to be leased out for revenue to the commercial tenants in the building. It was determined that locating the facility in the middle of the vessel was most convenient.
The facility needed a double high zone and was placed on the upper levels of the lower end-user zone and immediately below the leased tenant spaces.
Conferencing facilities, a gallery, pre-function facilities as well as an external patio were also located in the same zone.

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