He was Executive Director of Education and later Chief Executive of Clackmannanshire Council, a post from which he retired in May 2007.
He now undertakes curriculum and professional development work with the Scottish Government, local authorities, national agencies and schools. David Cameron is an independent consultant undertaking a range of major projects and reviews and supporting national developments, particularly Curriculum for Excellence, and delivering training across theUK. He works closely with the National Parents’ Forum Scotland and is a keen supporter of parental involvement.

A teacher for many years, Margaret was appointed the first Scottish National CPD Coordinator in 2004.
Currently Margaret is Convenor of SELMAS (Scottish Educational Leadership, Management and Administration Society), and is actively engaged in working with partners on the implementation of the Teaching Scotland’s Future Report (2010). He recently reviewed arrangements for Devolved School Management for the Scottish Government.
Maureen works with a variety of organisations, providing awareness-raising events to promote the Data Protection Act as a standard for good processing of personal information rather than it being viewed as a barrier.

Maureen has a particular interest in the development of IT in respect of cyber security and the growth of cloud technology and works closely with colleagues from the health, education and local government sectors.Prior to joining the ICO, Maureen worked in the Scottish Parliament as parliamentary researcher for Dennis Canavan MSP until his retirement in 2007.
Coming from an academic background, Maureen lectured and researched in public administration with specific interests in education and health.

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