Wood can be a gratifying material to work with, in particular if you are planning a Wood working project at home. To complete your rabbit hutch construction  precisely and problem free you will need some guidance from a dependable source.
Discover how to download 1000′s of easy to follow DIY blueprints and project ideas, like a rabbit hutch, patio table or playhouse. Using accurate and reliable rabbit hutch building plans will enable you to have a clear idea of the skill, materials and hours required to finish the project. Carpentry has greatly benefited from the many skillful woodworking hobbyists and professionals that share their ideas on the internet. However the biggest benefit of some of these is sites that they have a resource of more then 15,000 plans for every imaginable type of Carpentry project!
If you have the know how and experience you can draft the rabbit hutch designs and blueprints yourself, alternatively you can purchase precise plans from a trustworthy source to get the advantage and best possible start for your project. Your chosen resource for plans must preferably have lots of styles and designs to suit your ability level and requirements.
You don’t want to waste time or money, and you certainly do not want to become so disappointed that you simply give up on the undertaking. Rabbit Hutch Types And Terminology: Chicken Coop, Nesting Box, wooden, Double Story Luxury, Guinea Pig, Poultry Chicken, xs, slide out tray, timber, hen house, bird cage, ferret, large, extra large, cage, indoor, Daisy Cottage, hugger, Primorose cottage, house, outdoor,pen, bunny cage, designs, outside, rabbit runs, hamster, pet. Building your own rabbit cage from plans can be a good way to get a large cage that meets all your requirements. There are a few free rabbit hutch building plans to be had on- line so that they can meet your requires.
I would prefer building it myself and make it good, large and sturdy enough to protect my rabbits. Whether you want to be a successful rabbit breeder and decide to start your own commercial rabbitry or whether you’re just an ordinary person looking for a small furry animal to lighten up your day; your first and most important step to is to make sure that your rabbits are in good hands.
Now here at Crossroads Rabbitry, we have thousands of cages so our setup will be different from most. Your rabbits should have enough room to sit up and stretch out on their hind legs in the hutch. The hutch should be four times the size of the rabbit, enough to allow the rabbit to move freely. Rabbits should be housed separately, but if kept together the hutches should be divided into different sections. When it comes to the outside of the hutch, the most important consideration is that you don’t want the base of the hutch to touch the ground. Chicken wire is not strong enough to contain a rabbit hutch or even prevent predators from gaining access to your rabbits. Make sure that you have a good pair of wire cutters on hand so that you can adequately cut the wire. If you are building rabbit housing, you’ll need a tray for their droppings. Drop trays are not mandatory, but they’ll make cleaning beneath the rabbit hutch a much more pleasant experience.

Using C-rings, attach the two smaller pieces of wire you cut to one of the longer pieces in order to create the back and sides of the cage.
Take the section of floor wire, the one with the tighter mesh, and use C-rings to attach this to the cage, but not at the very bottom. Punch holes in the edges of your divider (if applicable) and attach it with C-rings to the inside of the cage. You can now attach the final piece of wire on the very bottom of the cage, which can be used to hold the drop tray. Use your wire cutters to cut an opening at the front of the cage so you can slide the drop trays in and out.
Cut an opening in the front of the cage and be sure to cover the exposed edges with plastic trim. From the spare wire that you have left, cut a piece for your door that is slightly bigger than the hole you made in the cage. So now that you have a better idea of how to build a DIY hutch for your rabbits, what are you waiting for?
Rob Ellerby is the proprietor of Ryedale Pet Homes who manufacture high quality rabbit hutches and personally deliver all hutches to customers throughout the UK. Building rabbit cages, chicken coops, or any sort of PVC frame is simple, fast, and will last a very long time.
DIY Build your own homemade cages, plus plans for rabbit hutches, rabbit runs and rabbit pens. Wouldn’t it be great to build your own rabbit hutch in a relatively short time period?! And having precise measurements means that you can have peace of mind when calculating project costs and ordering materials. Several of them possess immense catalogs of easy to follow woodworking designs and typically when you have any queries about your DIY Project there is assistance available through online consultation. This vast encyclopedic resource of tried and tested projects makes it a lot easier to find a designs that suits your very own particular requirements.
In this manner you will be able to avoid many errors and save yourself precious time and hard earned money. You should try to give yourself the best possible chance to finish your Woodwork projects with little or no hassle. If you feel you are not up to the task of designing and building your own Rabbit Hutch you can turn to the Internet as a source of building plans.
Choosing one of the best rabbit hutch plans is essential to provide your pet rabbit with the best accommodation. There are several free rabbit hutch building plans available online that will meet your needs.
The size and shape that you need may vary depending on the number of rabbits that you’d like to keep. You should also keep in mind the age of your rabbit, its present size as well as its full size at adulthood.

Remember if you house a male and female together it won’t be long til you have a lot more little rabbits.
So instead of chicken wire, we suggest using 14 or 16 gauge galvanized wire that is made specifically for birds or rabbits. You should also plan to have a Dremel tool or metalworking file tool so that you can remove any sharp edges or protrusions from the wire. Roofing materials such as shingles, plastic, plexiglass, sheet metal, tin etc will add extra protection from the elements and will make your hutch last longer. Attach the top and bottom. Don’t get carried away and just start attaching everything at once. Attach it about several inches from the very bottom to allow yourself space to add the drop tray. Make sure your divider leaves enough room for your rabbit to move around freely from area to area. Create a space for the door. Now you have a great cage, but unfortunately nothing can get in or out.
Rob has gained an excellent reputation not just for the quality of his hutches but also for the high standard of customer service he provides. We will cover why this is after discussing the way to design it and build both kinds of rabbit hutches. Free do it yourself rabbit hutch plans and projects How to construct a rabbit hutch – from purinamills Hutch size varies with the breed of rabbit.
So if you are looking forward for building a rabbit hutch yourself these rabbit hutch plans will surely provide you with best solution. Get our plans for building rabbit cages, rabbit hutches, large rabbit run, and modified colony pasturing plans.
The better you prepare and the more reliable the designs are that you use, the greater the enjoyment you will have from your time on the project and the better looking the end result will be. This is to ensure that your rabbit hutch will offer clean and safe protection from the natural elements. Now that you have your rolls of wire, it’s time to start cutting and building a cage. Remember that you might want to add a divider (if cage is large enough for two rabbits) and you might want to leave room for a drop tray.
Alternatively, you can purchase a pre-made rabbit hutch from your favorite pet store and then, you can simply build a frame around it.
However, if you like do-it-yourself projects and want to add your own touch to the hutch, it’s a terrific DIY project. Treated lumber will hold up better against the elements but use non-toxic or non treated lumber if the rabbit(s) can come in contact with it.

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