Building regulations (not to be confused with planning permission) are concerned with how a structure is designed, built and insulated. Most garden room companies claim their products comply with current building regulations when in reality what they mean is our buildings do not have to comply with building regulations. Obviously it is much faster, easier and cheaper for a company to build a garden building that does not have to comply with the current building regulations. All Oeco Garden Structures are manufactured and built to exceed the new Part L (England & Wales) Building Regulations. Garden buildings that are not built to building regulations will have thin walls, floors, ceiling, minimal insulation, no air flow cavities, no vapour barriers or breathing membranes. They will be more expensive to heat, minimal insulation and no air flow will result in moisture entering the structure - often reducing the life span of the actual structure and damaging most internal contents.
Part L controls the insulation values of building elements, the area of doors and windows and other openings. World wide concerns regarding climate change and the impact which greenhouse gas emissions have on the environment have encouraged governments to act.
The new building regulations make a significant impact by specifying improved energy efficiency levels and thus reducing greenhouse gases and CO2 emissions.
By building high quality energy efficient garden structures which utilise the latest state of the art thermal insulation, we are tackling the issue of global warming by reducing the energy used in heating and the burning of fossil fuels. For a truly habitable outdoor garden building it should be at least designed, built and insulated to at least the same exacting quality and standards as a modern house.

After all a garden building is an extension to your main home and we know you would much rather use the building all year round whatever the climate! Buildings with a floor area between 15 square metres and 30 square metres will not normally require building regulations providing it is located at least one metre from the boundary or is constructed of substantially non - combustable materials.
Whilst INSITU Garden Office will endeavour to give the very best advice on all elements of planning and building regulations, we would advise that the client clarifies the situation regarding permitted development rights and the contents of the deeds to the house. Combining contemporary style with light and space, the Diplomat is a very special garden room. Please note: From 1st November 2014 the prices of our rooms will increase by ?1,000 due to a rise in material costs. Our Standard range offers quality design and visual appeal at the most affordable level of specification. Western Red Cedar is a perfect choice for any Future Room and is a natural timber with a beautiful, aesthetic quality. Our Premier range is our highest specification range, offering the ultimate in garden room design and quality. We are so pleased with the room, especially me, and it has already proved a very creative space for me to work in with my colleagues.
Building regulations exist to ensure the health, safety and welfare of people in the building and the energy efficiency of the building.
Purchasing a garden building which does not comply with the latest building regulations will have limited use and cost you much more in the long term.

It also specifies the air permeability and heating efficiency (insulation levels) of a new structure. It is important to note that the final responsibility remains that of the home or land owner. With clean lines and the highest quality finish, this garden room offers style with versatility and is becoming very popular. Durable and cost effective, Tanalised Redwood is our standard timber and most popular choice. Future Rooms reserves the right to make changes to their Garden Rooms and Pods without notice. This new edition also contains details of the new national planning guidance system and initiatives to speed up the planning process such as the new on line planning application process. It contains an updated list of fees for planning consents and provides guidance on the changes to permitted development rights in Agricultural, Business and Residential buildings which came into force on 1 October 2013.
Giving practical information throughout on how to work with (and within) the regulations, this book enables compliance in the simplest and most cost-effective manner possible.
The no-nonsense approach of Building Regulations in Brief cuts through the confusion and explains the meaning of the regulations; consequently it has become a favourite for anyone involved in the building industry as well as those planning to have work carried out in their home.

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