These plans are based on the research and demonstration experiences of scientists at The University of Tennessee Extension Biosystems Engineering and Soil Science. They are not construction plans and do not replace the need for competent design assistance in developing safe, legal and well-functioning agricultural building.
Download free plans for livestock and dairy barns, horse barns, greenhouses, poultry and small animal housing, fruit and grain storage buildings and more..
A substantial collection of free building plans for barn buildings, storage sheds, paddocks, arenas and other farming and agricultural related structures. The UT Extension Plan File The University of Tennessee Extension maintains a file of approximately 290 building and equipment plans.

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Building Plans Topics Include Agricultural, Barn, Beef, Calf, Cattle, Dairy, Food Storage, Processing, Horse, Horticultural, And Poultry.
Keeping them safe from the elements and preserving their lifetime and durability makes purchasing a metal storage building a fundamental and safe investment. MidWest Plan Service (MWPS): Publications about ag engineering, building design, air quality, manure management, agribusiness, tillage, and grain handling.

JGM is a self-employed agricultural engineering consulting firm that provides design assistance to the dairy industry.

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