The total height should be divided on the riser’s height – there you will get the number of rungs you need.
Top Tip: Building deck rails can be done in several ways, so you should study the alternatives and choose the most convenient option for your needs. Make sure you follow us on Facebook to be the first that gets our latest plans and for some other exclusive content. Also, follow us on Pinterest to get many ideas for your backyard from all the internet! After marking the cut lines on the wooden beams, you should get the job done with a circular saw. Afterwards, you should fit the stringers into place and mark the place where they meet the ground. Top Tip: Make sure you place the stringers equally spaced, if you want to provide a proper support to the stairs. Continue the woodworking project by securing the other end of the stringers to the concrete landing pad. From our experience, using 2×4 cleats is a good choice, as it provided a good support to the structure. Top Tip: Apply several coats of stain or paint to enhance the look of the deck stairs  and to protect the components from decay.
Making your property more accessible with proper steps and grading is not always an easy task. Are you constantly feeling like the spacing is not quite right when you are walking throughout your property or garden area, continually tripping over spots where the steps or hardscape areas are not completely alined?
If you are in need of a major grading overhaul, we have access to all the many resources for local assistance with bigger equipment and knowledgable operators. Just let us know how we can assist you with you needs and we will come out and take necessary information to address the situation and do our best to provide you a solution. Contact us today by phone or email to set your property up with proper steps and or grading related to your landscape project. We are your expert terracing, wall building, drainage coordinating, landscape adjusting, and step building team.

Resolve unnecessary steps and landings on your property to prevent trips, stumbles, and potentially harmful falls. Allow our team to get the dirt on your property sloping the right way for foot traffic, landscaping, and drainage. Have your steps built to last with your preferred color and design of stone, tile, or decorative concrete. Building deck stairs can be done in several ways, therefore you should choose the option that fits your needs. From our experience, we can say that building stairs for an elevated deck is a complex project, as it requires lots of  preparation and calculus. In addition, if the stairs are wider than 36″, you need to install a middle stringer, to support the weight of the structure properly.
The most difficult part of the project is to cut the stringers, but you have always the option of installing metal brackets to support the treads. You can also use full beams and support the treads with metal brackets, but for this project the cut stretcher make more sense. Make sure the proportions are accurate, otherwise the stringers won’t fit into place properly.
It is essential to pour a concrete landing pad, as to secure the stringers into place tightly.
As you can see in the image, the easiest way to get the job done is to use corner brackets.
If necessary, place a piece of 2×6 lumber under the joists, as to increase the support surface. Therefore, fill the holes with wood putty and let the compound to dry out for several hours. If you want to see more outdoor plans, we recommend you to check out the rest of the projects. Using wood as deck stairs is a pretty good option, because not only it is easier to build than any other materials, but it is also much easier to maintain. Serving select clients in San Louis Obispo, Santa Ynez, Solvang, Buellton, Goleta, Santa Barbara, Montecito, Carpinteria, Ventura, Oxnard, Newbury Park, Agora Hills, Calabasas, and Malibu.

Safety requirements, permitting procedures, height and setback requirements, among other many items necessary to properly complete your steps and grading project must be followed to ensure satisfactory completion of your steps and or grading project. Concerned about the safety of passage in a steep or poorly planned or neglected area of your property? We see thin sheets of cracking stone and concrete requiring regular maintenance, and we know how to fix and repair these areas for an improved result you will be much happier with. When it comes to building steps with concrete and rebar, you can be sure you are getting the very best result with our team of contractors with combined many years experience to facilitate proper completion of your project. Worried about that steep stairway, cracked landing, or random curb or patio that sticks out in to a high traffic area? When speaking about building the stringers, you have three options: notched stringers, solid stringers or housed stringers with a middle carriage. Don’t forget to countersink the head of the screws, in order to get a nice appearance. Don’t forget to share our projects with your friends, by using the social media widgets. And it will even easier to decorate, especially when you want to do a paint job and many other kinds of decoration.
We also build steps and appropriate the nearby terrain to properly flow for drainage and stability. You have reason to be concerned and we hope you call us to resolve the issues once and for all! All of these options have their own pros and cons, but in this article we show you the most complex choice: the notched stringers.
But just keep in mind that maintenance is should be put into a priority, because weather and termite is the natural enemy for any material made of woods.

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